SPIRIT MATES: How to Find Your Soul Mate Version 2.0 - Your Ultimate Love Partner

SPIRIT MATES: How to Find Your Soul Mate Version 2.0 - Your Ultimate Love Partner

by Anni Sennov, Carsten Sennov


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There is a One and Only Love Partner for each one of us, and whom you will love unconditionally. This person is also known as your Spirit Mate. Your Spirit Mate is the other part of you – your spiritual half in another body – but how do you find your Spirit Mate in physical life and enjoy the love that you were destined for?

This book has been written to help you in that quest, and in it you will find:

  • 10 amazing real-life Spirit Mates love stories
  • A deep understanding of what it is that is so unique about meeting and living with your Spirit Mate
  • Tips and advice on what you can do to meet your Spirit Mate
  • How this relationship will be different from your previous relationships

When the timing is right, meeting your Spirit Mate will be a unique, fantastic and wonderful experience, and everyone deserves to find their One and Only Love Partner and Spirit Mate

This book will touch you, inspire you and show you how to find your Spirit Mate!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9788772060828
Publisher: SennovPartners & Good Adventures Publishing I/S
Publication date: 01/31/2019
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.52(d)

Table of Contents

Notice 6

Introduction 8

Most people have a deep longing in their hearts 10

Losing love creates vulnerability 12

How did Spirit Mates come about? 14

Ola and Anna (photo) 16

Love Story # 1 17

Unconditional Love 27

The difference between Soul Mates and Spirit Mates 30

Soul Mates 30

Consciousness Mates 31

Spirit Mates 33

Be prepared to develop together 36

Aamod and Sophelia (photo) 39

Love Story # 2 40

Have you already met your Spirit Mate? 54

Karin and Anders (photo) 57

Love Story # 3 58

How to prepare for meeting your Spirit Mate 67

How to attract your Spirit Mate 70

Spiritual steps 70

Physical and mental steps 71

Behavior 72

What happens when you meet, and you are not yet ready? 76

Annelie and Jörgen (photo) 82

Love Story # 4 83

How is it to live together? 99

Interconnectedness in the spirit 103

Why should you choose a Spirit Mates relationship instead of a Soul Mates relationship? 107

Are you willing to leave your existing partner and life for your Spirit Mate? 112

Heine and Kajsa (photo) 114

Love Story # 5 115

Your dream about the perfect family 138

Roger and Ewa-Lotta (photo) 140

Love Story # 6 141

When the family energy takes over 150

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Spirit Mates 153

We are influenced by the energies of our planet 157

Soul Friends 158

Spirit Family 159

Source Duals 159

The Masculine and Feminine energies 160

The 4 Elements 160

The 13 Dimensions 161

The Planetary energies 162

Crystal Ra and Michael (photo) 163

Love Story # 7 164

When the timing is right you can’t escape it 179

Sue and François (photo) 181

Love Story # 8 182

What happens when your Spirit Mate dies? 191

Eva and Peter (photo) 193

Love Story # 9 194

Can you melt together too much? 199

Your common life task 202

The path to your Spirit Mate 204

When your Soul Mate and your Spirit Mate is the same 208

Susanne and Antti (photo) 210

Love Story # 10 211

The purpose of spirit duality 227

So close and yet so far away from each other 229

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