Sowed to Death

Sowed to Death

by Peg Cochran

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ISBN-13: 9780425282038
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/04/2017
Series: Farmer's Daughter Mystery Series , #2
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 328,273
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Peg Cochran is the national bestselling author of No Farm, No Foul; the Cranberry Cove Mysteries; and the Gourmet De-Lite Mysteries.

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Sowed to Death 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous 25 days ago
This one was a disappointment. It's like she decided "I'll have a woman living out in the countryside, farming and stuff" but this is not her life experience, she has no idea whatsoever about too much, and she didn't do any research or checking. To an extent that's annoying! And she's careless otherwise. Examples? She clearly has never made apple butter in her life, yet that's a key part of a scene. Major clue: it's apparently done in less time than applesauce would be. Boiling away on the stove. She has the character go to a store in the countryside... and the proprietor goes to get her items for her, like a scene out of Little House on the Prairie. Go Google when the first self-service grocery store appeared... and guess what, even in the backwoods of Vermont and West Virginia and heck anywhere, customers go around the store and get their own stuff. Has this author ever stepped foot outside a big city or its suburb? Or read another author's books set out in the countryside??? Her character goes to church, on a regular Sunday, out in the countryside... and an usher ushers her to her usual seat. These aren't paid ushers in a Broadway theater, woman! They're volunteers who pass out the service guide and pass the offering plates. There's a congregation at any church that arrives at about the same time, within a small timeframe, and they go choose and take a seat on their own. Even on Easter Sunday, until the church is so packed ushers have to figure out where a spot's available, usually where it's not visible from the entry. Even first-time visitors do! It's so clear this author has never actually gone to a church service. Unless maybe for a wedding.... It's almost arrogance to write about a basic part of life for a character and do it so wrong either because you figure it doesn't matter (or break the mood of the reader) or you think you can figure it out without checking at all, or you just don't care and you're sloppy. She uses a "sinkhole" in her major scene. She has no idea what sinkhole is, obviously, and never saw or thought about what actually happens when some trees come down. Anywhere. Including not on a farm. Why she had to use the word "sinkhole" -- where was her editor??? At least if she'd described the setup -- which was not something you'd ever find anywhere, but what the heck, some readers might not know that -- without using the word "sinkhole" it would have been less ridiculously jarring. BTW: no farmer or landowner, no matter how low-IQ, would leave a dangerous situation like she describes... for one thing, it's so clearly dumb, and it would actually be harder to do than to take care of the situation decently!!! Not only no experience here... no logic. She has horses critical to this pivotal scene. But she has no clue about horses. Clearly she's read about "cross-ties" somewhere and knows there may be stalls in them, but that's extent of her knowledge about barns and horses. That holds true from the first mention of horses, when the horse her kid's riding for a competition... bucks... while waiting to compete in barrel-riding. Oh yes -- and this poor widow somehow has another woman coming to her house all the time, without any mention of pay, who knows how to do all the stuff that this supposed farmers'-market supplier needs to do-- and is the key who knows everything about everybody so she supplies most of the information needed to deal with the mystery.
LisaKsBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
If there were more authors of Peg Cochran’s caliber, Amazon’s site would crash from people ordering books, and bookstores would be restocking their shelves every day! As you can tell by my above statement, I am a mega fan of author Peg Cochran. I literally cried when I found out her Sweet Nothings mystery series written under the pen name of Meg London had been cancelled. It honestly felt like I had lost good friends. However, in life we do lose friends, and we make new ones. And I adore the friends I am making in the Farmer’s Daughter Mysteries! NO FARM, NO FOUL, the first book in this wonderful series was so good, I not only read it in one setting, I went back and read my favorite parts! To say I had very high hopes for book two, SOWED TO DEATH would be an understatement. Well, Ms. Cochran, I just have to say . . . you did not let me down!!! From the opening page, which starts off with an entry in protagonist, Shelby McDonald’s blog (each chapter starts off with a blog post. Love it!), until the last word on page 298 (which was part of a recipe), I never put this book down. Seriously. Not even once. Each and every chapter had my attention so focused, everything around me disappeared. When you read, SOWED TO DEATH, you will find yourself engrossed in a fascinating tale presented with the same skill and precision that made Agatha Christie a household name. Now, I’m not saying this book reminded me of a Christie novel. The two are very different. With that being said, SOWED TO DEATH was written with the same dedication to exceptional story telling. A first class murder mystery that had me stumped and biting my nails until author Cochran was ready for all to be revealed, this was also a story with a fabulous cast of characters, a cozy town that has me ready to pack my bags and move there, fun and helpful tips, and recipes that made my mouth water! You have got to add SOWED TO DEATH to your reading list. And if you haven’t read book one, NO FARM, NO FOUL, treat yourself to both!
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts You just can’t go wrong with a book by Peg Cochran. I have read almost all of them and doing my best to catch up on those I have missed. In Sowed to Death farmer/blogger Shelby McDonald is getting ready for the county fair. She is entering her jams and jellies and her son is participating in the an horse riding event. Both are hoping to come home with blue ribbons. The firemen are also demonstrating the Jaws of Life, something I am very familiar with as it was that device the extracted me from my van after my accident. Their demonstration takes a foul turn when it is discovered that there is a real body in the car, not the dummy the firefighters had placed there. The body turns out to be Zeke Barnstable. Because Shelby’s neighbor, Jake, is a fireman and he and Zeke had a disagreement the police decide he is the prime suspect. Shelby knows she is going to dig up every suspect she can to prove her friend’s innocence even if that puts her in the line of fire. This was a delightful read. These characters are people I would be friends with in real life. Shelby is a single mom raising 2 children but she has help from her deceased husband’s brother and several other friends, including fireman Jake. Two men that what to be as close to Shelby as possible but understand she is still getting over her husband’s death. I also love that she is a blogger and the way the author includes her posts right along with the story allowing Shelby to communicate directly with us, her “readers”. The story really flows well and Shelby’s children, Billy and Amelia, play crucial roles in the mystery. One makes a dreadful discovery and one is danger as the story climaxes. As a mom, I would have totally freaked out and Shelby does but she turns into one hell of a fighter. I enjoy the way Ms. Cochran writes. She is very descriptive making the story easy to visualize without going to far. She lets her characters continue to evolve naturally and realistically. The mystery is filled plenty of twists and has not only drama/action but humor and a bit of romance too. Everything I love about cozy mysteries is found within these pages. A Must Read!!
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Sowed to Death by Peg Cochran is the second book in A Farmer’s Daughter Mystery series. Shelby McDonald lives in Lovett, Michigan where she manages Love Blossom Farm, the family farm. Shelby and the kids (Billy and Amelia) are heading to Lovett County Fair for the day. There is some excitement when one of the judges has a reaction to Jenny Hubbard’s award-winning lemon meringue pie. For the first time in five years, Jenny does not win. Billy and Shelby are watching the Jaws of Life demonstration. Jake Taylor gets the car open and extricates the dummy from the driver’s seat. Shelby notices that there is blood on the head of the dummy and realizes that it is a real person. The body belongs to Zeke Barnstable. Unfortunately, Jake had a contentious relationship with Zeke which puts him at the top of the suspect list. In between taking care of the kids, canning and doing farm chores, Shelby digs into Zeke’s life. One night Amelia goes to a bonfire and ends up finding a skeleton in Zeke’s yard (Amelia lied about a few particulars regarding the bonfire). Could the skeleton be Zeke’s missing wife? Shelby is happy to have suspicion removed from Jake (since she is attracted to him and he is their neighbor). Shelby wonders if Zeke’s murder had anything to do with his wife’s death. Shelby weeds through the clues to find the killer. What happens, though, when the murderer finds Shelby first? Sowed to Death is well-written, has relatable characters, a lovely setting, light humor and a good pace. I like the writer’s descriptive writing style and the way she draws the reader into the story. The book has a good flow (for a smooth reading experience). I would get involved in the book and not realize how much time had passed. The characters in Sowed to Death are nicely developed and feel real (they could easily be my neighbors). I appreciate that the author has given us a mature main character (instead of a woman in her 20s or early 30s). It will be entertaining to watch Shelby as she begins dating (she has three men interested in her). I like how Peg Cochran mixed the mystery in with Shelby’s life. In Sowed to Death there is two women are fighting over the widowed Reverend Mather, Shelby has her first date since her husband’s death, Amelia with her teenage angst and antics, Billy and his riding lessons, Bert helping Shelby with canning, the county fair and so much more. I especially delighted in Shelby’s blog posts. They contain some interesting information and are fun to read. I give Sowed to Death 5 out of 5 stars. The mystery is complex and most readers will be surprised by the killer’s identity. Shelby’s style of investigating is pleasant and very welcome. She asks subtle questions, listens to conversation, catches up on local gossip, and, sometimes, Shelby happens to be in the right place at the right time. Sowed to Death is the second book in the series, but it is easily a stand-alone novel (No Farm, No Foul is just as delightful as Sowed to Death). There are a couple of recipes at the end of the book. My only negative is I now must wait months for another A Farmer’s Daughter Mystery.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Sowed To Death is the second book in A Farmer’s Daughter Mystery series. This was another informative, interesting and exciting visit to Love Blossom Farm with Shelby McDoanld and her children Amelia and Billy. The residents of Lovett are looking forward to the county fair and Shelby has prepared some of her jams and jellies to enter in the annual contest hoping to garner a blue ribbon. After watching Billy win second place in a horse riding contest they head over to the grandstands to watch an automobile accident rescue put on by the local volunteer fire department. Shelby’s friend ad neighbor, Jake, will be demonstrating the “jaws of life” and how much it helps rescuers free trapped people. Jake soon sees that he is not rescuing a dummy, but the dead body of Zeke Barnstable. Since Jake was the one to “rescue” the lifeless body of Zeke and having a past history of being at odds with him, Jake quite naturally becomes a person of interest. As Shelby begins to look into how Zeke came to be in the car and who might have wanted him dead, she soon finds he was not well thought of in the community. Then when Amelia and some friends, while having a bonfire, discover the body in a shallow grave, the investigation takes a different direction. Shelby begins to wonder if this body is Zeke’s missing wife, who killed her and how is it tied to Zeke’s death. Another well-plotted and told story. I particularly like how Cochran weaves Shelby’s blog post into each chapter. In addition, many of these blog posts have helpful household or garden hints. I will definitely be watching for the next book in this very entertaining series to see where Shelby might turn for a little romance in her life, see what Billy and Amelia are up to, and more antics of Jenkins and Bitsy. Delicious recipes are also included with the book.