Spirit Summoner

Spirit Summoner

by Matt Campbell




Darr has the ability to hear the disembodied voices of the spirits. Unfortunately, the spirits have nothing useful to say. A young, inexperienced Spirit Summoner, Darr often wonders at the purpose of such a useless ability. When an unnatural fire sweeps through his village, Darr sets out on a mission of self-discovery and curiosity.

As a Spirit Summoner, Darr learns he can enter the spirit realm. There he has access to the elemental magic contained within the Sephirs, legendary artifacts that once promised balance for a world turning towards chaos. Now, the Sephirs' powers are dwindling since their untimely disappearance, and Darr is at the center of the quest to find and recover them. Suddenly, Darr's curiosity is a whirlpool threatening to drown him, but his compulsion to see things through locks him into a journey attracted to disaster.

For the Sephirs do more than restrain the primal forces of magic. The Devoid, an evil long caged and hungry, has begun to loosen the bars of its prison. If the Sephirs fail, the Devoid will escape and feed on the Light of the living until nothing remains.

And the Devoid knows Darr's lack of confidence is the key needed to free itself completely.

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ISBN-13: 9781617981258
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Publication date: 03/05/2014
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SPIRIT SUMMONE INTRIQUING PREMISE LEADS IN TO A GREAT READ A fire starting in the blacksmith’s shop spreads to the general store owned by Darr Reintol’s father. His father is injured and a customer is killed. Darr sets off on a journey through the forests of the Valimere Peninsula to find his brother and sister who are visiting the walled city of Stern. Nidic Waq is a prophet. Instead of being revered he is an outcast. He is what is called a Spirit Summoner, someone who can communicate with the thousands of souls flowing freely within the Currents, a place that is distinct from the physical world. With the help of Nidic, Darr discovers that he is also a Spirit Summoner. All the years of having spirit voices intruding on his thoughts is now explained. On the way to Stern Darr gets lost and is rescued by another Spirit Summoner, Racall who becomes his friend and mentor. The four Sephirs, earth, air, fire and water have to be returned to the Currents and that is the task that Darr has to undertake. As in all good stories there have to be some baddies. The Devoid are evil and they created the Soul Seekers. Soul Seekers murder people and rip out their souls. Their methods of killing their victims are gruesome, but not gratuitous in the confines of this story. An assortment of interesting characters flesh out this tale. Conra the Elf, a friend of Darr’s father is a staunch ally along with the Dwarf people Only a Spirit Summoner can restore the Sephirs. Darr’s quest is to find the 4 elements, earth, air, fire and water but The Devoid and their Soul Seekers are desperate to gain the power of the Sephirs for themselves. When Darr meets up with his sister and brother, and with the help of Conra and their other friends they set off to find the Sephirs and return them to their rightful state. If they fail, civilization as they know it, is doomed. This was an intriguing story, very well written with interesting characters. A few scenes when the Soul Seekers attack and destroy villages are a tad gruesome, but riveting just the same. There is a sequel to this story and I am looking forward to reading it. Margaret Tanner