Spanish Short Stories for Beginners: Learn Spanish in a Fast and Easy Way and Grow Your Vocabulary with 16 Captivating Short Stories

Spanish Short Stories for Beginners: Learn Spanish in a Fast and Easy Way and Grow Your Vocabulary with 16 Captivating Short Stories

by Fernández Language Institute


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You Are About To Discover 16 Fascinating Stories That Will Help You Grow Your Spanish Vocabulary Speak Fluently In Just One Week!

With over 400 million speakers in the world, Spanish is the second most spoken language worldwide. This means that at least 17 percent of the entire world is Spanish speakers. It is also the official language of 21 countries. As such, if you are fond of traveling, chances of not meeting at least a few people who speak the language are very small.

One of the major benefits of learning Spanish is that it will open you up to the rich world of Hispanic culture. It allows you to engage with Hispanic works in their original language, which is not only more enjoyable, but it also gives you a deeper insight than with other translations.

What's more, knowledge of the Spanish language can actually make you more employable. Many Latin American nations have experienced significant economic growth over the last few years. Spain, for instance, has the 14th highest GDP globally. In addition, there is a large population of Spanish speakers in countries such as the USA, so speaking the language is a huge advantage. In fact, a report by The Economist suggested that learning Spanish could earn you an additional $51,000 net in life.

So if you have always wanted to learn Spanish but never seem to get past the preliminaries without getting stuck, then you are in the right place...

Are you done with the frustration of struggling to cram Spanish verbs, only to find yourself barely being able to remember what you studied?

Have you tried several other solutions but always seem to get back to where you started after a few weeks?

Have you finally had it with that feeling of being left out when your friends or colleagues are speaking Spanish, and can't wait to find something that works for you?

Do you wish to be able to speak Spanish at your favorite Spanish restaurants?

If this is you, then this book is for you.

You see, learning how to speak Spanish fluently does not have to be a difficult task.

So how exactly do you get started?

What are the techniques you will need?

What mistakes will you encounter?

How soon will you be able to speak Spanish fluently?

This book seeks to answer these questions and more by providing 16 captivating stories to help you learn Spanish in a fast and easy way.

More precisely, in this book, you will find:

  • Spanish stories that will help you to understand how to use Spanish in different situations
  • Key words and phrases that you need to understand how to use in different situations
  • Spanish vocabulary for different situations, which will effectively help you to communicate anything you want to communicate with ease
  • English version of each of the Spanish stories
  • Short quizzes to test your grasp of the language


Even if you have enrolled in different Spanish courses and tried several Spanish books and dictionaries with little success.

In fact, it is easier than you think.

Recent studies done by a wide range of researchers show that we do not learn languages by studying hard or through memorization. Instead, we learn it by understanding what we hear and see, aka comprehensible input. Comprehensible input allows you to absorb or acquire the vocabulary and grammar of the language through reading and listening.

And this book follows just that!

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