Spirit Touches Ground (Josh Clayton-Felt)

Spirit Touches Ground (Josh Clayton-Felt)


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It's virtually impossible for fans of Josh Clayton-Felt to listen to Spirit Touches Ground without flashing back to the illness that claimed his life shortly before the disc was fully completed. But rather than projecting gloom and despondency, the album resonates with the same buoyant, offbeat power-pop charm that imbued all of his work, both solo and with School of Fish (which hit the charts circa 1992 with the infectiously wacky "Three Strange Days"). That attitude is evident in the sweet blend of organ and guitar that underpins "Building Atlantis," not to mention the dream-world imagery that bubbles from beneath. He slips further into the ether on the wispy "Too Cool for this World" and "Already Gone," elegiac plaints that will beckon Jeff Buckley devotees. While much of the disc is dreamy, Clayton-Felt also has a flair for quietly assured choogle (as on the chugging "Diamond in You Heart," which recalls Walls and Bridges-era Lennon). Drawn in subtle colors and soft boundaries, Spirit Touches Ground isn't the kind of disc that demands your attention: It is, however, the kind that rewards it.

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Release Date: 02/12/2002
Label: Dreamworks
UPC: 0600445036123
catalogNumber: 450361
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