Spells for Tough Times: Crafting Hope When Faced with Life's Thorniest Challenges

Spells for Tough Times: Crafting Hope When Faced with Life's Thorniest Challenges

by Kerri Connor


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ISBN-13: 9780738727288
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 02/08/2012
Pages: 456
Sales rank: 1,272,689
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Kerri Connor (Chicagoland, IL) is the High Priestess of The Gathering Grove, and has been practicing her craft for twenty-five years. She is the author of three other books of magic, and her writing has appeared in The Blessed Bee, Sage Woman, PanGaia, and New Witch. She runs The Pagan Review, a website that provides reviews of Pagan products. She also recently started Nurturing Necessities, a non-profit charitable organization.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part One


  • I always have too much to do, and not enough time to do it in.
  • I’m having problems concentrating lately.
  • I find myself day dreaming more and more often.
  • I am overly sensitive and I know it, but I can’t seem to stop it.
  • I need to stop procrastinating.
  • I’m always sad.
  • I feel like everything I do turns out wrong.
  • I keep having nightmares.

Part Two

Family and Children

  • My child is suffering from separation anxiety and it is tough on both of us.
  • My child is doing poorly in school.
  • My child acts like she/he is scared of everything.
  • My child doesn’t do his/her chores and blows up when I remind him/her.
  • My child seems to be changing and I don’t like it (started lying, talking back, doesn’t show respect…etc…)
  • My family refuses to accept my religious choices.
  • My spouse is cheating.
  • Because of our schedules, my spouse and I hardly ever see each other anymore – I feel like we are drifting apart.
  • I provide care for my elderly parent and I just don’t want to do it anymore.
  • My child is mentally ill.
  • My child is physically handicapped
  • My teenager is pregnant.
  • My child keeps running away.
  • My child was sexually assaulted.
  • My child has a drug/alcohol problem.
  • My child is violent.
  • My parent has dementia/Alzheimer’s.
  • My parents just do not understand me.
  • I haven’t talked to my siblings in years.
  • My child gets teased all the time at school.
  • My in-laws drive me insane!!!
  • My step-children don’t like me.

Part Three


  • My roommates are very inconsiderate – they don’t clean up after themselves, they blast music all hours of the night, and we won’t even talk about the overnight guests!
  • I’ve discovered my significant other has criminal tendencies.
  • I don’t know if I should stay in my current relationship – it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.
  • I just got a divorce and I’m not sure how to move on.
  • After 10 years of being together my significant other and I broke up.
  • I don’t think I like my best friend anymore.
  • I have a serious crush on someone I shouldn’t.
  • I’ve been unfaithful and I don’t know what to do.
  • I feel like I’m the only one doing any giving in my relationships.
  • My family keeps bugging me to get married, but I really don’t want to yet.
  • I was abused by my significant other.
  • My significant other is jealous and controlling.
  • I feel like I’m growing and my friends aren’t growing with me. We just don’t have that much in common anymore.
  • My friends are too critical of me.
  • I let my friend move in because she needed some place to stay – now I’m wishing I hadn’t and it’s ruined our friendship.
  • My best friend had an affair with my significant other.
  • I really like my BFF but sometimes she is downright embarrassing.
  • My friend always wants my help with her problems, but she’s never around to help me with mine.
  • I just learned that my friends have been doing a lot of talking behind my back – and what they had to say wasn’t very nice AND yes, these people are adults!
  • Someone keeps flirting with me, I’ve let them know I am not interested, but they just don’t seem to get the picture. It is starting to creep me out.
  • I’ve caught my friend lying to me several times and I just don’t know why.

Part Four


  • I can’t stand this puppy peeing in my house.
  • My pets fight with each other all the time.
  • My cat has stopped using the litter box and has ruined furniture and carpeting.
  • I want a new pet, but I’m not sure how to choose.
  • My pet is a special needs animal.
  • My pet died.
  • The vet has recommended I put my pet down.
  • My dog bit someone.
  • My child wants their own pet, but I don’t know if they are ready for the responsibility.
  • We have to give our pet away.
  • Someone I know is abusing their pet.

Part Five


  • I feel like I don’t have the energy to get out of bed and face the day.
  • I know I should exercise, I just don’t feel like it.
  • I need help controlling my appetite.
  • I need help losing weight.
  • I need help to quit smoking.
  • I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with a serious medical condition.
  • I broke a bone.
  • I had a heart attack.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with cancer.
  • I’m sure my spouse is suffering from depression but he/she won’t talk to anyone.
  • I’m going through perimenopause.
  • I’m pregnant.- and happy about it!
  • I’m pregnant, and don’t know what to do.
  • We can’t have children.
  • My child has an eating disorder.

16) I’ve sustained a serious injury

17) My child has been diagnosed with a serious illness.

Part Six

House and Home

  • We had a fire in our home.
  • Our home was severely damaged and we lost everything.
  • We lost our home due to foreclosure and now we have to downsize considerably.
  • Our home was broken into.
  • My adult child has moved back home – and brought their family with.
  • Our house needs a lot of work but we just can’t afford it right now.
  • We are being evicted from our apartment.
  • My house doesn’t feel like a home.
  • I think my house is haunted.
  • My neighbors constantly trespass.

Part Seven

Career and Work Life

  • The guy who sits next to me at work does absolutely nothing all day while I work my fingers to the bone, yet he always gets away with it.
  • I’m not happy with my chosen career.
  • I don’t know how to cope with losing my job.
  • I have a crush on my boss.
  • I keep getting passed over for promotions I know I deserve.
  • I can’t stand my coworkers/supervisor.
  • I hate my job but can’t afford to quit.
  • I’m being harassed at work.
  • I was downsized from my previous job and ended up having to take a position that I am over qualified for, and well, it is just plain beneath me.
  • My job is very demanding, I don’t know if I’m up to the challenge.
  • I like my job, but the pay is ridiculously low.
  • We are extremely understaffed at work so I’m doing my job plus the jobs of 3 other people.
  • I work in customer service – I spend all day listening to people complain and it is really starting to bring me down.
  • I’ve been out of the workforce for a long time because I was raising my children, now I’m finding it impossible to find a job.
  • I’m working 2 (or more!) jobs and starting to feel the burnout big time.
  • I try not to be too sensitive, but when my friends complain about their jobs when I haven’t been able to find one – it burns me up!
  • I was forced into early retirement.
  • I was unjustly fired.
  • I’ve been temporarily laid off, but with no return date.
  • The small company I work for was bought out by a large company, now everything is changing.
  • I lost my job – due to an injury.
  • My co-worker stole my ideas and then took credit for them.
  • My co-worker has been lying to my boss about me.

Part Eight


  • I have buyer’s remorse but the store won’t take back my purchase.
  • I have champagne tastes and a beer budget.
  • I totaled my car.
  • My ex stopped paying child support.
  • I have to file bankruptcy.
  • My savings have been wiped out.
  • Someone owes me a lot of money, but they won’t pay me back.
  • I can’t afford to go to college.
  • My small business is going under.
  • Our medical bills are wiping us out.
  • I can’t get a job because my credit is bad and my credit is bad because I can’t get a job!
  • I’ve maxed out all of my credit cards.
  • I have an emergency and no funds to deal with it.
  • My car was repossessed.
  • My coworkers voted to strike – even though I voted not to.

Part Nine

Legal Problems

  • My child was arrested.
  • I’m going through a nasty divorce,
  • Someone stole my identity.
  • My ex is suing me for full custody.
  • My child was put into foster care.
  • I got a DUI.
  • My house is in foreclosure.
  • My past criminal actions are haunting me.
  • I have to go to court for a car accident
  • I believe my constitutional rights have been violated.
  • I’ve been accused of a crime I did not commit.

Part Ten


  • There has been serious manmade damage to the environment.
  • There has been an extreme natural disaster.
  • Spell for a country (or other area) at war (or in other turmoil)
  • Spell to help heal after a tragic national event

Part Eleven


  • My spouse passed away.
  • My parent passed away.
  • My child passed away.
  • My best friend passed away.
  • Supplemental spell for suicidal deaths
  • My child’s friend committed suicide.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • I had a miscarriage
  • There was a death in my family, and now everyone is fighting about the service and the will already.


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Spells for Tough Times: Crafting Hope When Faced with Life's Thorniest Challenges 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read so many books on witchcraft and though nice to read alot of them contain the same info worded a different way. I like this book because it has very good solutions to every day crisis that people encounter. This book covers the death of a pet or realative all the way to if you spouce has cheated on you with your best friend. I love this book , very practicle and useful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An incredible book covering a huge range of problems written by an author with real heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago