Space Planning with Architectural Desktop R3.3

Space Planning with Architectural Desktop R3.3

by Elise Moss


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This book focuses on the space planning capabilities of Architectural Desktop. Working with space criteria tables to determine the best floor plan and use of space, you create and use documentation layouts, spaces, space boundaries, areas, area groups, space and room tags, create 3D and 2D elevations of rooms, and schedules. The book is suitable for new users of Architectural Desktop.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781585030774
Publisher: SDC Publications
Publication date: 01/31/2002
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents




Lesson 1 Planning Criteria
Exercise 1-1:Adding Space Styles
Exercise 1-2:Adding Spaces
Exercise 1-3:Adding Space Tags
Exercise 1-4:Arrange Spaces

Lesson 2 Custom Tags
Exercise 2-1:Creating an Area Tag Block
Exercise 2-2:Creating an MV Block
Exercise 2-3:Creating Custom AEC Content
Exercise 2-4:Creating Schedule Data Format Styles
Exercise 2-5:Creating a Property Set Definition

Lesson 3 Areas
Exercise 3-1:Converting Spaces to Areas
Exercise 3-2:Copying a Property Set Definition
Exercise 3-3:Creating an Area Group Style
Exercise 3-4:Adding Names to Areas
Exercise 3-5:Creating an Area Group
Exercise 3-6:Adding to an Area Group
Exercise 3-7:Area Evaluation
Exercise 3-8:Area Group Layouts
Exercise 3-9:Creating an Irregular Space
Exercise 3-10:Modifying a Space Style
Exercise 3-11:Adding a Corridor

Lesson 4 Space Boundaries
Exercise 4-1:Add Space Boundary
Exercise 4-2:Convert to Space Boundary
Exercise 4-3:Change Space Boundary Properties
Exercise 4-4:Space Inquiry
Exercise 4-5:Modifying Space Boundaries
Exercise 4-6:Modifying Space Boundaries
Exercise 4-7:Generate Walls

Lesson 5 Walls & Wall Styles
Exercise 5-1:Wall Styles
Exercise 5-2:Modifying Walls

Lesson 6 Doors, Windows, Openings
Exercise 6-1:Door Styles
Exercise 6-2:Add Doors
Exercise 6-3:Modifying Doors
Exercise 6-4:Changing the Door Appearance
Exercise 6-5:Window Styles
Exercise 6-6:Add Window
Exercise 6-7:Add Openings

Lesson 7 Schedules and Tags
Exercise 7-1:Add Door Tags
Exercise 7-2:Add Window Tags
Exercise 7-3:Creating an Opening Tag
Exercise 7-4:Creating a New Schedule Style
Exercise 7-5:Modifying a Schedule Style
Exercise 7-6:Adding a Schedule Table
Exercise 7-7:Exporting a Schedule

Lesson 8 Floor Plan Documentation
Exercise 8-1:Creating a Floor Plan Drawing
Exercise 8-2:AEC Dimension Wizard
Exercise 8-3:AEC Dimension Styles
Exercise 8-4:AEC Dimension Wizard
Exercise 8-5:Adding AEC Dimensions
Exercise 8-6:Creating your own Template

Lesson 9 Reflected Ceiling Plans
Exercise 9-1:Creating a Layer Snapshot
Exercise 9-2:Add Ceiling Grid
Exercise 9-3:Placing a Multi-View Block
Exercise 9-4:Modifying a Multi-View Block
Exercise 9-5:Creating a Reflected Ceiling Plan Drawing

Lesson 10 Presentation Techniques
Exercise 10-1:Creating a Layer Snapshot
Exercise 10-2:Adding a Floor Slab
Exercise 10-3:Placing Furniture
Exercise 10-4:Creating 3D Elevations
Exercise 10-5:Creating 2D Elevations
Exercise 10-6:Creating Elevation Layouts

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