Spanish Short Stories: 12 Compelling Short Stories for Intermediate and Advanced Users to Grow your Vocabulary and Learn in a Fun Way

Spanish Short Stories: 12 Compelling Short Stories for Intermediate and Advanced Users to Grow your Vocabulary and Learn in a Fun Way

by Fernández Language Institute


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You Are A Click Away From Finding Interesting Spanish Short Stories That Will Improve Your Grasp Of The Spanish Language To A Point Of Moving You From A Complete Beginner In Spanish To An Intermediate Or Advanced Spanish Speaker!

Learning a new language can feel like an impossible feat, especially if you don't just want to learn the basics but want to take things a notch higher to be able to speak like the natives.

How do you go about it?

Well, stories have a way of making words, concepts and phrases stick when it comes to learning a new language.

And what better way to do that when learning Spanish than through short Spanish stories that will boost your understanding of Spanish sentence construction, grammar, culture and more! That's what this book teaches and much more.

If you are wondering...

How will Spanish stories help boost your grasp of Spanish?

Will the stories help you with pronunciation and comprehension of Spanish?

How will you understand every word, phrase and sentence in the Spanish stories?

Will the stories help you have a good grasp of Spanish nuances and word choices that make the difference between native speakers and people trying to learn Spanish as a secondary language?

If you have these and other related concerns, this book will address them all and much more so keep reading, as it covers 12 interesting and educative Spanish stories with each covering different facets of everyday life of Spanish speakers.

More precisely, the book will teach you:

  • A collection of 12 interesting and fun stories in a variety of exciting genres to make reading more fun and enticing as you learn a wide range of Spanish vocabulary
  • Every story will have an important lesson of the tools used in the Spanish language (past tense, adjectives and much more) in daily situations
  • The meaning of different Spanish vocabulary used in each of the 12 stories
  • How to start using different words, phrases and grammar rules properly as you read, write and speak Spanish
  • Realistic spoken dialogues to help improve your speaking abilities and conversational expressions
  • An English translation of each of the 12 stories to help you understand their Spanish versions better
  • The ins and outs of Spanish grammar broken into easy to follow guidelines that you can start applying right away
  • And much more!

Indeed, by coming across many Spanish words and how they are used in different situations (as shown in the 12 stories), you get to boost your usage of the new material and you make the language more fluid and fun. And lucky for you, each story emphasizes on a number phrases, expressions and short sentences to help with memorization. Ultimately, this unconventional and captivating collection of 12 short stories will allow you to expand your vocabulary and equip you with the necessary tools to improve your understanding of the Spanish language.

From everyday situations to traveling, the short stories in this book will allow you to focus on enjoying reading, as you delight in your knowledge of the Spanish language without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

Are you ready to increase your grasp of Spanish?

If you are,

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