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Soul of New Orleans

Soul of New Orleans


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Release Date:
History Of Soul


Disc 1

  1. She Put the Hurt On Me
  2. I'm Leaving You Today
  3. We Are Just Friends
  4. Fair Play
  5. Genevieve
  6. One Man's Woman
  7. Ruler Of My Heart
  8. Country Fool
  9. A Losing Battle
  10. I'm Waiting at the Station
  11. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  12. Pain In My Heart
  13. Every Dog Got Its Day
  14. Trick Bag
  15. Love You the Best
  16. Willie Knows How
  17. The World Keeps Changing
  18. Sweet Jelly Roll
  19. All for One
  20. Set Me Free
  21. I Just Can't Take It No More
  22. Do You Love Me
  23. Booty Green
  24. She's So Fine
  25. There's a Will There's a Way
  26. Please Don't Leave Me
  27. I Waited Too Long
  28. Lonely Evening
  29. Picture of You
  30. Is It Too Late
  31. Something You Got

Disc 2

  1. Down in New Orleans
  2. Com'n Home
  3. Boys Wil Be Boys
  4. I Won't Cry
  5. Ain't It the Truth Now
  6. Wake Up
  7. Beating Like a Tom Tom
  8. My Head is Spinning
  9. Times are Getting Harder
  10. Graveyard
  11. My Baby's Got Soul
  12. Whip It On Me
  13. Out On a Limb
  14. I Want to Go Home
  15. Keep On Trying
  16. Money
  17. T'Ain't It the Truth
  18. Come Back to Me
  19. Don't Mess With My Man
  20. I Wanna Know
  21. It's No Use to Try
  22. So Fine, So Sweet
  23. Who Are You
  24. Then I'll Believe
  25. I Want Somebody
  26. The Sooner You Realize
  27. Moanin' and Screamin', Pt. 1
  28. I Need Money
  29. Cry On
  30. No Love Sweeter Than Mine
  31. Stubborn Old Me

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Robert Parker   Horn
James Booker   Piano
Dave Bartholomew   Horn
Clifford Burks   Tenor Saxophone
Nathaniel Douglas   Guitar
Frank Fields   Bass
Clarence Ford   Horn
George French   Guitar
Grady Gaines   Tenor Saxophone
Smokey Johnson   Drums
Melvin Lastie   Horn
Ernest McLean   Guitar
Roy Montrell   Guitar
Nat Perrilliat   Horn
Wardell Quezergue   Horn
Olsie Robinson   Baritone Saxophone
Huey "Piano" Smith   Piano
Allen Toussaint   Piano
Alvin "Red" Tyler   Horn
Dr. John   Guitar
Clarence Hall   Horn
Wilbert Smith   Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Badie   Bass
Charles Connor   Drums
Robert French   Drums
Justin Adams   Guitar
Charles Hungry Williams   Drums
Lee Allen   Horn

Technical Credits

Nick Duckett   Sleeve Notes

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