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Sound Loaded [Australian]

Sound Loaded [Australian]

by Ricky Martin

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The man who detonated the Latin Explosion of '99 returns with the scorching Sound Loaded, a 14-track continuation of his 35-million-selling English-language debut. With the same production team in place, including "Livin' la Vida Loca" authors Robi Draco Rosa and Desmond Child and producer Emilio Estefan Jr., the strapping Ricky


The man who detonated the Latin Explosion of '99 returns with the scorching Sound Loaded, a 14-track continuation of his 35-million-selling English-language debut. With the same production team in place, including "Livin' la Vida Loca" authors Robi Draco Rosa and Desmond Child and producer Emilio Estefan Jr., the strapping Ricky once again gets hearts (and hormones) pumping the world around with his signature blend of Anglo and Latin pop flava. With hits from Santana, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony establishing the commercial viability of syncopated Spanglish sounds, Ricky need only replicate the intensity of his debut. And replicate he does. Sharp flamenco guitar quickly yields to the pounding, hyper-hetero surf-ska uproar of "She Bangs" (offered in both English and Spanish). To those still livin' la vida loca, it's a familiar and infectious sound, with a girl that "wear[s] me out like a pair of shoes" and "looks like a flower/but...stings like a bee." The title track follows suit with wild brass bedlam and hard-rocking vocal harmonies as Ricky "slip[s] into the funk like a sweet cologne." "Jezabel" likens itself to the slow burn of Marc Anthony's "I Need to Know" with its hard, rumbafied drum rumble and spiky violins, while "The Touch" is an epic ballad of the first order. Backed by sultry, swelling strings and horns on the torrid tropical sway of "Saint Tropez," he's every Latin lover fantasy realized in full. There's no sophomore slump in evidence here. Ricky Martin has once again brought all his love and fire, and it's Sound Loaded.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Jose F. Promis
Ricky Martin's second English-language album Sound Loaded did not fare nearly as well as its earth-shattering predecessor, even though the quality of the material is probably one notch higher. Several reasons could be given for this, but the most obvious is lousy marketing. First, the album's lead-off single, the electrifying (and terribly titled) "She Bangs" (arguably one of the best songs of 2000), which failed to make the U.S. Top Ten, wasn't even released as a commercial single. Second, the album's follow-up, "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely," was remixed and refashioned into a duet with red-hot Anglo-Latina vixen Christina Aguilera -- the album version is solo Ricky, and features largely acoustic accompaniment, as opposed to the remix's more bombastic instrumentation. Unbelievably, the version with Christina Aguilera wasn't released as a commercial single. Instead, the album was re-released with a single of the song clumsily attached to it (with a rubber band, no less). In other words, most of Ricky's fans, who had already bought the album, would have had to purchase it all over again in order to have the hit version of the song. And thirdly, the set's final single, "Loaded" (which was actually released commercially, indicating a base level of intelligence on the label's part), bore more than a striking resemblance to his breakthrough hit "Livin' la Vida Loca," but, by the time of its release, the magic had petered off. Those factors aside, the album is a lushly produced set, with more Latin-flavored dance cuts, such as the fun, Santana-ish "Amor," the smoldering, string-enhanced "Jezabel," the endearing "If You Ever Saw Her," and the sizzling Spanish-language track "Cambia La Piel." The ballads, however, tend to weigh the album down, such as the unmemorable "Come to Me" and "The Touch." And, finally, Latin loverman clichés abound, which bring down otherwise fine tracks such as "Saint Tropez" and the gypsy-tinged, slightly bizarre "One Night Man." Infinitely better marketing and less reliance on clichés will hopefully translate into better sales for Ricky Martin's future English-language albums, but, for the time being, Sound Loaded, an otherwise fine album (and exquisitely produced), will go down in history as something of an undeserved flop.
Rolling Stone - Arion Berger
The relentlessly likable and danceable Sound Loaded plunges listeners once again into Ricky's hothouse world, with its lush evocations of exotic climes, Spanglish salsa-club blowouts, and voodoo hussies.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ricky Martin   Primary Artist,Percussion,Vocals,Background Vocals
Cachao   Bass
Robbie Nevil   Background Vocals
Ronnie Cuber   Baritone Saxophone
Arturo Sandoval   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Nestor Torres   Flute
Rene Toledo   Acoustic Guitar
Desmond Child   Piano
Bruce Dukov   Violin
Murray Adler   Violin
Pete Amato   Keyboards
Rusty Anderson   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Wayne Andre   Trombone
Kenny Aronoff   Drums
Eric Bazilian   Guitar
Herb Besson   Bass Trombone
Charlie Bisharat   Violin
Curt Bisquera   Drums
Denyse Buffum   Viola
Danny Cahn   Trumpet
Ed Calle   Saxophone
David Campbell   Conductor
Tony Concepcion   Trumpet
Luis Conte   Percussion
Larry Corbett   Celli
Sal Cuevas   Bass
Joel Derouin   Concert Master
Glenn Drewes   Trumpet
Armen Garabedian   Violin
Berj Garabedian   Violin
Earl Gardner   Trumpet
Hector Garrido   Piano,Conductor
Endre Granat   Concert Master
Maurice Grants   Celli
Mike Harvey   Background Vocals
Clayton Haslop   Violin
Skyler Jett   Background Vocals
Peter Kent   Violin
Michael Landau   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Will Lee   Background Vocals
Brian Leonard   Violin
Lee Levin   Drums
Linda Lipsett   Viola
Manny López   Guitar
Miguel Martinez   Celli
Hugh McDonald   Bass
Joe Meyer   French Horn
Mike Migliore   Alto Saxophone
Tim Mitchell   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Carole Mukogawa   Viola
Keith O'Quinn   Trombone
Archie Pena   Percussion
John Pena   Bass
Mark Pender   Trumpet
Lenny Pickett   Tenor Saxophone
Tim Pierce   Electric Guitar
Vladimir Polimatidi   Violin
Karie Prescott   Viola
Cheito Quinonez   Background Vocals
Claytoven Richardson   Background Vocals
Richie Rosenberg   Trombone
Anatoly Rosinsky   Violin
Rafael Solano   Percussion
Ramon Stagnaro   Acoustic Guitar,cuatro,Guitar (Nylon String)
Mark Taylor   Keyboards
Dana Teboe   Trombone,Horn
Camilo Valencia   Horn
Chris Willis   Background Vocals
Evan Wilson   Viola
Ken Yerke   Violin
Nancy Roth   Viola
Olbin Burgos   Bass,Drums
Susan Chatman   Violin
Ernie Erhardt   Celli
Robert Peterson   Violin
Daniel Smith   Celli
Edmund Stein   Violin
Daniel Lopez   Percussion,Background Vocals
KC Porter   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Renita Koven   Viola
Suzie Katayama   Celli
Bob Peterson   Violin
Walter Afanasieff   Bass,Keyboards
Robi Rosa   Background Vocals
Tommy Anthony   Background Vocals
Randall Barlow   Keyboards
Jim Hacker   Trumpet
Paquito Hechevarria   Piano
George Noriega   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Huey Dunbar   Background Vocals
Larry Loftin   Background Vocals
José Sibaja   Trumpet
Rudy Stein   Celli
Maurice Lauchner   Background Vocals
Darrin McCann   Viola
Steve Morales   Keyboards
Michael Contratto   Background Vocals
Gary Kuo   Violin
Rachel Purkin   Violin
Ron Grant   Background Vocals
Christina Aguilera   Vocals
Eve Butler   Violin
Michelle Diaz   Piano
Conesha Monet   Background Vocals
Gerry Hilera   Violin
Herman "Teddy" Mulet   Trombone,Trumpet
John Hayhurst   Viola
Abe Laboriel   Drums
Bob Becker   Viola
Ed Clle   Saxophone
Paul Barry   Background Vocals
Ramses Colón   Bass
Gyan Evans   Background Vocals
Calanit Ledani   Chant
Illyak Negroni   Background Vocals
Brian Rawlings   Drums
Steve Richards   Celli
Michele Richards   Violin
Mario de León   Violin
Matthew Funes   Viola
Michael Matthews   Celli
Brian O'Connor   French Horn

Technical Credits

Desmond Child   Composer,Producer,Vocal Producer
Jon Secada   Vocal Arrangements
Ricky Martin   Executive Producer
Gary Burr   Composer
Pete Amato   Arranger,drum programming
David Campbell   Arranger,String Arrangements,String Conductor
Randy Cantor   rhythm arrangement
Chris Carroll   Engineer
Steve Churchyard   Engineer
Mike Couzzi   Engineer
Charles Dye   Engineer
Rob Eaton   Engineer
Emilio Estefan   Producer
Hector Garrido   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements,String Conductor
David Gleeson   Engineer
Peter McCabe   Engineer
Jeff Poe   Engineer
Dave Reitzas   Engineer
Victoria Shaw   Composer
Mark Taylor   Programming,Producer
Camilo Valencia   Arranger,Horn Arrangements
Marcelo Añez   Engineer
Luis Quine   Engineer
KC Porter   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Kevin Dillon   Studio Coordinator
Freddy Piñero   Engineer
Walter Afanasieff   Programming,Producer,drum programming
Ron Taylor   Engineer
Erwin Gorostiza   Art Direction
Robi Rosa   Producer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Randall Barlow   Programming,Producer
George Noriega   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Matt Gruber   Engineer
Gustavo Celis   Engineer
Scott Healy   Arranger,Horn Arrangements
Steve Menezes   Studio Coordinator
Dino Hermann   Engineer
Jose Luis Vega   Image Design
Steve Morales   Producer
Angelo Medina   Executive Producer
Jules Gondar   Engineer
Shane Stoner   Engineer
Greg Bieck   Programming,drum programming
Ian Cuttler   Art Direction
Herman "Teddy" Mulet   Horn Arrangements
Stephen Saper   Author
Sheldon Steiger   Engineer
Craig Lozowick   Engineer
Nathan Malki   Engineer
Germán Ortiz   Engineer
Draco Rosa   Executive Producer
Oswald Wiz Bone   Engineer
Robert Conley   Programming
Alexander Trainer   Graphic Design
Eric Schilling   Engineer

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