Soy Como Tú

Soy Como Tú

by Olga TañónOlga Tañón


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Olga Tañón moved from Sony Discos to Univision for Soy Como Tú, the follow-up to Una Nueva Mujer (2005), the latter an excellent album that had been a welcome return to form for the Puerto Rican merengue legend, who had been out of the limelight for several years prior. The curious label change seems to have affected the marketing more than her music, thankfully, as little changed creatively for La Mujer de Fuego: she once again collaborates with mainstays José Luis Morín A. and Manuel Tejada, co-writes about half the songs herself, and features one blockbuster hit, "Desilusióname," in multiple versions (including a dynamite Sergio George salsa production). Soy Como Tú is a notable departure from Una Nueva Mujer in one regard, however, as it offers a much greater variety of musical styles. By and large, Una Nueva Mujer was a tropical album through and through, even exhibiting moments of full-on merengue. Soy Como Tú is a departure from that. Its songs are a diverse mix of Latin styles -- tropical (the album-opening "María") as well as pop (the soaring ballad "Desilusióname"), urban (the reggaeton-lite duet "Sigue Moviéndote" featuring Mikey Perfecto), and even regional Mexican (the Marco Antonio Solís cover "Mi Rechazo") -- and their sum is a dizzying album that darts to and fro stylistically. On an album like this, not every song is as effective as the next, and surely a lot depends on your personal preferences. Any way you cut it, though, there's a healthy serving of grade-A music here, even if it's not all to your liking stylistically; for instance, lead single "Desilusióname" may be a little out of character for Tañón, but it's undoubtedly an impassioned song destined for heavy airplay, thereby ensuring plenty of commercial promise for Soy Como Tú. There's something for everyone here, and while that means Soy Como Tú isn't a start-to-finish tropical blast like Una Nueva Mujer -- indeed, it's overlong, bogged down by too much MOR midway through -- it's still a laudable effort from Tañón relative to troubled previous albums like Yo por Ti (2001) and Sobrevivir (2002) that likewise aimed to appeal across the board, albeit too generically for comfort.

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Release Date: 10/10/2006
Label: La Calle Records
UPC: 0808833002327
catalogNumber: 330023

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Olga Tañón   Primary Artist,Coros
Dioni Fernández   Piano,Musical Direction
Alex Mansilla   Electric Guitar
Teddy Mulet   Trombone
Tollak Ollestad   Harmonica
Elio Rivagli   Bateria
Reuben Rodriguez   Bajo Sexto
Manuel Tejada   Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Keyboards,Soloist,Clavietta
Camilo Valencia   Saxophone
Luis Aquino   Trumpet
Jorge Diaz   Trombone
Sergio George   Coros
Henry Garcia   Coros
Isaias Leclerc   Bajo Sexto
Jose Luis Mateo   Trumpet
Alberto Barros   Trombone
Frank Ceara   Coros
Ricardo Martinez   Bajo Sexto
Diego Galé   Percussion,Conga
Richard Bravo   Percussion,Bateria
Mariela Mercado   Coros
Junny Brito   Tamboura
José Luis "Caplís" Chacín   Coros
Jose Flete   Trombone
Jorge Guzmán   Coros
Hector L. Pagan   Bajo Sexto
José Sibaja   Trumpet
Anthony Roman   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Robert Vilera   Timbales
Remy Taveras   Bateria
Amaury Colon   Coros
Liliana Rodriguez   Coros
Eliud Velázquez   Percussion
Ceferino Caban   Piano,Keyboards
Luisa Payan   Acoustic Guitar
Dante Vargas   Trumpet
Danilo Ballo   Keyboards,Coros
Pedro Alfonso   Violin
Ivelisse Gel   Coros
Miledys Jimenez   Coros
Maurizio Campo   Keyboards
Cinzia Astolfi   Coros
Guianko Gómez   Coros
Jesus Alonzo   Trumpet
Davide Aru   Guitar
José Luis Díaz   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Juan "Chocolate" DeLaCruz   Percussion,Timbales
Rafael "Yapo" Martínez   Guira
Katia Rodríguez   Coros
José Luis Morín   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Miriam Cobian   Flute
Valerio DiPaola   Guitar
Verónica Dos Santos   Coros

Technical Credits

Dioni Fernández   Arranger,Producer
Alex Mansilla   Engineer
Olga Tañón   Composer,Liner Notes,Concept
Manuel Tejada   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
John Wydrycs   Engineer
Sergio George   Arranger,Producer
Marco Antonio Solís   Composer
Alberto Barros   Arranger
Nadine Renee   Composer
Fernando Echavarria   Producer
Gerardo "Papo" Rios   Engineer
Victor Lopez   Engineer
Alfredo Diaz   Engineer
José Velázquez   Composer
Ceferino Caban   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Danilo Ballo   Arranger,Programming,Engineer
Adriana Rebold   Graphic Design,Art Direction
Bob Benozzo   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Daniel Betancourt   Composer
Maurizio Campo   Arranger,Programming,Engineer
Steve Boxall   Photo Assistance
Félix Contreras   Arranger
Israel "PT" Najera   Engineer
José Luis Morín A.   Composer
Joel Dando Tra   Arranger,Composer,drum programming
Alfredo Matheus Diez   Engineer
José Luis Morín   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Juan Mario "Mayito" Aracil   Engineer
Valerio DiPaola   Engineer
Claudio María Domínguez   Author
Verónica Dos Santos   Composer
Eric Schilling   Engineer

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