Sound Learning With Phonics: Book 7

Sound Learning With Phonics: Book 7

by Ms. Shal Ahmed


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What are Phonics? Phonics is a way of teaching children to read by learning and identifying the sounds of different letters and combinations of letters. Children are taught how to:
1. recognize the sounds that each individual letter makes;
2. identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make, such as 'th' or 'ee';
3. blend these sounds together from left to right to make a word.

Children can then use this knowledge to 'de-code' new words that they hear or see. This is the first important step in learning how to read.

Why Phonics? Research shows that when phonics is taught in a structured way - starting with the easiest sounds and progressing through to the most complex - it is the most effective way of teaching young children to read. Almost all children who receive a thorough introduction to phonics will have the skills they need to when they encounter new words. They can then go on to read different types of text fluently, confidently, and without fear.
What are 'pseudo- words'? The content contains a mix of real words and 'pseudo-words' (or 'nonsense-words'). Non-words such as 'fap' are important to include because they are new to all children. Children cannot read non-words by using their memory or vocabulary; they have to use their decoding skills. This improves their phonic ability.
The Sound Learning Series: We strongly believe that every child loves to learn. Therefore, we focus on encouraging that love and nurturing the children's natural curiosity by offering increasingly more engaging and rewarding content.

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