Soulspection: A Collection of Poetry

Soulspection: A Collection of Poetry

by Michelle Borel


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Soulspection: A Collection of Poetry by Michelle Borel

In most cases, our hard times serve a purpose. The difficulties we live through help us aid others as they suffer through similar circumstances. Soulspection is a collection of poems written by a woman who has been through much but gained even more. Here, she shares her emotions, her fears, and her failures.

Michelle Borel believes that creativity links us to the Creator. In her words, she rejoices over the power of being a woman. She talks about self-respect in “Fool No More.” In “Free,” she celebrates the power of baptism. “Blinded by the Look” tears away the façade of physical attraction to the beautiful soul within.

Writing in a variation of styles from haiku to diamante, Borel uses her words to paint pictures and evoke emotion. She whispers to her readers, telling them they are not alone in their pain. To live this life to the fullest, time must be spent on introspection and retrospection—down to the very depths of your soul.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781491735589
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/07/2016
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.32(d)

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A Collection of Poetry

By Michelle Borel


Copyright © 2016 Michelle Borel
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-3558-9



    I Am

    I'm not a raffle so with me there are no chances.
    I'm a woman, no longer a girl given to glances.
    My mind is focused, it no longer dances
    and I clearly articulate what my stance is.

    I'm not a taxi so with me there are no rides.
    I'm a woman, no longer a girl wanting to be one of the brides.
    My decisions I make when my feeling subsides
    and my beauty can be seen even though my face hides.

    I'm not a toy so with me there are no games.
    I'm a woman, no longer a girl crying of pains.
    My stare can penetrate deeper than burning flames
    and I'm not given to calling names.

    I'm not a phone so with me there's no holding on.
    I'm a woman, not a girl chasing after what is gone.
    My heart is like a phoenix it can be reborn
    And I know there is power in letting go and moving on ...

    The Sun

    Under the sun is my home
    I hope to stay
    But I'm sure adventure would call
    some hot day.

    I would leave home
    I love so dear,
    But I would always return
    Back here.

    For I would miss the penetration
    of sun on my back
    the filtration of breeze
    that other places lack.

    In other places the weather
    Keeps hearts cold,
    but under the sun they thaw out
    your spirit never grows old.

    Under the sun is my family —
    Sister, mother
    and not to forget my darling honey,
    Aunts and brother,
    All of we is one family.
    So, big up to the sun
    and this sweet country.

    Trinidad & Tobago

    I come from the land
    of steel pan and calypso.
    Our national birds are:
    The Scarlet Ibis and Cocorico.

    Our main income
    is not having tourists,
    but if you are travelling —
    Put us on your list!

    Visit the Devil's Wood yard
    to witness mud volcanoes
    Or lime with friends on Brian Lara Promenade;
    Named after a national hero.

    Can't forget our Pitch Lake —
    It's in Deep South, La Brea.
    About Douen and Papa Bois folklore
    Hear what villagers have to say.

    When on Maracas Beach
    Bake n' Shark is a staple.
    Try some hot pepper called 'Mother-in-Law,'
    if you think your taste buds able.

    Drive down Matelot
    Keshon Walcott is from there,
    and if the breeze is forceful
    you'll smell spices in the air.

    Buccoo Reef in Tobago
    is a must-see attraction.
    Also, do an estate tour,
    but, secure a reservation.

    Enjoy our 'heritage food':
    Cow, pig, chicken or conch souse.
    Crab n' dumpling, callalloo will leave you
    Looking like a house.

    Store Bay is another popular spot!
    T & T has a lot for you to treasure
    But, our nation's greatest gem — The PEOPLE
    Who are warm and friendly beyond measure.


    Many have tried
    and many have failed
    only to one
    Will I be unveiled.

    A jewel,
    Is what I am.
    I cannot be held
    by every man.

    For this jewel
    take off the outer crust,
    over come
    that spirit of lust.

    Dig and dig,
    See what you find.
    Don't let the exterior
    make you blind.

    Great rewards
    await you on the other side.
    The value
    is on the inside.

    With this jewel
    you will be pleased
    for you did not obtain it
    with ease.

    Me vs You

    There is a boy that I love so,
    but my family thinks he is faux.
    I once allowed their views to control me,
    but then of what value is the two-letter word "me?"

    Throughout my life, I allowed myself to be molded.
    Like my mother's laundry, I was tucked and folded.
    I was loved for who I was not
    and the person inside, one forgot.

    But when the tables turned around,
    Instead of smiles, I got frowns.
    I won the battle, as you can see,
    because now, I am responsible for who I be.

    Fool No More

    Was once a fool in love,
    But I am a fool no more.
    Time has finally developed
    my inner core.

    No longer do I need to be loved
    nor do I have to feel it
    for within me ...
    Within my being I possess it!

    Still with the one
    To whom I was madly in love with,
    But realized that love didn't mean
    I was a carpet.

    I got up
    and I stood tall
    and told myself
    I can do it all.

    With or without
    Family and friends
    I have to run the race of life
    and conquer it in the end.

    Let Me Be

    You say that life
    is not so cut and dry.
    Yet, on your bed
    you sit and lie,
    expecting all you want
    to fall from the sky.
    I am an extreme —
    Am I?

    My goals I write
    with paper and pen.
    Then, I get up
    and fight till the end,
    knowing I can get nothing
    if I sit on my rear end.
    Only on God
    Will I depend.

    Who are you
    to judge me?
    When you have not
    my eyes to see ...
    Just allow me to be me
    and there'll be productivity.
    For I shall never become
    one of passivity.

    Changing For Whom?

    I was afraid of who I was then
    So I changed my life
    And started all over again
    Trying to be
    Who or what they wanted me
    Trying to fit in.

    I am afraid of who I am now
    So I want to go back
    But I just don't know how
    I don't want to be
    Who or what they want me
    I want to fit into what makes me, me.


    In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God
    They baptized me.
    I went in the water a slave
    and came out FREE!

    No longer am I in bondage.
    I have a new name. It is Fekerte Selassie
    and I represent the Most High,
    I am love of the Trinity.

    I need not kill, steal or lie
    to survive anymore.
    I depend not on man!
    So, I do not as before.

    I Believe!

    I believe in one Triune God
    Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior
    Quickly I repent
    if contrary is my behavior.

    I keep my eyes up and up,
    because I am looking for only what is heaven sent.
    Only for MY GOD
    Will I allow my knees to be bent ...

    What I always keep in my heart is that
    all things work for the greater good for those who love
    the Lord!
    So, thankfully I give praises ...
    Heavenly Father, YOU do I applaud!


    I'm human; I gave into a feeling
    that's considered natural.
    I'm not going to give details
    and get all factual.

    I've got to forget about nature
    and nurture within something Divine.
    Can't walk into the trap
    another time.

    At this time, don't think
    I could even be his friend
    for just by his touch
    to the floor does my body want to descend.

    Second fiddle
    never will I allow myself to be
    for I stand tall
    as empress 'Fekerte Selassie.'

    Love of the Trinity
    has been implanted within my core
    Knowing the royalty I am
    I will not cheapen myself by acting as a whore.

    Passions and lusts of the flesh
    will not suffice.
    True satisfaction is felt
    when heart and mind also entice.

    The pain within
    Will I carry.
    For gain will I
    the victory. —

    Knowing that I discovered the lie
    from man's tongue,
    'At this time,
    I don't have anyone.'

    Knowing that I maintained
    Love and respect
    for a lady
    I have never even met.

    Knowing that before I was completely weakened
    I regained control
    and didn't allow that feeling
    to become whole.

    Knowing that if destiny sanctions it
    so shall it be.
    But be will it,
    with me as ROYALTY!

    Blinded By the Look

    What are my imperfections? I am as pretty as can be.
    Yet, many only see ugliness in me.

    I do not smell like flowers, I do not look like pearls,
    I do not feel like satin and I laugh not like other girls.

    There are marks all over my long oval face,
    I have sad puffy eyes and have not a petite waist.

    However, I am pretty, as pretty as can be.
    My heart, as pure as gold, is an essential part of me.

    Had I not a good heart, how would I survive?
    Everyone knows it is the heart that keeps you alive.

    Many do not realize my skin is just a foil.
    Unwrap the skin, dig deep down, you'll find I am as rich
    as oil.

    Oh, ain't I pretty as pretty as can be!
    Sorry for those who have not eyes to see ...



    Never Any Other

    With joy I think of my mother
    for she made a choice others neglect.
    I thank her for her eyes
    for not one day have they shown a sign of regret.

    When I hurt, when I stumble, when I cry ...
    I know she feels it more than I.
    and it's my troubles that keep her up
    Though morning is nigh.

    I can fly, yet still I know
    her wings will receive me.
    When needed I can return to the nest
    and she will still feed me.

    Her feelings she tries to hide,
    but her actions show love and affection.
    Never rough, never brutal
    was her rod of correction.

    With all she does
    Nothing does she ask for as compensation.
    And never has she wanted
    any form of gratification.

    What she has given
    another person cannot.
    And, as her child I can easily overlook
    her character's dark spots.

    Though these words can never be enough
    I say thank you to my mother.
    Both she and time have shown me
    there can never be any other.

    My Husband

    From very early on he said
    That it would be me who he would marry.
    I laughed thinking he was playing
    And that that would be less than likely.

    Yet, down I walked that isle
    As his youthful blushing bride.
    His wife — A role
    I would hold on to with pride.

    Many storms came our way
    After the last, we thought we couldn't rebuild.
    We couldn't! It was God that did!
    Us being united was HIS WILL!!!

    He loves me so much
    That he loves anything and anyone who is of me.
    Even when I was blinded,
    He still had eyes to see ...

    Many of us are wrong many times,
    but not many of us are ever truly sorry.
    We all have our flaws,
    but not all of us work on correcting them daily!

    I knew him even before he was tested
    and placed in the fire.
    Now that he is gold,
    I am the only one that he desires.

    Each prayer I prayed was a coal
    that aided in who now stands before me —
    From boy to man I have seen him grow
    And still shower him with prayer daily.

    Being a Mother

    I hold you in my arms and I feel warmth
    I look at your little nose, mouth and eyes ...
    Quietly I promise you and I
    That I will ease all your cries ...

    Anyone who has never held you
    I think to myself has never held love
    Experiencing being a mother solidifies
    That there is a God above.

    Often do I softly kiss
    your little fingers and your toes
    and like an angel you smile
    when I rub my nose on your nose.

    Your eyes are peaceful while you are sleeping
    they are bright when you are awake.
    Everyone is filled with laughter
    by the cooing sounds you make.

    10,000 Pampers Later

    10,000 pampers later
    Upon a stage I stared
    Looking at this lady who
    Was once a child I reared
    Thinking it was worth it
    Every problem that I bared
    And remembering precious memories
    That with her I shared ...

    10,000 pampers later
    He grew from baby, to boy to man
    And as I wobbled down the street
    He was there to hold my hand.
    Long are the days of cuts and bruises
    He puts together business plans ...
    He moved from his room to his own house
    And owns businesses, cars and land!

    10,000 pampers later
    There were no more sleepless nights
    But this woman of grandeur and grace
    Was the focus in the spotlight
    No more time outs for naughty ways
    She was committed to doing right
    Proudly I would stand
    As I witness such a sight ...



    Delicate Flowers

    All flowers have petals
    Nectar is craved by all bees
    Scents may differ,
    but they are all carried by the breeze.

    A flower is a product
    of the seed,
    but good soil
    is another need.

    Even if not touched
    all petals fall,
    but pruning
    is most important of all!

    Bees will buzz
    and flowers have to grow
    Remember that you reap
    what you sow!

    Fence your garden
    Be selective with who's picking
    Not on every table
    Can flowers be sitting ...

    Keep flowers
    As delicate as they are meant to be
    Flowers are not for all to have,
    But just to see ...

    If a flower is deflowered
    Then let it be
    To one,
    Who has pledged solemnly ...


Excerpted from Soulspection by Michelle Borel. Copyright © 2016 Michelle Borel. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Me, 1,
Family, 19,
Daughters, 29,
Love, 41,
Heartbreak, 65,
Hurt, 75,
Strength, 83,
Life, 93,

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