Speaking of Apraxia: A Parents' Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Speaking of Apraxia: A Parents' Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech

by Leslie A Lindsay


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At last, a parents' guide to understanding, treating, and living with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Written in an empathic style by a parent who "has been there", Speaking of Apraxia offers hope and practical advice for parents of toddlers to teens with this neurologically-based motor speech disorder. Characterized by difficulties with planning and producing the complex set of movements necessary for intelligible speech, CAS can be a child's only diagnosis or can be accompanied by other special needs such as learning disabilities, Down syndrome, or autism. Parents and professionals will appreciate the author's clear explanations of everything from diagnosing CAS and working with speech-language pathologists (SLPs), to understanding how to distinguish it from other speech disorders, and getting appropriate early intervention and special education support.

Drawing on the latest research, professionals' insights, her own and other parents' experience, the author covers these important topics:

I: The Straight Scoop on Speech Basics—CAS definition; An Overview of Speech & Language; Where to Get Help and What to Ask; Your First Appointment with an SLP

II: Now What?!—Getting, Coping with and Understanding the Diagnosis; Health & Genetics; All about Speech Therapy

III: Helping Your Child—Complementary and Alternative Medical and Treatment Approaches (Diet, Music, Movement Therapy and More)

IV: Off to School—Getting Ready; Special Education Ins & Outs; Phonological Awareness; Reading Issues

V: Coping & Hoping—Dealing with Emotions and Family Life; What the Future May Hold; Networking, Support Groups, and Advocacy

Appendices: Information on insurance, summer camps and enrichment programs, speech-language milestones, and a glossary of terms

Speaking of Apraxia is a comprehensive and authoritative resource any family, SLP, occupational therapist, or pediatric practice will be glad to own or recommend.

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ISBN-13: 9781606130612
Publisher: Woodbine House
Publication date: 03/28/2012
Pages: 450
Sales rank: 377,158
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About the Author

Leslie Lindsay was formerly a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric nurse at the Mayo Clinic. She attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and earned a B.S.N. from the Sinclair School of Nursing with a minor in psychology. She and her family, including a daughter with CAS, live in suburban Chicago. She writes about a range of parenting issues on her blog, Leslie 4 Kids.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgements xi

How This Book Is Organized xiii

Section 1 Tell Me More-The Straight Scoop on Speech Basics

Chapter 1 Does My Child Have Childhood Apraxia of Speech? 3

Chapter 2 An Introduction to Speech, Language, and Listening 19

Chapter 3 When You Suspect Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Where to Go and What to Ask 33

Chapter 4 At the Speech Clinic: Your First Appointment with a Speech-Language Pathologist 53

Section 2 Now What?!

Chapter 5 Getting the Apraxia Diagnosis: Initial Reactions 71

Chapter 6 So What Caused All of This?! Theories and Medical Diagnoses Related to CAS 89

Chapter 7 All About Speech Therapy: An Introduction to Theories & Methods Best Suited for Kids with Apraxia 105

Section 3 Helping Your Child

Chapter 8 Fish Oil, Diet, Horses, Music, and More: Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) Approaches to Childhood Apraxia of Speech 137

Chapter 9 What You Can Do at Home: Tapping into Your Inner Speech-Language Pathologist 159

Chapter 10 An Eye for Design: Creating a Language-Rich Environment at Home & Encouraging Sound Sleep 199

Section 4 Off to School

Chapter 11 Off to School: Preparing Your Child (and Yourself!) 221

Chapter 12 Phonological Awareness: Learning to Read and Reading to Learn 267

Section 5 Coping & Hoping

Chapter 13 CAS Affects Us All: Coping as a Family 297

Chapter 14 I Am More Than CAS: Tending to Your Child's Feelings 319

Chapter 15 Resolving Apraxia: Where Do We Go from Here? 345

Chapter 16 Shaking Your Groove Thing: Networking, Advocating, and Resources 367

References 381

Appendix A A Guide to the Most-Asked-About Conditions in Relation to CAS 391

Appendix B Health Insurance 405

Appendix C Summer Speech Camps and Enrichment Programs 411

Appendix D Speech & Language Milestones 417

Appendix E Research on Reading Difficulties and Speach & Language Disorders 423

Appendix F Glossary 427

Advisory Board 433

Index 437

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