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Pearson Education ESL
Spectrum VI: A Communicative Course in English / Edition 1

Spectrum VI: A Communicative Course in English / Edition 1

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ISBN-13: 9780138302337
Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Publication date: 05/03/1994
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 8.26(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.39(d)

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter includes five lessons and the following sections: Themes, Functions, Language, Forms, and Skills.)


1. Conjunctions. Hope vs. Wish in Past Time.
2. Verbs Followed by Direct Objects + Noun, Adjective, or Verb Complements. Questions Words with -Ever.
3. Some Verbs and Expressions That Require the Subjunctive. Two-Word Verbs.
4. Using Time Markers to Put Events in Order. General Statements with Before, After, and When. Specific Statements with Before, After, When, and While.
5. Dimensions and Weight. Order of Adjectives.
6. Connectors (Conjunctions and Prepositions). Three-Word Verbs.
7. Relative Clauses with Pronouns as Subjects: Reduced Restrictive Clauses. Placement of Adverbs.
8. Subjunctive Clauses vs. Infinitive Clauses. Double Comparatives.
9. The Future Perfect and the Future Perfect Continuous. Mixed Contrary-to-Fact Conditional Sentences: Present and Past.
10. Infinitives with Subjects vs. Gerunds with Subjects. Either…Or, Neither…Nor, and Not Only…But (Also).
11. Short Answers with Modal Auxiliaries. Nonrestrictive vs. Restrictive Relative Clauses.
12. Special Word Order for Emphasis. Connectors In Spite Of and Despite; Yet; Nevertheless and Nonetheless; Whereas and While; and However and On the Other Hand.

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