Spartacus: Film and History / Edition 1

Spartacus: Film and History / Edition 1

by Martin M. Winkler
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Spartacus: Film and History / Edition 1

Stanley Kubrick’s epic film Spartacus has enjoyed iconic status in cinema history and strongly influenced modern perspectives on ancient Rome. This book examines the film from different historical, political, and cinematic perspectives. The chief ancient sources on the slave revolt led by Spartacus are included in translation. Contributors explore the film’s representation of history, the political climate at the time of its making, the history of its production, censorship, and restoration, its place in film history, and its enduring appeal. For the first time, the book offers suggestions for a new version of the film that comes even closer to the filmmakers’ original intent than the restoration currently available.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781405131810
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/2007
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents

List of Plates     vii
Notes on Contributors     ix
Introduction   Martin M. Winkler     1
Who Killed the Legend of Spartacus? Production, Censorship, and Reconstruction of Stanley Kubrick's Epic Film   Duncan L. Cooper     14
Dalton Trumbo vs. Stanley Kubrick: The Historical Meaning of Spartacus   Duncan L. Cooper     56
Spartacus, Exodus, and Dalton Trumbo: Managing Ideologies of War   Frederick Ahl     65
Spartacus: History and Histrionics   Allen M. Ward     87
Spartacus, Rebel Against Rome   C. A. Robinson, Jr.     112
Training + Tactics = Roman Battle Success From Spartacus: The Illustrated Story of the Motion Picture Production     124
The Character of Marcus Licinius Crassus   W. Jeffrey Tatum     128
Roman Slavery and the Class Divide: Why Spartacus Lost   Michael Parenti     144
The Holy Cause of Freedom: American Ideals in Spartacus   Martin M. Winkler     154
Spartacus and the Stoic Ideal of Death   Francisco Javier Tovar Paz     189
"Culturally Significant and Not Just Simple Entertainment": History and the Marketing of Spartacus   Martin M. Winkler     198
The Principal Ancient Sources on Spartacus     233
Plutarch, Crassus 8-11 and Pompey 21.1-2     234
Appian, The Civil Wars 1.14.111 and 116-121.1     238
Sallust, The Histories 3.96 and 98 (M) = 3.64 and 66 (McG)     241
Livy, Periochae 95-97     243
Velleius Paterculus, Compendium of Roman History 2.30.5-6     243
Florus, Epitome of Roman History 2.8 (3.20)     243
Frontinus, Strategies 1.5.20-22 and 7.6, 2.4.7 and 5.34     245
Orosius, History against the Pagans 5.24.1-8 and 18-19     246
Bibliography     248
Index     260

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