by Darren Hayes
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Former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes goes solo with the melodic Spin -- featuring wistful ballads "I Miss You" and "Good Enough" in the vain of Garden's guilty pleasure pop hit "I Want You."

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Release Date: 03/19/2002
Label: Sony
UPC: 0696998625020
catalogNumber: 86250
Rank: 66930

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Darren Hayes   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Bruce Dukov   Violin
Vernon "Ice" Black   Electric Guitar
David Campbell   Conductor
Larry Corbett   Cello
Charles Everett   Violin
P. Hochalter   Cello
Peter Kent   Violin
Greg Kurstin   Keyboards
Rick Nowels   Acoustic Guitar
Bob Sanov   Violin
John Wittenberg   Violin
Susan Chatman   Violin
Karen Elaine Bakunin   Viola
Edmund Stein   Violin
Suzie Katayama   Cello
Bob Peterson   Violin
Walter Afanasieff   Bass,Drums,Keyboards
Norm Hughes   Violin
Andrew Picken   Viola
Eve Butler   Violin
Jennifer Munday   Violin
Gerry Hilera   Violin
John Hayhurst   Viola
Virginia Frazier   Viola
Dan Smith   Cello
Michele Richards   Violin
John Mitchell   Contra-alto Clarinet

Technical Credits

Robert Connolly   Programming,Engineer,Vocal Engineer
David Campbell   Orchestral Arrangements
Dave Reitzas   Engineer
Walter Afanasieff   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Gail Marowitz   Art Direction
Nick Thomas   Engineer
Darren Hayes   Producer
Greg Bieck   Vocal Engineer
Joey Muller   Programming
Robert Conley   Engineer

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Spin 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I listen to Spin almost daily it is a fantastic album! I am a big fan of Darren Hayes his music is heaven! I hope there is many more to come. There is only one man better than Darren I must admit that is Bruce Springsteen but I suppose Darren can live with that!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Spin is a great album and everything it was promised to be: fun and sexy. One listen and you'll fall in love with this album! A must have for any Darren Hayes fan and any fan of pop music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was a Savage Garden fan (and still am) and when I heard that they split I felt hurt by it. How could they do that to us, fans? Well, when I found out Darren Hayes was going solo I was happy about it, but I wasn't sure. Was Darren Hayes going to keep Savage Garden's style? Or was he going to change completely? I wasn't sure if to purchase Spin or not, but I gave it a try, and I'm happy I did. He added some extra spirit to the songs, and a deeper romantic touch. The song ''Creeping up on you'' is a great example, it deals with a new point of view and original lyrics.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I waited so long to buy this cd and I don't why I was so hesitant but I'm glad I didn't hesitate any longer because I love every single track on it and If you buy it you won't be sorry either,I'd give it more than five stars If I could
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yeah spin is one of the best cd you can hear in these days!it's fun and sexy,you can laugh listening to it,you can also cry, you can dream...but you can't ever get enough of the amazing voice of Darren Hayes!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I bought this cd on a chance, after hearing the single ''Insatiable.'' I'm so happy I did! The songs are terrific...the beats, words, and that VOICE! Darren Hayes is simply amazing as a solo artist.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i have to say i wasnt expecting much from this album with it being his first solo project,i assumed that daniel was the musical genius behind savage garden and that his influence would be clearly missing from darrens songs.but i was pleasantly surprised. yes this album is quite different from the previous savage garden ones,but it is just as good,if not better in content.darren is not afraid to experiment with music,and he has definately done this in spin.from eighties take offs (crush),ballads (like it or not),and deep songs full of anger/confusion (strange relationship),he has created a varied and entertaining album full of originality.this album is a must for savage garden/darren hayes fans and anyone who appreciates something a bit different.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i am not a fan but he's already made me decide to buy the ablum! and i'm gonna do it this week! the songs are so beautiful!!!!!! you HAVE GOT to love insatiable; my very favorite is 'strange relationship' go and buy it now! its worth it!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this album from darren hayes its the best first album hopin he makes more every song darren sings its the best no matter what the crush 1980 me song i loved it every line of every song darren makes the best by puttin his angel voice he has
Guest More than 1 year ago
Will I ever take this CD out of my car? I bought two so I won't have to. "Spin" is a marvelous album, a perfect mixture of lush ballads and can't-help-dancing-even-while-doing-the-laundry rock that's become my first choice whenever I reach for a CD. Whether I'm in a reflective mood while working on my novel or in need of jazzy energy while working in the garden, "Spin" fits. If you listen to both Savage Garden CD's and then "Spin" in chronological order, you can hear the natural evolution in Darren's music that has brought him to this superb collection of songs. His new music on "Spin" is a bit more lushly orchestrated, a bit more R&B, a bit more dancable than his work with Savage Garden was. Drums and rhythm fill these songs instead of the guitar-based melodies that Daniel Jones brought to his lyrics, and the tone of the songs is more personal, more erotic. I find all of these changes both delicious & irresistible, and I like his new music on "Spin" best of all his music. "Insatiable" is one of the sexiest, most haunting songs I have ever heard - the sensual lyrics & almost melancholy melody mezmerize me every time I listen to it; it's no surprise that in the video it's sung by the ghost of an old romance. This fine thread of sweet tragedy is sewn through "Like It or Not" - wherein we're in an airport terminal going to see an already lost lover who's "gone, gone, I know I know you're gone" - and "I Miss You", a lovely gentle song which is still about longing, and loss. The wonderful, celebrated eroticism in "Insatiable" also burns holes in "Dirty", a kicky song about pure lust that makes me squirm, and "What You Like", in which Darren sings about the tentative, exploratory world of new love. Another song I really like on "Spin" is "Creepin' Up on You", whose original theme of obsessive, almost stalker-ish passion tells of drinking from the same glass the beloved left on the bar & following said person clothes shopping. The storylines in all of these songs are tight and interesting, and they're filled with wonderful melodies and extremely listenable rhythms. Darren Hayes has one of the most beautiful voices that God ever gave out, and he sounds purely fabulous on every song on "Spin". If you enjoyed his work with Savage Garden I guarantee that his new CD will quickly become the most listened to in your collection. Bet you'll decide to buy two, too!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Some of the best music I have heard in many years. Buy it, you will not be disappointed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD has everything. It can be listened to in any mood that you are in. Anger, love, sadness, etc. Darren's voice has an amazing range, and he sounds like an angel. The lyrics are sincere, meaningful, and powerful. This CD can make you want to dance, or make you want to cry. It deals with the topics of insecurity, love, lust, passion, agression, just to name a few. This is not one of those CD's where you only like one song. There are many songs on here that I think will become hits. Darren's talents through Savage Garden appear here, no doubt about that.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Savage Garden's Aussie duo is down to one, but the sounds are still beautiful as Darren Hayes brings out his voice for all of us crazed fans to share. Beautiful job Darren! You'll definately want to add this to your cd collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If I had to use a single word to describe Darren Hayes¿ first solo CD, it would be sensuous. Even when he¿s reinventing 80¿s style dance mix such as the kinetic ¿CRUSH (1980 Me)¿ Darren Hayes displays an undeniably sensual style. He ranges from the hungry longing expressed in the song ¿INSATIABLE¿ to the outrageously Tom Cat like ¿DIRTY¿. There are songs of obsession ¿CREEPIN¿ UP ON YOU¿, songs of self doubt/questioning ¿GOOD ENOUGH¿, social statements ¿SPIN¿. I have to say that there is not a song that I don¿t like and many that I love and a few that are a conduit directly to my soul. There are a handful of artists that I could listen to everyday this is one of them. Darren Hayes¿ possesses a voice that is stirring and soothing all at once. add this to his very visual style of wording, ( I have an astrological theory about this, that I won¿t go into now.) and you have a real treat for the senses. Let¿s hope this is the first of many. One last thing, not having seen a video for ¿INSATIABLE¿ , I would love to see it filmed in black and white. A song this lush needs the contrast of light and shadow so the purity of the emotional hunger is sharpened. (I¿m not telling anybody their job, just stating a personal opinion.)
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is everything and more that all savage garden fans need. Even though Daniel has gone Darren keeps us alive with his new album ''spin'' his beautiful voice has expanded with grunts and groans and his songs are A+ from love ballads, sexy words and up beat dancey tunes that you will press repeat over and over again. I love the songs Strange Relationship, Insatiable, Crush, Dirty, Good Enough, Spin lets just say I love them all. Darren Hayes keep doing the things your fans love and thats singing :)
Guest More than 1 year ago
My personal analysis of the Spin CD: 5 stars out of 5 stars = THE BEST THING!! Some songs fit more than one category - I have broken them down as follows: For those in love: Insatiable, I Miss You, I Cant Ever Get Enough of You For those longing for love again after a break up: Like It or Not, The Heart Wants What It Wants, I Miss You For those who have had relationships gone bad: Strange Relationship, Heart Attack Songs with meaning (social commentary, etc): Spin, Good Enough To make you go on the dance floor and dance for a long time: Crush, Creeping up on You, What You Like For a long night (date/romantic): Insatiable, Dirty, What You Like I have listened a great deal to the cd before breaking the songs into categories. Darren truly writes so brilliantly for all people no matter what situations you have had in your life, there is a song on the record that fits it in some way. I know that the ''Affirmation'' album had more songs about relationships gone bad (Hold Me, The Lover After Me, I Don't Know You Anymore and songs with social commentary/meaning (Crash & Burn, Affirmation). I can tell Darren has grown as a songwriter since the release of Affirmation, and I am sure his interactions with his family, friends, and fans certainly influenced the SPIN cd a great deal. I am sure all of them will be a great influence on future work he does. When I was listening to the cd, I can tell that he was influenced by many great performers of the past. No other singer's voice can influence me or my moods the way Darren's does. I am sure if you put on cd of any of the following after listening to Darren's SPIN - you can make a comparison but Darren certainly does have a voice of angel that is all his own too. I am sure that people like Bono, Smokey Robinson, Prince, and Michael Jackson would be flattered that a young artist like Darren is being compared to them in terms of vocal quality and song writing quality. And if Marvin Gaye was still alive, I am sure he would be flattered as well. I have to say this cd will have a proud place in my collection among my many cds and will be heavily played for years to come.... I highly recommend it - it was worth the wait to hear the Voice of An Angel with a sexy & sultry sound ALL HIS OWN!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
a long time Savage Garden fan, I was heartbroken when they broke up. But with Darren Hayes's new CD, SPIN, it's another winner. The songs range from either fun or touching. I recommend this to anyone who likes good music that you can listen to without getting tired of.