South African Traits

South African Traits

by James MacKinnon


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ISBN-13: 9785518504363
Publisher: Book on Demand Ltd.
Publication date: 11/28/2013
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.76(d)

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CHAPTER II. THE ATHENS OF SOUTH AFRICA. HE title of this chapter calls for explanation. It is high sounding and very audacious. We shall, therefore, state at once that the reason of its choice lies in the circumstance that the little town so named,—commonly called Stellenbosch—has great educational fame in the land, and being most beautifully situated, and wearing a look of charming simplicity, one feels inclined to pay it a compliment, and hence the origin in the writer's mind of this presuming designation. Of course it is exaggerated, you will say, but if you had lived there some years, and got into the habit of occasionally nattering the citizens with some honeyed phrase, and had regularly taken an interest in all the little bits of scandal that circulate so regularly up and down Dorp Street and down and up Kirk Street, you would end by doubting it never. At anyrate it was worth while imagining it, just to see the smile of pleasure and the look of importance that the mention of this complimentary title caused to settle down on the good mayor's countenance, and the air of dignity it gave to the dashing secretary of the divisional council. In the eyes of these two worthy officials and their following of grave councillors, the name was scarcely pompous enough, and we only met one dyspeptic individual among the crowds of wise professors and would-be-wise students, the congregations of genial old gossips, and the fair dwellers in the young ladies' seminaries, that smiled, the first instance in the space of five years, when he heard it. Let us, however, stringently avoid all misrepresentation, and recapitulate the true reason for its being conferred—viz., theeducational importance and the sweet, wiselike air of the little city and its surroundings. Other claims it has none....

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