Spark of Life Trilogy

Spark of Life Trilogy

by Dave MacEwan



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Spark of Life Trilogy by Dave MacEwan

This Trilogy covers the emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychotherapeutic aspects of recovering from bulimia (book 1) and severe anorexia (book 2) using the author's new therapy (book 3) as developed during six years he spent guiding his soul mate through these devastating disorders. The intent is to provide hope and a helpful new therapy to eating disorder sufferers and their supporters. The first two books explain a love story that gnaws at the core of the human soul. The third book details this new therapy from a very practical perspective as applied in the first two books. Surprisingly, during the six years the author spent devoted to his mate, he was thankful to find the ultimate essence of his life�and perhaps, the reader's too. In order, the titles of the enclosed books are as follows: A Spark of Life, The Spark Flickers, and Getting IRCT.

Dave MacEwan has been the project manager and ghost writer for a total of 15 various training manuals and correspondence courses. He felt the need to come out of the closet so to write and to provide a useful message of his own choosing. He did not go looking for this particular life experience; he was merely found by this devastating situation. Luckily, Dave was prepared for the battle.

When Dave was younger, he was a big fan of Karen Carpenter. He was deeply moved by her untimely earthly departure. Shortly after Karen's passing, her problem came into his own life via his soul mate Irene. He vowed the result would be different for Irene. His perception of the dreary darkness of eating disorders has been gleaned from the closest possible perspective. He believes that you have to really understand problems to be able to develop effective solutions. In this case, his having a strong background in counseling and psychology also helped. Throughout the Trilogy, Dave rarely fails to grasp the greater essence of life events and to add a touch of humor as appropriate.

Even though these events took place mostly in the 1980s, the same problems and need for truly helpful therapy are just as prevalent today. Dave waited 10 years to share his story, primarily to preserve Irene's anonymity. However, the need to help overcame him. He knows his new therapy, Indirect Rational Control Therapy (or IRCT), can make a very positive impact on the recovery process. Dave is a straight line man living in a highly circuitous world.

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ISBN-13: 9780967723600
Publisher: Ensbay Publishing
Publication date: 06/28/2000
Pages: 176
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