Speaking of Love: A Perfect Kisses Novel

Speaking of Love: A Perfect Kisses Novel

by Ophelia London
4.4 8

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Speaking of Love: A Perfect Kisses Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Jennifer-K-Jovus More than 1 year ago
The interaction with Mac and Rick was – frustrating, loving, hot, and timid – all those words that feel like falling in love.   Most romance books are over the top with the perfect guy doing the perfect thing - something I have never experienced or witnessed. (You know the ones that exist only in romance novels.) Ophelia London keeps her characters flawed, realistic, relatable and lovable they are people you could easily be friends with, cheer for and adore. It’s what makes Speaking of Love believable and real. It’s what has set the Perfect Kisses series apart from all others.  In Speaking of Love, Mac is trying to make her town a better place. The little side stories in novels while not a huge part of the story, are the ones that keep me engrossed. Mac and Rick are good people trying to do the right thing by the town and each other. It’s admirable.  I liked that we also got to see characters from the first book in the Perfect Kisses series, Playing at Love. It was fun to revisit them and see how their relationship was progressing.    What I didn’t like: Mac’s initial relationship with Rick bugged me. I really dislike the girl games you find in so many YA and Romance novels. You know where the girl wants something and expects everyone to read her mind?  Initially I thought Mac was heading that way, but her saving grace is that she actually wasn't playing games. She was sincerely trying to save her heart from potential pain by falling for a guy she just couldn't be with. It was easy for me to forgive her and soon I found myself cheering for her.   Ratings: PG. There is no sex but there are some steamy kissing scenes that weren't graphic. The kissing and emotion had me completely engulfed – what played out in my mind was more than what was written. So the book is rated PG, but I’m telling you – you’re going to love it!   In all honesty if you love romance but don’t like the romance that borders on erotica read Ophelia London’s Perfect Kisses series. They. Are. Awesome.   I give Speaking of Love 4 ½ skulls, only because Mac’s behavior at the beginning of the book irritated me enough I had to put the book in time out, otherwise it would be a 5 skull rating. Once Mac figured out how she felt about Rick I couldn't stop reading. I ended up staying up until 1 AM to finish it. Then first thing this morning I re-read the last chapter because it was just a feel good happy ending that left me smiling. Something I think the world could use more of, books like Speaking of Love, that make you feel good.
jenababy13 More than 1 year ago
Speaking of Love is one of those stories that.you immediately love and show you that sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of you. Plus how can you not love a completely endearing romance with a happily ever after? I love how there's much more than just sex for Rick and Mac. They each are fighting for something other than each other. Both of them have issues that they are working through. But, overall they both just need each other. Once we got to "weekend getaway", I  just loved how the romance hit Rick and Mackenzie like a freight train. They're so comfortable with each other and they have perfect banner with one another. Plus, with the characters I love how Ophelia  created "competition" but it was the type of competition that you could see from the beginning stood no chance, and I loved that, that there was no confusion in the love. Plus, Rick is pretty sexy. Overall, Entangled put out another Bliss beauty. Speaking Of Love is one of those stories where you will be rooting for the characters until the end. It's a story where there isn't much darkness, where it doesn't revolve around sex, but is your chick-flick love story where there are two people who are just meant to be together. Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story with lots of love and humor. Love Ophelia London.
AMANDA_BRAT69 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book! I smiled so much while reading it. I read it straight through I couldn't put it down! 
samieOH More than 1 year ago
This is a very good book. Once you start reading it you can't put it down. Another book I highly recommend.
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
Ophelia London does it again with this fun and light friends to lovers romance. Mackenzie and Rick are great friends. Mackenzie is a school teacher bitter and done with relationships. Rick is a wealthy newspaper owner who is laid back and ready for just about anything. So when Mackenzie arranges a double friendly date getaway to introduce Rick to her gorgeous cousin, things should go smoothly. Or should they? When Mackenzie and Rick see one another with someone else, jealously flies to the forefront and they two of them are faced with the reality that they may actually have feelings for each other. I love the characters in this book. Mackenzie and Rick have amazing chemistry, making me laugh around every corner. Their relationship is wonderful. First as friends, they struggle with feelings they didn’t know they had for one another, and they develop into something much deeper. The secondary characters are great too. Their roles in the story are the most important, as they are the reason that we are treated to such an exciting game between Mackenzie and Rick. This book is the second in a series, but as a stand-alone, it’s a great read. If you’re looking for a romance that will make you smile and give you a heartfelt HEA, pick up the latest from Ophelia London. It definitely will not disappoint! Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books
Doodlebug4444 More than 1 year ago
As Reviewed for The Reading Cafe 4 out of 5 for this reader folks! Simple formula for this read! Almost lovers, friends, lovers! You know, the kind of relationship that is made to last! Speaking of Love was another wonderful SWEET love story by Ophelia London. It is the second book of her Perfect Kisses series and it certainly did not let me down! I have discovered that Ophelia London has a great style. This is the third book of hers I have read, and she is brilliant at sarcastic, quick wit, amazing chemistry between her hero and heroine, including modern day references and just making me believe that love could really be this BEAUTIFUL! Now .. let's get to some of the nitty gritty shall we?? We first met Mackenzie Simms (but you better call her Mac and most definantely not BABE, or she'll go postal all over you) in the first book of this series called Playing at Love. Mac is my kind of girl! By profession she is a speech/debate teacher at the local high school and by nature she is outspoken, for sure set in her ways, stubborn, very quick witted, matchmaker to her friends and REALLY REALLY easy to like. She fights for what she believes in and will go a million miles to help those she loves. We also met Rick Duffy in Playing for Love. Rick is a reporter who actually owns the local paper. He is also a bit of an oxymoron (although it takes Mac forever to figure this out .. silly girl). Rick comes from a rich pompous family but he truely doesn't embrace the posh lifestyle that he was born into. While Rick loves a fancy car and suit, carries himself with much class and is well mannered, he can wear a fine pair of jeans and plaid shirt, drive an old four wheeler, and get dog slobbered with the best of them. These two .. COMPLETE OPPOSITES! (Pssstt .. good thing we know that opposites tend to attract right?? LOL) Mac and Rick tried the whole "let's get hot and heavy" when they first met and I think it may have gone well, until Mac found out that Rick came from money and is the son of the man who was responsible for essentially ruining Mac's parents marriage. Unfortunantley our speech professional cannot seem to find the words to tell Rick this small tidbit of information, so they each embrace the "friendship" aspect of their relationship instead and carry on. I, at times got really frustrated with these two. I am such "spit it out and say what you mean" kind of personality that I found I rolled my eyes at some of their ignorance towards each other and jumping to negative assumptions right away. Now of course let's be honest here .. without any of that this book would not flowed nor had any build up. WINK! Somehow through the maze of setting up her beauty queen cousin with Rick, fighting off an ape-man, constant heat filled banter, mutual attraction, truck catastrophe, snowstorm with serious sexy moments, squirrel fighting and a kick ass demonstration in a small town these two do finally figure it out!  A great read and I do strongly recommend you read the first book in this series as the characters are introduced and you get a good feel for their personalities and the intrigue of "where is this going"???? That being said, you can read this as a stand alone very comfortably. I want to finish this review with a flirty moments between Mac and Rick.  "And anyways, there is still no better song for house cleaning than "I Want Your Sex." "Really?" Rick turned to her again, one eyebrow lifted. "next time you come over to my house, I'll play it for you." The way he was smiling made Mac's heart hiccup. "My floors could use a good deep clean."  I have to try that .. LOL
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
3.25 stars Mackenzie and Rick have an non-dating arrangement to be each other's 'date' at public functions. Although their chemistry is very palpable Mac is determined to stay away from Rick because of what she thinks he represents. She has convinced herself that Rick must be like his family and their acquaintances even though she has seen for herself that he is a down-to-earth, good man. Rick has been attracted to Mac since the moment they met and although he knows that they'll be good together he can't help but question if Mac feels the same since she always keeps him at arm's length. He likes spending time with her and now that the last of their non-dates approaches he can't help but think that he should try for me. However, Mac sets him up with her cousin and Rick get the message that Mac wants nothing to do with him. Rick and Mac's story was funny, sweet and very romantic. I loved the characters and it was a treat to get to know them throughout the story. Rick was handsome, charming and funny while Mac was both strong and vulnerable with insecurities and hesitations about how she felt about Rick. The author, Ophelia London, did a great job of developing the characters and their emotions letting the reader get a real glimpse into their personalities. Their story flowed throughout the book in a way that really let me connect to them and care about the outcome of their relationship. I liked how they related as friends, but loved how adorable and loving they were as a couple. However, what I enjoyed the most were their interactions. Full of funny, flirtatious banter their dialogue was both insightful and entertaining. Speaking of Love is an adorable friends-to-lovers story that will warm your heart. Although it is the second book in the Perfect Kisses series it can be read as a stand alone. However, as soon as you get a tiny glimpse into Tess and Jack's story you will want to read the previous book as well. I already have it on my TBR pile, since I enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading more from this author. I received this title from Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.