Sour Pill: A Guide to Surviving in the Dominant Society

Sour Pill: A Guide to Surviving in the Dominant Society

by Darrell L Gray


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Given the political climate of today, and the result of our recent presidential election, it's imperative that those of us of the minority population establish skill-sets that will enable us to survive under a supremacist regime. The deconstruction of the African-American nuclear family is at epic proportions, in large part to the weakening of our focus on self-actuality in the ever-changing racial landscape. There is really no tried or true way for the average African-American to successfully traverse the landmines of the dominant society, moreover, overt white supremacy. In much the same way as a military unit accomplishes and succeeds in their missions, the nuclear black family can employ the same risk management techniques to ensure the mitigation of danger to it and its progeny. This book is a guideline to those who seek to mitigate or lesson the effects of supremacist ideologies and in turn, begin the healing process in restoring the nuclear black family.
The reasoning for this particular subject is there is no clear or defined plan of attack as it pertains to the burgeoning new white supremacist ideologies and techniques. The mantras of the civil rights movement have lost their force, in that, they have become watered down. The hackneyed slogans and "equality" complacency, has weakened most of our resolve to fortify ourselves against the innovative kind of racism we are now seeing. Though we all want to march to the drum of "egalitarianism", we are in turn losing the sense of identity that other racial groups do not suffer from. This loss of identity is in large part to our need to assimilate with no real scheme to ensure that our family and ethnic bonds are preserved.
The average African-American can benefit from this manuscript in that there are basic skill sets that can be identified on an individualized and personal level that will mitigate the detriments of white supremacy and oppression. The clear, concise and unambiguous model stated within this book will give each person reading it entry-level access into how to begin to insulate themselves from supremacist ideologies and how to identify other risk criteria that could be detrimental to their progeny and lifestyle.
SOUR PILL - A GUIDE TO SURVIVING IN THE DOMINANT SOCIETY - lays out effective and pertinent risk assessment, risk management and risk mitigation techniques to better survive in a supremacist society. SOUR PILL defines easily executable plans and operational techniques to equip our citizenry in preserving the nuclear African-American family.

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