Special Strength for Special Parents: 31 Days of Spiritual Therapy for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Special Strength for Special Parents: 31 Days of Spiritual Therapy for Parents of Children with Special Needs

by Nina Fuller


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Special Strength for Special Parents is an injection of 31 doses of spiritual therapy for parents who must live in two worlds: the one with the rest of the world that doesn't understand. The second world is their universe: the all-consuming world of caring for a child who has special needs unique to the majority of those in the first world. These parents often feel isolated and depleted, fatigued by the constant demand of having to be strong for others. The physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of these parents are extremely complicated and Special Strength for Special Parents provides spiritual therapy to those who need healing of their own.

You will find in the pages Special Strength for Special Parents healing balm administered through private practice and reinforced through honest acknowledgement of your personal needs each day. We have a Great Physician who will be with you during each session. Take full advantage of these home visits with Him.

About the Author:
Nina Fuller is the founder of Living Proof Testimonies and S.M.I.L.E. on Down Syndrome. Nina is a gifted Bible teacher, spiritual counselor, and mentor to teens and adults

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ISBN-13: 9781592680757
Publisher: GMA Publishing & Inspiration Press
Publication date: 01/28/2007
Pages: 183
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

Author and inspirational speaker, Nina Fuller, has five children, two of whom have Down syndrome. Her life experiences and training bring a wealth of insight into the pages of her new book, Special Strength for Special Parents.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Olivia King$dLCSW, ACSW     13
Pre-Therapy Information$dFuller Family Testimony     15
Give Me Strength     17
Testimony: A Bittersweet Journey   Hillary Key     20
Paying It Forward     22
Testimony: A Dad's Journey   Brad Irwin     26
Comforting Words     28
Testimony: My Son, My Hero   Audrey Mayer     31
Staggering     34
Testimony: Loving Lauren   Becky Mischler     38
Who's To Blame?     40
Testimony: Bella's Story   Deidre Pujols     43
God Is Pro-Choice     45
Testimony: Doing The Right Thing   Mindy George     48
Wild Horses and Wild Thoughts     50
Testimony: A Dragon Not Slain$dAnonymous     54
The Secret's Out     56
Testimony: Forever Changed   Marcia Jones     59
God Said What?     62
Testimony: A Sunbeam Named Isaac   Barbara Watson     65
Who's Mephibosheth?     68
Testimony: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"   Kathy Nall     71
Hush Not the Little Children     73
Testimony: I Love You More ThanSunshine   Robin Swhier     76
Have a Heart     78
Testimony: Brian's Purpose$dAnonymous     81
God's Sense of Humor     83
Testimony: God Called Me   Linda Brown     86
Trying to be Thankful     89
Testimony: I Wonder   Adam Guth     92
Powerful Weakness     93
Testimony: Bundles of Blessings   Irene Costilow     96
A Calm Storm     99
Testimony: Courage Through the Cracks   Sharon P.     102
You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours     105
Testimony: Bryson's Reward   Lisa Tuttle     108
The Teacher     110
Testimony: Long Awaited Blessing   Sondra Green     113
The Singer     115
Testimony: The Father's Plan   Scott Watson     118
Who You Gonna Call?     120
Testimony: Jesus for a Day   Polly Irwin     122
Hang In There     124
Testimony: Go With the Current   Beverly Padgett     127
You're In Good Hands     129
Testimony: Fear No More   Susan Simmons     132
Hyperactive Christian      134
Testimony: Ishaan's Story   Sarmistha Bhowmick     137
Gideon's Fleeces: Prove It God     139
Testimony: The Silver Lining   Jill Rogers     142
Gideon's Forces: 32,000 Weak     144
Testimony: Siblings Share   Abigail Watson   Nathan Watson     147
Mission of Servanthood     149
Testimony: My Beautiful Daughter   Charlotte Postin     152
Labor in Vain     153
Testimony: Letting Go of Kaylin   Becky Mischler     156
We're In This Together     157
Testimony: Our Treasure - A Story for Jeff   Hillary Key     160
Good for the Soul     162
Testimony: No Coincidence   Cindy Huston     165
Shallow Sal     167
Testimony: Overnight Miracle   Donna Dujmovich     170
Conjoined Hearts     172
Testimony: What Makes Special Special   DawnDe Irwin     175
Epilogue     177
Feelings Word Chart     179
Resources     181
About the Author     183

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