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Space and Astronomy

Space and Astronomy

by House Publishers Chelsea, Sorcha Mcdonagh, Emily Sohn, Bobbi McCutcheon

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Sally J. K. Davies
This textbook is really a collection of essays with page-long introductions written by "the editor." Each of these essays or articles comes directly from the Science News for Kids web site. Although the layout looks very academic and the author gives plenty of technical details, the language is accessible for young readers who are interested in space and astronomy. The chapter on the age of the universe begins, "If you thought your parents were old, get this." Then the author introduces the oldest, most distant planet known in the universe. Color photographs punctuate the text, as do the little pastel colored "Question" boxes. These little boxes contain probing questions to help the reader focus on the main point in the article. At the end of every article there is often a section called "After Reading," which poses additional questions for the reader to consider. Sometimes, at the end of an essay, a section called "Going Deeper" lists related articles from Science News for Kids. Occasionally, a chapter begins with a highlighted box entitled "Before Reading." Just like a good teacher, this gives the reader a few probing questions to get them thinking about the topic. The whole book is divided into sections. Each section contains two or more articles. The section on stars includes articles about star size, the birth of a star, and how stars help to date the universe. The galaxies section includes articles on colliding galaxies, dark galaxies, and colorful galaxies. The third section, entitled "Planets and Moons," includes articles on finding new planets, exploring our solar system, old planets, dust of outer space, and melting planets. The next section is all aboutexploring mars with two articles on the Mars Rover. In the last section, "The Stuff of the Universe" discusses dark matter, black holes, the edge of our solar system, space explosions and antimatter. The book's back matter contains a glossary, a bibliography, a list of related web sites, and an index. This book is part of Chelsea House Publisher's "Science News for Kids" series, which includes the titles Computers and Technology, Health and Medicine, Earth Science, Food and Nutrition, Space and Astronomy, and The Environment.

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Chelsea House Publishers
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Science News for Kids Series
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7.20(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
9 - 11 Years

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