Spectrum Spelling: Grade 2

Spectrum Spelling: Grade 2




Spectrum Spelling Grade 2 helps young learners improve and strengthen their spelling skills, such as: Short vowels, Long vowels, Word endings, Sight words, Contractions, Compound words.\

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781561899227
Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/28/2002
Series: Spectrum Spelling Series
Edition description: Workbook
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.46(d)
Age Range: 7 - 8 Years

Table of Contents

Words with the Short a Sound     6
Words with the Short i Sound     10
Words with the Short o and /o/ Sounds     14
Words with the Final /k/ Sound     18
Words with nd and st     22
Review     26
Words with the Short u Sound     28
Words with the Short e Sound     32
Words with dr, gr, and tr     36
Words with bl, gl, and pl     40
Words with mp, ng, and sk     44
Review     48
Words with the Long a Sound     50
Words with the Long i Sound     54
Words with the Long o Sound     58
Words with the /u/ Sound     62
Words with the Long e Sound     66
Review     70
Words with br and fr     72
Words with sl and sp     76
Words with sh and wh     80
Words with ch and th     84
Review     88
Words with the /ar/ Sound     90
Words with the /or/ and /ur/ Sounds     94
Words with c and s     98
Review     102
Words with the Endings -s and -es     104
Words with the Endings -ed and -ing     108
EasilyMisspelled Words     112
Review     116
Words That Sound the Same     118
Family Words     122
Number Words     126
Review     130
Words with the /u/ Sound     132
Words with the /ou/ Sound     136
Contractions     140
Compound Words     144
Review     148
Dictionary     150
Answer Key     161\

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