Special Effects

Special Effects

by Joanne Jacquard


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Roxanne is the golden-hearted whore who claims the virginity of both Bryn Crawford and Richard Carradine, albeit following an interval of twenty years.
She is the result of an abused childhood that left her barren after the birth of her twins. From New Orleans, she is sent to UK where she sets herself up on the streets, winkling out rich men and entrepreneurs that progress her career into lap-dancing and high-class prostitution. Hard as nails, she can work innumerable men every night and command very high prices.
Elise Harper and Roxanne never meet. Their connection is a shared love of two men and the independent effects the two women have on them.
Richard Carradine is one such relationship. After their first spectacular encounter he returns to Roxanne, time after time, until work and his new wife enforce their separation.
Bryn Crawford then walks into the life of Roxanne at this vulnerable moment. He offers at least a compatible experience to Carradine. Breaking her rules and succumbing to a kiss Roxanne falls in love but she loses touch with Bryn who is more circumspect than Carradine.
After her official retirement, Roxanne returns to New Orleans where she is trapped by Hurricane Katrina. She spends a couple of years helping with the aftermath and rehabilitation of the city from the clubs of Bourbon Street only returning to UK for short holidays. On the first of these she takes a trip down memory lane to Cambridge where she had spent so much time with Richard.
The elderly man that crashes against her on King's College Bridge is William Harper. She arranges for him to be taken back to his home. Bizarrely, in his confusion and distress he mistakes her for his wife and makes sexual overtures. Roxanne is a whore and naturally allows him the use of her body albeit much to her amusement. She goes back to New Orleans believing she has left him healthy.
Roxanne returns to UK around what she knows is both Carradine's 25th Wedding anniversary and 25 years since she first met Bryn.
Can Roxanne lay all the ghosts of her past and claim everlasting happiness?
It does not work out that way.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781493504954
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/16/2013
Series: Further Beyond the Camera , #3
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Joanne Jacquard retired from real work in 2010 and settled down to finishing and publishing all those novels she had begun over the previous 40 years!

The 'Further Beyond the Camera Saga' is a series of six novels that shed light and detail on most of the characters involved with Elise Harper and her adventures.

Book 1 - 'Developments' is Elise Harper's story as she remembers it, from her meeting with Richard Carradine to her abduction by Demis Papahadjopoulos and rescue by Bryn Crawford.

Book 2 - 'Aberrations' details Elise Harper's husband, William, through his traumatic and abused childhood, his loneliness and the salvation he found when he met Elise.

Book 3 - 'Special Effects' introduces the character, Roxanne, and how vital she is to the background of both Bryn Crawford and Richard Carradine.

Book 4 - 'Negatives' discloses Demis Papahadjopoulos's background and discovers what it was that turned him into such an evil and sadistic character.

Book 5 - 'Exposures' gives an insight into Richard Carradine's larger than life character in the full.

Book 6 - 'Enlargements' is the story told by Bryn Crawford in his quiet and unassuming manner. He outlives all the others and can describe life after the deaths of Richard, Elise, Roxanne and William.

Beyond the camera, things are not quite the same as they appear to the naked eye. Further beyond the camera lie only six degrees of separation.

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