Spectral Sensing Research for Surface and Air Monitoring in Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense and Security Applications

Spectral Sensing Research for Surface and Air Monitoring in Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense and Security Applications

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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Spectral Sensing Research for Surface and Air Monitoring in Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense and Security Applications

This book provides unique perspectives on the state of the art in multispectral/hyperspectral techniques for early-warning monitoring against chemical, biological and radiological (CB&R) contamination of both surface (e.g. land) and air (e.g. atmospheric) environments through the presentation of a comprehensive survey of the novel spectroscopic methodologies and technologies that are emerging to address the CB&R defense and security challenges of the future. The technical content in this book lends itself to the non-traditional requirements for point and stand-off detection that have evolved out of the US joint services programs over many years. In particular, the scientific and technological work presented seeks to enable hyperspectral-based sensing and monitoring that is in real time and in-line; low in cost and labor requirements; and easy to support, maintain and use in military and security-relevant scenarios.

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ISBN-13: 9789812835918
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/2009
Series: Selected Topics In Electronics And Systems Series
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword v

Surface Sensing & Monitoring Sessions

Infrared Spectral Signatures: Creation of Reference Data for Vapors and Liquids S. Sharpe T. Johnson R. Sams J. Hylden J. Kleimeyer B. Rowland 3

Passive Standoff Detection of Surface Contaminants: A Novel Approach by Differential Polarization FTIR Spectrometry J.-M. Theriault H. Lavoie E. Puckrin F. Bouffard 23

Background Contributions in Direct and Differential Fourier Transform LWIR Measurements: A Comparative Analysis F. Bouffard J.-M. Theriault 35

Signal Processing of Multicomponent Raman Spectra of Particulate Matter J. Fochesatto J. Sloan 49

Signature and Signal Generation Aspects of Explosive Detection Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy R. Osiander M. J. Fitch M. Leahy-Hoppa Y. Dikmelik J. B. Spicer 67

Novel Application of Passive Standoff Radiometry for the Measurement of Explosives E. Puckrin J.-M. Theriault H. Lavoie D. Dube P. Brousseau 79

Detection and Classification of Organic and Organophosphorus Analytes on Soil from Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy T. A. Blake P. L. Gassman N. B. Gallagher 91

Support Vector Classification of Land Cover and Benthic Habitat from Hyperspectral Images V. Manian M. Velez-Reyes 109

Some Effects of Image Segmentation on Subspace-Based and Covariance-Based Detection of Anomalous Sub-Pixel Materials C. Gittins D. Konno M. Hoke A. Ratkowski 121

Advanced Responsive Tactically-Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer (ARTEMIS) Design T. W. Cooley R. B. Lockwood T. M. Davis R. M. Nadile J. A. Gardner P. S. Armstrong Capt. A. M. Payton Capt. S. D. Straight Lt. W. C. Henry T. G. Chrien E. L. Gussin D. Makowski 141

Eyesafe Active Imaging of Hard Targets: AnOverview of Techniques Under Investigation by NVESD B. W. Schilling S. R. Chinn B. Thomas T. J. Scholz 147

A High-Resolution 2D Imaging Laser Radar for Occluded Hard Target Viewing and Identification R. J. Grasso J. C. Wikman D. P. Drouin G. F. Dippel P. I. Egbert 165

Three Dimensional Flash Ladar Focal Planes and Time Dependent Imaging R. Stettner H. Bailey S. Silverman 173

Detection of Invisible Bacilli Spores on Surfaces Using a Portable SERS-Based Analyzer S. Farquharson F. E. Inscore 179

Detection and Differentiation of Spore and Vegetative Forms of Bacillus spp. Using Infrared Spectroscopic Methods D. St. Amant M. Campbell A. Beck L. Williams J. Minter P. Collett C. Zhu A. Samuels 189

Spectral Processing of Laser-Induced Fluorescence from Threatening Biological Aerosols P. Lahaie J. R. Simard J. Mcfee S. Buteau J. Ho P. Mathieu G. Roy V. Larochelle 201

Standoff Determination of Bioaerosol Size Based on Double Scattering Measurement With MFOV Lidar; Concept and Numerical Simulation G. Roy L. R. Bissonnette 217

Detection and Identification of Toxic Chemical Vapors in an Open-Air Environment by a Differential Passive LWIR Standoff Technique H. Lavoie E. Puckrin J.-M. Theriault 229

A Pyramid-Based Block of Skewers for Pixel Purity Index for Endmember Extraction in Hyperspectral Imagery C.-I. Chang M. Hsueh W. Liu C.-C. Wu F. Chaudhry G. Solyar A. Plaza 241

A Compact Eye-Safe OPO Pumped by a Nd:YAG Microchip MOPA J. Ding B. W. Odom A. R. Geiger R. D. Richmond 255

Air Sensing & Monitoring Sessions

Wide Area Spectrometric Bioaerosol Monitoring in Canada: From SINBAHD to Biosense J.-R. Simard S. Buteau P. Lahaie P. Mathieu G. Roy V. Larochelle B. Dery J. McFee J. Ho 267

Computed Tomographic Imaging Spectrometer (CTIS) and a Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager and Polarimeter J. Hartke N. Hagan B. A. Kinder E. L. Dereniak 279

Hyperspectral Imaging Using Chromotomography: A Fieldable Visible Instrument for Transient Events R. L. Bostick G. P. Perram 293

Advanced Hyperspectral Algorithms for Tactical Target Detection and Discrimination A. Schaum 305

AIRIS - The Canadian Hyperspectral Imager; Current Status and Future Developments P. Fournier T. Smithson D. St-Germain 319

The Hypertemporal-Hyperspectral Analysis Test Station - HYHATS T. Old R. Hendrick D. Higham N. Palmer C. Manning 331

Wavelength Selective Bolometer Design S. Han J.-Y. Jung D. P. Neikirk 343

Multisensory Detection System for Damage Control and Situational Awareness C. P. Minor D. A. Steinhurst K. J. Johnson S. L. Rose-Pehrsson J. C. Owrutsky S. C. Wales D. T. Gottuk 349

Inexpensive Chemical Defense Network for a Fixed Site J. A. Seeley M. Angel R. L. Aggarwal T. H. Jeys A. Sanchez-Rubio W. Dinatale J. M. Richardson 367

Precision Measurement of Atmospheric Trace Constituents Using a Compact Fabry-Perot Radiometer W. S. Heaps E. L. Wilson E. M. Georgieva 375

Background Characterization with a Scanned Fourier Transform Spectrometer A. K. Lazarevich D. A. Oursler D. D. Duncan 387

Spectral Signatures of Acetone Vapor from Ultraviolet to Millimeter Wavelengths R. E. Peale A. V. Muravjov C. J. Fredricksen G. D. Boreman H. Saxena G. Braunstein V. L. Vaks A. V. Maslovsky S. D. Nikifirov 401

The Standoff Aerosol Active Signature Testbed (SAAST) at MIT Lincoln Laboratory J. M. Richardson J. C. Aldridge 413

Discrimination Between Natural Dense Dust Clouds with IR Spectral Measurements E. Agassi A. Ronen N. Shiloah E. Hirsch 421

Signal Processing Algorithms for Staring Single Pixel Hyperspectral Sensors D. Manolakis M. Rossacci E. O'Donnell F. M. D'Amico 435

Performance Estimation Tools for: Decoupling by Filtering of Temperature and Emissivity (DEFILTE), An Algorithm for Thermal Hyperspectral Image Processing P. Lahaie 449

Estimating the Limit of Bio-Aerosol Detection with Passive Infrared Spectroscopy A. Ifarraguerri A. Ben-David R. G. Vanderbeek 475

Eye Safe Polarization Diversity LIDAR for Aerosol Studies: Concept Design and Preliminary Applications J. Fochesatto R. L. Collins K. Sassen H. Quantz K. Ganapuram 487

Aerosol Type-Identification using UV-NIR-IR LIDAR System S. Egert D. Peri 501

Rare-Earth Doped Potassium Lead Bromide Mid-IR Laser Sources for Standoff Detection K. C. Mandal S. H. Kang M. Choi R. D. Rauh 509

3D Deconvolution of Vibration Corrupted Hyperspectral Images A. H. Webster M. R. Davenport J.-P. Ardouin 521

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