Soul Scorched (Dark Kings Series #6)

Soul Scorched (Dark Kings Series #6)

by Donna Grant

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Darcy was floating on a cloud of pure passion. Everywhere he touched, Warrick was leaving a mark on her, forever changing her. She could feel it through her skin and muscle, through bone and into her soul. It was as if he was changing her. And she welcomed it…

Her power is a blessing.

Born on the Isle of Skye, Darcy is a beautiful woman of many gifts. Fortune-telling is her forte, and she remains the only Druid who could unlock the secrets—and desires—of a Dragon King. His name is Warrick. And now that Darcy's seen into his dragon heart, nothing will ever be the same…

His passion is a curse.

Warrick never intended to put Darcy in harm's way. But ever since she revealed a shocking truth, Darcy has been hunted by the Dark Fae, who want to use her powers for their own evil purposes. Now it's up to Warrick to do whatever it takes to keep the woman who sets his soul on fire safe. But protecting Darcy means putting himself—and his entire race—in jeopardy. Is his desperate longing for one woman worth the risk of losing everything…for eternity? Dive into Soul Scorched, the sizzling next novel in the Dark Kings series from New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.

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ISBN-13: 9781250071934
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/30/2015
Series: Dark Kings Series , #6
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 7.50(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her "totally addictive" and "unique and sensual" stories. She's the author of more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance including the bestselling Dark King stories, Dark Craving, Night's Awakening, and Dawn's Desire. Her acclaimed Dark Warrior and Dark Sword series novels feature a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children, a dog, and four cats in Texas.

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Dreagan Industries October

Warrick reclined in the overstuffed chair, his feet propped on the stool before him as he randomly looked through Facebook pages, Twitter posts, and Instagram pictures.

He was constantly amazed at the brilliant and idiotic things humans imparted about their lives. For some reason, the mortals truly believed everyone wanted to know every detail of their lives like when they got up and what food they chose to eat.

Warrick didn't understand this need humans felt to convey such mundane intricacies. Nor could he fathom why he looked at their posts almost every day.

He clicked on a link that took him to YouTube where he watched a video of a kitten attempting to jump from a table to the windowsill, only to miss by several inches and falling.

To his horror, he watched it three times — smiling each time.

There was a kind of lull at Dreagan, and had been for a few weeks. It began once Rhys broke the spell preventing him from shifting into dragon form. It was their true form, and it had been the worst sort of hell for his friend.

Rhys also found love in the arms of Lily, a human. But he wasn't the only Dragon King to do so. Hal, Guy, Banan, Kellan, Tristan, and Laith had also fallen in love with mortals. Kiril was the only one among them to choose a Fae as his mate.

Thinking of the Fae turned Warrick's thoughts to Rhi, the Light Fae who had loved — and lost — a Dragon King. No matter what Rhi said, the Kings knew she still carried love in her heart for her King.

If only the bastard would realize what he was missing and take Rhi for his own once again. The Light Fae had helped the Kings more than any other ally they had. And since the Dragon Kings were the strongest beings on this realm, they had few allies.

Warrick went to Rhi's Facebook page — The Real Rhi. He chuckled when he saw yet another picture of her nails. She loved nail art, and she was constantly having her nails painted, changing the colors almost daily.

This photo was of her nails done in racing stripes using OPI's Ford Mustang colors. He laughed at the color names that Rhi always mentioned. The base of her nails was a hot pepper red named Race Red, and the two white stripes running down her nails was called Angel with a Lead Foot.

Rhi never posted a picture of her face. She, like most Fae, was fascinated by the humans. Both the Light and Dark Fae craved being around them. Where the Light would have sex with them once only, the Dark would kidnap mortals and use them until they drained them of their souls, making the humans dependent on sex with the Dark just to stay alive.

It was one of the many reasons the Dragon Kings had gone to war with the Fae. That war lasted for countless decades with the Dragon Kings finally winning. For all of that, it looked as if they were about to go back to war with the Dark Fae.

At least this time the Light Fae were on the side of the Kings.

Warrick didn't want to go back to war, but there was no denying it now. Not after all the Dark had done to the Kings and humans. Then there was the matter of Ulrik.

He was a King, or he had been. Everything had changed in one day, shattering the peaceful world they had lived in with the mortals. All because Ulrik's human lover tried to betray him.

To this day Warrick didn't know how Constantine had discovered what the female had tried to do, but then again, the King of Kings had his ways of gaining information. It was lucky Con learned of her treachery before she could put her plan into action.

Warrick had never questioned any of Con's decisions. When the King of Kings sent Ulrik on a mission and called the rest of them to find the human, Warrick was one of the first to Con's side.

He was also one of the first to thrust his sword into the mortal. It's what she deserved for even thinking of betraying Ulrik. Ulrik hadn't just sheltered her, clothed her, fed her, and loved her. He was going to bind himself to her, which would have ensured she become immortal and live as long as he did.

The Kings were doing Ulrik a favor in taking the mortal's life. Or so Warrick thought until Ulrik returned. To this day, thousands of years later, Warrick still wasn't sure if Ulrik was angrier at them for killing his woman, or Con for going behind his back.

Either way, the kind, laughing King of Silvers changed. Ulrik became hard, grim, and relentless in his destruction of humans.

He had killed without thought, without conscience. His Silvers, some of the largest dragons, were right by his side.

Since the Kings were supposed to protect the mortals, Con had no choice but to stop Ulrik. Except the humans began to kill dragons.

Warrick still dreamed of those days. The angry roars of the dragons, the bellows of fury from the humans. Then there were the dying cries of the dragons, and the screams of pain from the mortals.

But that wasn't the worst.

The worst was when the Kings had to open the dragon bridge and send their dragons to another realm. Warrick had never felt so empty as he watched his Jades flying away.

The Dragon Kings then disappeared, hiding in the mountains on Dreagan to sleep away a few centuries. The area pulsed with their dragon magic, preventing any human from settling on their land or accidentally finding them.

After that, the Dragon Kings hid in plain sight among mortals, only taking to the skies in their true form at night or during a thunderstorm when no one could see them.

Unlike the other Dragon Kings, Warrick had a different view of the beings that shared their realm. He didn't hate the humans for what happened. However, he wished he didn't sympathize with them or understand that they feared the power and magic of the Kings.

Warrick wanted to hate the mortals, but he found them interesting, fascinating. Their lives were so short that they lived each day to the fullest. Their bodies so frail, but still they did daring, dangerous things. Nothing held them back. Some were astonishingly intelligent, while others captivated him with their works of art — be it painting, music, dance, or singing.

Humans were inferior to Kings in their magic, mortality, and senses, and yet Warrick was enchanted by them.

Oh, there were a few mortals who had magic, like the Druids. But Druid magic couldn't come close to matching dragon magic.

Warrick went to another Web site that had entertainment news about Hollywood's actors. His addiction to the site was one he kept closely guarded. He loved learning who was dating who, which actor got what role, and anything else he could find. Especially anything about Usaeil, the queen of the Light Fae who had been masquerading as an actress for several years now.

He was deep into a write-up on a new couple alert when there was a quick knock. His door opened and Ryder poked his head inside. Warrick easily clicked on another tab to hide what he had been reading.

Ryder's blond hair was messy from his fingers running through it. That was an indication that he had been diligently monitoring the roomful of computers and found something interesting.

"Busy?" Ryder asked.

Warrick closed the laptop and motioned him inside. "You look wired."

"I am." Ryder's smile was large, his hazel eyes wide as he walked into the room and shut the door behind him. "I thought Darius would recruit you to wake up everyone with him."

Warrick still couldn't believe Con wanted every Dragon King woken, but then again, they needed all Kings to fight Ulrik and the Dark Fae. "I'm no' exactly the one sent when things need to be achieved with a gentle hand."

"You're mellow, Warrick. You just prefer to be on your own."

"Exactly." Not to mention he had a hard time talking to others — even Kings. "I gather Darius is waking the others by himself then?"

Ryder shrugged. "I caught a glimpse of dark blue scales in the clouds. Banan may be helping out."

"You didna come in here for small talk," Warrick stated. He was now curious as to why Ryder would seek him out. "What is it?"

Ryder leaned back against the door. "You were on patrol duty when Con called the last meeting, so you doona know that Kellan, Rhys, Dimitri, and Laith are following Ulrik."

Warrick set aside the laptop on the floor and dropped his feet to the ground as he sat forward. The calm around Dreagan had been great for the females mated to the Kings, but it was anything but for the rest of them. The Kings were restless and edgy, waiting on the next attack as they tried to get ahead of Ulrik, the Dark Fae, and MI5.

"Con has had Ulrik watched for centuries," Warrick said. "He's no' going to kill Ulrik now, or he'd be the one following him."

"Aye, but Con is tired of waiting. We all know there's going to be a battle between Con and Ulrik. It's coming sooner rather than later."

Warrick cocked his head to the side. "You doona want them to fight."

"Nay." Ryder sighed and shook his head. "I may have reacted just as Ulrik did, had our positions been reversed. Who's to say that any of us wouldna have attacked the humans when we discovered the woman we loved was set to betray us?"

"Con gave Ulrik the chance to stop killing the humans."

Ryder's gaze lowered to the floor. "When we have that much anger, that much need for retribution flowing through our veins, could any of us have set it all aside and forgotten what was done? Nay, I doona believe even Con could have."

"Con likes to have everyone think he has a cool head at all times, but I've seen the anger in his black eyes before."

"My point is that I doona think the answer was to banish Ulrik. We killed his woman. It was his right to confront her. Then we went against him when he wanted to wipe the realm of humans. How did we repay him after that? We stripped him of his magic, prevented him from shifting into dragon form, and locked away four of his Silvers in our mountain. And we're surprised when he sets his sights on taking Con down?"

Warrick got to his feet. "At any time Ulrik could've stopped what he was doing. At any time he could've realized aligning with the Dark was the worst thing to do. But he didna just come after us, he targeted certain humans. The worst was when he mixed Dark magic with his and cursed Rhys. That's unforgiveable."

"Aye." Ryder ran a hand through his hair. "We're all to blame, Warrick. It's no' just Ulrik's fault he's like he is. Honestly, I'm surprised it's taken him so long to come after Con. I think I'd have done it much sooner."

Warrick frowned as Ryder opened the door to leave. "Did you need me for something?"

"I did actually," Ryder said as he halted and looked over his shoulder. "Con knows you like to work alone so he wants you to go to Edinburgh. We have reason to believe Ulrik is visiting someone."

"Why do we care who Ulrik sees if it's no' the Dark?"

Ryder blew out a breath. "There's a verra good chance it's the Druid who was able to unbind his magic."

That would be a huge achievement for the Kings if they could find the Druid and possibly prevent her from unbinding the rest of Ulrik's magic. "I'll be ready then."

Ryder left without another word, the door closing softly behind him. There was a growing divide among the Kings, one that hadn't been there since before Ulrik was banished.

When Ulrik was at war with the humans, there were many Kings who had sided with him. It was only through Con's constant working to unite all the Dragon Kings that he eventually won everyone over except Ulrik.

The battle between the two former best friends — Con and Ulrik — had been building for millennia. If Ulrik killed Con, then Ulrik would take over as King of Kings.

Ulrik had been the only one who could've challenged Con all those ages ago, but Ulrik hadn't been interested. Especially since it was a fight to the death, and neither relished the idea of killing the other.

Banishment, along with walking around only in human form for thousands of millennia, tended to change a person.

Through the years, Warrick saw Ulrik from afar on occasions, but last month was the first time he had an up close encounter with the King of Silvers since before Ulrik's banishment. Not only had Ulrik appeared cruel and hard, there was a darkness about him that hinted at a barely leashed beast within that he was waiting to let loose.

Worse was that Warrick saw firsthand that Ulrik had somehow managed to get his magic back. He wasn't at full strength yet. When that happened — all hell would break loose.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Darcy sat straight up in bed, her chest heaving from her gasping breaths. She clawed at the hair that clung to her face with her sweat and blinked several times to make sure the dragon who had been bearing down on her with its mouth open wasn't real.

She hunched over and buried her face in her hands, her entire body shaking. It was the same dream from two days earlier. For the past month, the dream kept recurring every few days. There was no rhyme or reason to when the dreams came or when they didn't. All Darcy knew was that the dragon was after her.

She lifted her face to peek out her window. Dawn had arrived. She took several deep breaths before she threw off the covers and rose to walk to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she pinned up her hair and pulled on a sweater, jeans, and boots before she walked to the kitchen of her flat. A quick inhale of the smell of coffee brought some semblance of a smile to her face.

Darcy poured the dark liquid into a tall thermal container and screwed on the top. She put on her coat and pulled her purse over her head, settling it across her body. As she made her way to the door, she grabbed an apple from the basket.

She walked the few blocks to work slowly. She wasn't in a mad dash like others in the city heading to their corporate jobs.

By the time she reached the black door of her shop, she had finished the apple. Darcy opened the door and stepped inside. She shut and locked the door behind her. It was a few hours yet before she would officially open, but she always came in early.

She walked past the round table painted black set in the middle of the floor. All around the front of the small store were decorations that people expected to see, like a crystal ball and crystals of various sizes and colors hanging from the ceiling.

Simple was best, and it was what she liked. Darcy didn't put up any brightly lit signs announcing that she read palms. People always found her, and her clients returned again and again.

Although she could read palms anywhere, she preferred the place kept darkened. So the lights were dimmed and candles lit. The walls were painted a dark purple, and the hardwood floor was covered with black rugs of various sizes and shapes.

She walked through two sets of dark hanging curtains to the back of the store that held boxes of different tarot cards, runes stones, and books about reading the tarots and runes, as well as palm reading. She made the bulk of her money from her clients, but she made a nice chunk with her online sales.

This was the place she called her mini-warehouse because of all the boxes. She had a small desk that housed her computer and printer. All her shipping supplies were in cabinets hanging on the wall above her desk, which meant it was as neat as it was going to get.

Darcy hung her purse on the coatrack, and her coat soon followed. She tapped a key on the computer keyboard to wake it up as she walked to the back door.

She quickly threw open the door and sighed. This was the place she craved to be. This is what the money from her palm readings and online sales allowed her. She was finally able to find some semblance of comfort since the dream woke her.

The conservatory was long and narrow, going back as far as it could until it reached the building behind hers. Darcy took a deep breath, the air filled with the fragrance of dozens of flowers. This is what calmed her. It was the place she went to ease her mind and find peace that eluded her out in the world of crazies.

Darcy didn't bother with gloves. She pushed the sleeves of her sweater up her arms and put on the apron that held the tools she would need to tend to her flowers.

She looked over the tables of plants to the planters in the back that held the tallest flowers. Then she walked to the table to her left.

One by one Darcy lovingly touched their leaves and inhaled their fragrance while she checked the soil and pruned as needed. She went down the first row, moving to her right until she reached the end.

She was at the middle table working her way back to the front when she noticed the Scottish primrose she had planted from a seed. It had sprouted well enough, but yesterday it began to look as if it was struggling to live.

Darcy leaned close and cupped her hands around it. She let her magic fill her before she released a small portion of it through her fingers into the plant.


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Soul Scorched 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
GirlyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
WOW! I am speechless! Just when you think you got it figured out Donna throws us for a loop! We discover something about a certain Dragon King that left me so mad at him! I about threw my kindle! I did have to stop reading for a minute to calm down!! lol! Everything we think we know of the Dragon Kings is changing. You are pulled in from the start and surrounded by the magic and mayhem, Donna writes so well. Darcy is a powerful Druid that left her home on Skye in search for something she hasn't yet found. Though leaving her home wasn't a hardship because she felt confined there. So she has made a life for herself in Edinburgh. Years ago she helped Ulrik unbind some of his dragon magic and that puts her on the Dragon Kings radar. They soon discover they are not the only ones that want her. The Dark want her dead. As they search for answers to give them an advantage in their war against the Dark Fae, Warrick is sent to get the information she holds at all costs. That is until he lays eyes on the beautiful Druid. She stirs all these new emotions in him and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Darcy doesn’t know who to trust. All the people at Dreagan look at her as the enemy. Now realizing how evil Ulrik has been she doesn’t blame them. She helped release a terrible evil on the world. Warrick seems to see her differently, but she is unsure of how they can be more when all his friends look at her with distrust. Warrick doesn’t care what she did in the past, he knows she is not in league with their enemies. As more trouble brews, Warrick will have to do something he never dreamed he’d have to do. Protect her from one of their own. He may be too late to save her. My heart just aches for Rhi. I truly hope she gets some peace soon, but I have a feeling it’s going to get a whole lot worse for her before it gets better. There is so much going on in this book. The world as the Dragon Kings know it is going to change. Counting down the days until Passion Ignites!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ValerieStuckInBooks More than 1 year ago
One of the reasons I really NEED to read every one of these books is something that happens in THIS book. I'm addicted. I admit it. I want them all. I want to know how many there will be in the series. I want to know every King that gets a book. I want to know what happens with all the players. And this book just made that need worse. Darcy is Druid and her magic has caused some concern among the Kings. What, I cannot tell you. But it's enough to have Warrick going to watch over her. And she definitely needs protecting. The dark are out for her and they won't stop at anything until they have her. But protection detail turns into something more as War spends more time with Darcy. And these two together? Well, as with all of these books, they are HOT - scorching HOT. I didn't know Warrick before this book. The Kings sleep away centuries sometimes so I don't know how many there actually are. It's part of my issue - I really want to know when I'm going to find the overarching story finished. So many things are happening there. I want to know about Ry and that King that shall not be named. Oh and....yes I can't tell you about that. I just want to know it all. This series consumes me. I love the characters and the way they fall for each other. I love that the previous Kings and their mates are around. I love that Con is forever making me wonder. I want to know which, yes something else I can't tell you. But I love it all and just keep reading book after book. Have you started this series? If you love paranormal romance with a healthy side of yummy dragons, then you MUST.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Darcy is a druid from the Isle of Skye. Getting a feeling she is meant for more, she leaves and settles in Edinburgh. When the dragon kings find out she’s the one that helped their enemy get most of his magic back, they decide it’s time to move in and see whose side she’s on. For me, this was kind of a step backwards since I’ve already read most of the series and had somehow missed this one. It did give some pertinent early info on Ulrick and the beginnings of the ongoing ARC. Overall it was really good. As with all of this author’s books, I enjoyed the characters. I highly recommend. **I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WuaxbndlwtCwyyu xvx
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great series and makes you wanting more,
histgirl More than 1 year ago
Soul Scorched the sixth book in the Dark Kings series focuses on Jade Dragon King Warrick. Warrick is tasked alongside Thorne to watch, protect and gain information from a Druid named Darcy living in Edinburgh. Darcy is a powerful Druid who has the unique ability to touch Dragon Magic without dying. Her unique ability allowed her to unlock the bind the Dragon Kings had placed upon Ulrik giving him back part of his magic. Con fears she’s an enemy working for Ulrik who wants to destroy the Kings but Warrick thinks the Druid is an innocent caught up in a war she has little knowledge about. Con wants information from her and needs Warrick to get that information but the Dark Fae have set their sights on the Druid. Warrick will have to battle the Dark Fae, keep a watchful eye on Ulrik and ultimately go against Con’s orders so he can keep the Druid he’s falling for alive. The romance between Warrick and Darcy is intense and authentic. As with all the other couples in the Dark King series they have to overcome danger and a number of hurdles before they can find their way to one another. The romance is interesting but the most captivating part of the story is the build up toward the upcoming battle and showdown between Ulrik and Con. With war on the horizon the Kings are preparing for the inevitable. More Dragons have awoken in preparation and Ulrik has stepped up the dangerous game of revenge. On top of that the Dark Fae have begun to break the rules moving out of Ireland and into Scotland praying upon humans forcing the Kings out of the safety of Dreagan in order to protect humanity. The Dragon Kings are doing their best to keep their promise to protect humanity but their leader Con has become so wrapped up in focusing on Ulrik and his hatred for his former best friend that’s he started to alienate the other Kings and lose focus on the bigger picture. His heart has become darkened and he’s not the only one slowly turning from the light. Rhi has let her broken heart turn her toward making questionable decisions and it has her as well as the Dragon Kings wondering whose side she is on. I hope she finds her way back to the light but I fear that the only way that is going to happen is when Con finally wakes up and opens his heart to her and that isn’t looking like it will happen soon. Donna Grant has created an interesting series with plenty of characters and plot twists to keep readers engaged. Ulrik alone will keep you on your toes and with every twist you’ll find yourself wondering if he’s redeemable while secretly cheering him on despite his evil ways. I’m looking forward to reading book 7 and seeing how Thorn, the reckless warrior finds love on the battlefield. Copy provided for review. Reviewed by Joy for Crystal's Many Reviewers
DustymomCA More than 1 year ago
Wonderful series.
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
Donna Grant really knows how to tell a story. They are always filled with passion, tense emotional moments, heartache (that is always rectified), and adventure. Book 6 in the Dark Kings series is no different, it has all of those attributes and more. Warrick was a fun character, the loner who hated to talk to people, but is fascinated about all things human, opens up and finds that there is one person he does like to spend time with and talk to, Darcy. Darcy is a Druid who can touch Dragon Magic, and she releases some of Ulrics magic. Their story has a lot of passion, adventure, and a battle between the Dark and Warrick. I enjoyed this installment, as I do all of the others, though I think I would have to say that Rhys and Lily are still my favorite couple. Now I just have to wait for the next installment to be released :-(
Laibriabbi More than 1 year ago
Who can not love Donna Grant and the Kings!!! I have been hook on Donna since. I picked up a phantom book from my book shelf and have been hooked since. I don't think I can pick a favorite dragon or warrior! Love them all
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dragon series is wonderful but why do Con and Rai always get the short end of the straw. They are you favorite characters they need to be together need their book or books soon
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Donna Grant has done it again, Amazing story about the life of a Druid and a Dragon King. I cried when Darcy finally realized she lost her magic after Ulrik tried to kill her and Con saved her. I still have not figured out who Rhi's Dragon king was. Looking forward to the next book, maybe I will be closer to finding out who the Dragon King is.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
It is obvious that the series is building up to something huge. I hope my heart can take it! The Dragon King's gaze turned to her. Darcy watched him standing in the glow of the streetlight, completely mesmerized by the dragon tat that ran from the King's right shoulder, under his armpit, and down his side to the top of his right thigh. The dragon's head was at the front of the man's shoulder and had his mouth open as if on a roar. He was rearing with his wings up and out. It was his long tail that stopped at the King's thigh. The King glistened with sweat that made his muscles gleam in the light. Darcy had the absurd notion to run her hands all over his body, learning the feel of his hard muscles and warm skin. Linda's Thoughts: SOUL SCORCHED by Donna Grant was an exciting, solid installment in Donna's hot Dark Kings series. I honestly can't get enough of her sexy Scottish dragons! This was the story of Warrick, a Dragon King, and Darcy, a Druid from the Isle of Skye. I liked them both. I strongly recommend that the Dark Kings series be read in order as there are several ongoing storylines within the series. That said, Donna does include needed historical info so, if you are a newbie, you won't be completely lost if you were to pick this book up first. The romantic relationship and the primary danger plot are fully contained within this novel, so if you are determined to read SOUL SCORCHED as a standalone, feel free. If you do, I bet you'll be intrigued and resolve to go back and catch up with the series. As the story opens, the Dragon Kings have discovered that a Druid named Darcy helped Ulrik regain some of his magical powers. Con sends Warrick and Thorn, a newly awakened King, to protect and convince her to come to Dreagan as Con wants to interrogate her. Warrick finds her just in time as the Dark Fae have staked their claim to her. There were so many twists in SOUL SCORCHED! I muttered "what the heck" and "how can that be?" too many times to count while reading it. While it wasn't one of my favorites in the series, it was still very enjoyable and I wouldn't have missed reading it for the world. I love how the Dragon Kings are being mated even if it wasn't their intention. They are dropping like flies. My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Please check it out there. 3 1/2 Wine Glasses!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the kings
gaele More than 1 year ago
A newcomer to this series, I found that Donna Grant made it reasonably easy for me to slide into the story and become enamored with the characters and their world. I am planning on reading this series in order, and have grabbed the books to start in my next free reading time. But – who could dislike dragons? Darcy is a Druid, and gifted with plenty of magic. She’s moved from home to Edinburgh and opened a small shop where she reads palms and Tarot. Always curious about the limits of her own magical powers, and since agreeing to help Ulrick regain some of his magic. She isn’t fully believing his story, knowing that there are always multiple sides in every tale, but her neutrality is threatened by the Dark Fae and Ulrick who wants more from her. This brings her to Warrick’s attention: he was possibly the most perfect watcher. Amused by humans and their lives, nearly everything amuses him about Darcy: her heart, her determination and her charm. She is determined to remain neutral, even as the revelations come one after another: the dark side is infiltrating Scotland (and the world) and long-dormant dragon kings are being awakened, and it seems that no-one is uninterested in Darcy. What a curious mix of plot lines, stories, tales and legends, with the epic battle for dark or light (and all the shades in between), not to mention the threats to Darcy’s life and magic. Shifting alliances, points of view and secrets revealed with answers to long-standing questions all kept me reading along, sorting the information in my mind to remember when the questions appear. More twists add sharp changes in direction and tone, and everyone’s motives are brought into question. And if that wasn’t enough: the heat between Darcy and Warrick is built to fever pitch, and it seems that Warrick, with his determination to remain an ‘observer’ is the most surprised of all. Their interactions are steamy and emotional, the wonder at the sit uation and then the true connection shines through and gets stronger every page. I still wanted to see more of Ulrick and his real intentions and desires, and I have to say that Constantine was not a favorite. But, they are dragons: each distinct in personality and intrigued me to know more. Fans of the series are sure to find this a wonderful installment: I can say that it solidified my desire to start from the beginning and not miss a single moment! I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars Reviewed by Annie and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog Donna Grant continues with SOUL SCORCHED the sixth book in the Dragon Kings series. With the heroine, Darcy born on the Isle of Skye, she possesses some extraordinary gifts. But her gift of fortune-telling has made her special because only she can unlock the secrets of a Dragon King. More on the sweeter side, Darcy is a little more subtle I think compared to the other heroines in the series. She is kindhearted and intelligent, which makes her admirable in my eyes. However I don’t think I connected with her as much as I have with the others for some reason. I think this is mainly due to the fact that Grant takes a slightly different approach in this book. While the writing and plotting is still excellent, she pulls back on the action and suspense in the beginning and opts for building that up as the story progresses instead of throwing the reader straight into the heart of the fire. That being said, I still very much enjoyed it. I feel the same way with Warrick. Grant made him desirable and sexy but it’s more of a slow burn rather than a full blast of a dragon’s fire. Because he feels partly responsible for the trouble that Darcy finds herself in with the Dark Fae, he wishes to protect her and that kind of proximity will only lead to more trouble of a different kind. While Grant always comes up with new and inventive ways to build on her Dragon Kings world, you can always count on her to deliver some enchanting characters and sizzling chemistry!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fabulous author.
cscott4_25 More than 1 year ago
Donna Grant has yet to put out a book I haven't loved. I love the Dark King series!! Soul Scorched is another great addition. Loved Darcy and Warrick!!
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 5 REVIEW: Amazing!!!! Soul Scorched takes us back into the world of the Dragon Kings. And of course thing can just go right for them right now. At every turn they are battling the Dark Fae, Urlik and each other. The events in Night Blaze (if you haven’t read I will try to keep spoiler free) had you thinking that things were getting ready to turn maybe for the better. But in Soul Scorched everything takes a huge nose dive. Friends can’t be trusted, enemy can and not everyone is what they seem. I will say I had a little bit of anxiety (okay a lot) while reading this book. There is so much going on. The Kings are all over the place. We get a cameo from the Warriors (which only makes things more tense) and of course... We get a few bread crumbs surrounding Rhi and her Dragon King. So many things are turned upside down in this book. UUUGGGGG!!! I wish that I could just poof into Ms. Grant’s brain and see the whole story, but sadly I don’t have that power. But until then keep reading..... Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Donna Grant, St. Martin’s & NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.