Spanishwoman's Kitchen

Spanishwoman's Kitchen

by Pepita Aris


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ISBN-13: 9781841880167
Publisher: Orion Publishing Group, Limited
Publication date: 05/28/2000
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 8.99(w) x 10.46(h) x 0.47(d)

Table of Contents

Gazpacho: the Famous Chilled Soup12
Romeria: the Village Pilgrimage15
A Day Buying Olive Oil17
A Beach Party: Little and Great Fish20
Mountain Hams22
The Nun's Story: Spain's Sweetmakers24
Matanza, and the Pig that Didn't Die31
Game: a Passionate Hunter34
3New Castile and La Mancha39
In Search of Don Quixote42
Saffron: October Gold43
Madrid Markets: a Day Shopping48
The Marquesa's Cook Book54
Cocido: Capital Fare56
Christmas in Madrid59
5Old Castile and Rioja65
Roast Lamb, Sucking Pig and Arab Ovens71
Rioja Red Peppers72
The Pig Feast74
Awful Offal: Salamanca77
The Pilgrims' Way and Scallops83
Shellfish Festival85
Chestnuts for the Dead86
Mussels and Green Wine90
7Asturias and Cantabria93
Bean Queen97
Cider Houses99
Rain and Casino Cows101
8Basque Country105
Salt Cod: a Lenten Fast turned Feast109
Men's Clubs and the Story of a Wooden Fork113
Puddingmania and the New Cuisine115
9Aragon and Navarre119
A Day in the High Hills123
Tudela: of Asparagus and Jews127
Olite Festival: Kings and Castles129
Barcelona's Market134
Tarragona and Allioli137
Anchovy Coast: the Costa Brava140
The Spring Onion Festival144
Mushroom Picking in the High Pyrenees145
Real Paella150
Lake Albufera: Ducks, Rice and Eels153
Creepy Crawlers: Snails in Valencia156
Turron, Nuts and Other Sweets157
12Balearic Islands163
Mahon and Mayonnaise167
Of Gin and Gravy168
List of Recipes by Region172

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