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Ever since Evie's photojournalist dad died, paralyzing fear prevents her from picking up a camera. If Evie can’t pull it together, she’ll lose her position as Yearbook Photo Editor and suffer academic failure. Even worse, Evie risks losing Jordan, her secret crush. Despite a falling out, Evie never forgot Jordan. Now they are lab partners and the chemistry definitely sparks between them. But Evie's supposed friend, Parvani, wants Jordan for herself. Parvani possesses a brimstone-hissing spell book. Soon the moon will be in the optimum phase for a binding love spell. To save Jordan, Evie must join forces with Salem, the school Goth. The clock is ticking. Can Evie get her mojo back in time to check this spell?

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ISBN-13: 9781531819729
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 08/16/2016
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.50(h) x 5.00(d)

About the Author

Ariella Moon draws upon her experiences as a shaman to create magical Young Adult fiction. Her Two Realms Trilogy is a medieval fantasy adventure series. The Teen Wytche Saga is a series of sweet contemporary paranormal romances.
Ariella spent her childhood searching for a magical wardrobe that would transport her to Narnia. Extreme math anxiety and taller students that mistook her for a leaning post marred her youth. Despite these horrors, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of California at Davis. She lives a nearly normal life doting on her extraordinary daughter, two shamelessly spoiled dogs, and a media-shy dragon.

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Spell Check 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
CleanTeenFiction More than 1 year ago
This book was really fun! The spell stuff was a little weird for me since they were in a regular high school. It wasn't like it was a fantasy world. But even with my dislike of the love potion idea I still really liked this book. It had a lot more depth to it than I expected. Evie was a freshman and Parvani was her best friend who had a crush on Jordan, Evie's childhood friend. I liked that Evie and Jordan had a history. They played together as little kids and had a ton of memories of going to theme parks and playing at each other's houses, too cute. Then they had a fall out in junior high, definitely relatable. Most of us probably had elementary school friends we weren't friends with by high school. Parvani was a little naive and a freshman so she thought she should give Jordan a love potion. Evie didn't always make the best choices, but hey she was young and allowed to make silly mistakes especially while grieving the death of her father. My favorite scenes were during the capture the flag games, so fun. It brought back a bunch of memories for me. One thing that drove me crazy throughout the book was that Jordan said "like" too much. It was easily ignored though. I highly recommend this enjoyable book! If you're in the mood for a fun, young high school book with a little spell action go check it out. Content Ratings: Sexual Content: mild Language: 1 mild word Violence: very mild
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS Spell Check is a YA, paranormal story with high school as a background setting. It is full of drama, romance and friendships. The characters seem like real teens. I like Evie. they are dealing with real issues and some that are not real. It is also a clean fast read. Evie O'Reilly is the central character. Her father died over in Afghanistan. He was a photographer. Evie is too but since her dad died she has not picked up a camera. She has panic attacks. Evie's best friend is Parvani. She likes Jordan they have been close since they were 5 years old. Parvani Hyde-Smith has a major crush on Jordan she wants Evie to buy a spellbook. She want to cast a love spell on Jordan. Jordan's family and Evie's have been friends. Jordan is a athlete & skate boarder. He and Evie have not been close the last couple of years. He tries to reach out to her. Salem is a goth. She helps Evie and warns her to never too a love spell with a person in mind. Evie has problems at school with bullies, two classes not including yearbook. She also has friends who help her and does really well in her other classes. This has a range of emotional scenes. It has some cute ones too. I am so glad I am not in high school. I can't wait to start the next book in the series. I was given this ebook to read by the author and in return I agreed to give honest review of Spell Check.
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
Ariella Moon Spell Check Teen Wytche Saga #1 This book reminded me of the books I used to read as a teenager, and showed me how much I missed witchcraft stories. I loved how the magic and spells wasn’t too overwhelming, it was much more subtle, leaving me to grow attached to the characters and get to know their past and how they came to be who they are today. With the writing style and descriptive nature, this book held me captive, and I loved every part of it from start to finish. I received an e-copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
eclecticrdr More than 1 year ago
Spellcheck is a delightful teen romance about best friends, magic, and bad decisions. Evie, reeling from her father’s unexpected death, faces further heartbreak when her best friend Parvani decides to cast a love spell on the guy Evie likes. Evie and Parvani learn that the misuse of magic has serious consequences. They must make difficult choices to deal with these consequences, but their decisions help them learn how to be better people. Imbued with beautiful, descriptive prose, the story offers laughter as well as sadness as Evie charts a course through tragic personal loss and magic gone awry. I highly recommend this wonderful story for readers of all ages.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read this book and it is reallu good. I think that 10 and up ages should readthis book! Itis very good!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wouldn't it be great if it were possible to put a love spell on someone to make them fall for you? What if your best friend wants to put a love spell on the guy you have fallen for because she has a crush on him? Evie O'Reilly has a big problem - her best friend Parvani Hyde-Smith wants Evie to help her cast a spell on Jordan Kent because Parvani has a huge crush on him. She's totally unaware that Evie is beginning to have feelings for Jordan. Evie actually doesn't realize it either, until things start to go wrong and it might be too late for her to make those feelings known. Evie is a freshman at Jefferson High. Her father, Dash O'Reilly, was a famous photographer killed in action almost two years ago. Her mother makes greeting cards to pay the bills. Evie takes after her father, photographing events for the school yearbook where she's the photo editor. She's been friends with Jordan Kent since preschool. They even went to Disneyland together when they were little. Jordan is athletic, plays football, and is very smart. He's in Honors Geometry with Parvani and Zhù Wong. Something changed as Evie and Jordan grew up, ending their closeness so that they stopped hanging out together. Then, when the Smash Heads (aka Jordan's teammates Evan and Tommy) start bothering Evie, Jordan comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, misunderstandings and a jealous friend jeopardizes their growing relationship and Jordan comes down with a mysterious illness. The supporting characters of Parvani, Zhù, Sarah (aka Salem), and Miss Ravenwood add interesting parts to the story. Parvani casts a spell even though she's not fully aware of the inherent dangers. Zhù has a secret that Evie has to keep even though she's not privy to all of it. Miss Ravenwood has links to Evie that Evie and Parvani stumble upon, changing Evie's view of her past. The world seems to go out of control and Evie feels helpless to right all the wrongs. Ms. Moon tells a wonderful, entrancing story that was a bit slow getting to the action, but that was necessary to show the effects of Dash O'Reilly's death on his daughter. She was in shock at first and took a while to get back into her own life. It was worth the wait because then we were in for a rollercoaster of emotions with all that happens to Evie and her friends. The descriptions of Evie and her friends made me laugh because their actions and speech were so similar to teenagers who I know (and love). Then the feelings that Evie had for Jordan reminded me of how first love feels, giddy and sweet. Spell Check is a great story for the young adult or the young at heart. I enjoyed the vicarious experience of falling in love, dealing with secrets, and working out best friend issues. Evie's father dying young does punctuate the need for Evie to live life to the fullest and go after what she wants once she wakes up from her sorrow. It's food for thought for the rest of us as we enjoy Evie's spell binding adventure. originally posted at LAS YA Reviews