by Lizzie Arnold

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Are you searching for something different? Are you overwhelmed by your busy life? Do you yearn for some inner peace? This book could be for you!

Get in touch with the Spirit World. Get in touch with your Soul Self.

Do you feel incomplete? Is there a hole in your life that can be filled with Spiritual Energy? Read this book and learn to fill the void.

Spiritual Awareness can expand your senses, and fill your Soul.

Do you feel alone and disconnected? Connect with your real self, your Soul Self. Find out how you can connect to those around you. Make the connection with your Spirit Guides. Most importantly make that connection with your God. Lizzie Arnold, found her way through darkness into the light, Lizzie shows you how to make your life better, and become Spiritually Aware.

You may ask 'What is Spiritual Awareness, and why is it important?' This book will answer your questions. You will find out how Spiritual Awareness can change your life. You will read about the importance of the Aura, the Chakras and the Clair Senses in developing awareness.

Spiritual Awareness offers an alternative to the materialistic and technological world we live in. Getting in touch with the Spirit World allows us to get in touch with our own Spirit. We are physical beings, but encased in our physical shell is our Soul Being. Many people are unaware they even have a Soul Self. Have you ever been in touch with yours?

Spiritual Awareness is important for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Spiritual or Reiki Healing can help you emotionally and physically. Learn about Meditation and Endorphins. Read how Mindfulness helps depression and can help to control pain.

Read about Spiritualism, how it brings comfort to those who are bereaved. In the Spiritualist Movement there is love and fellowship. Spiritualist mediums provide proof of the existence of the Human Soul. This is the public aspect of Spiritual Awareness. Your private, Spiritual Journey is as important, and is unique. Developing Awareness individually, is equally as valid.

Were you aware of Spirit as a child? Have you lost that connection? Many of us 'see', 'hear' or 'sense' Spirit as children in a natural way, during our childhood development. Unfortunately most of us learn to block our Communication with Spirit. Encountering the world as children, we want to fit in. If adults are disapproving of the 'weird behaviour' of their child, or peers mock their 'strange' class mate, spiritual Awareness can be supressed. This book shows how you can re-connect with the Spirit World.

Learn about Spirit Guides; their importance for your Spiritual Development and your life in general. If you are unaware of your guides, you are missing out. Building a relationship with your Spirit Guides is one of the most important aspects of Spiritual Awareness.

Discover the magic of Spiritual Awareness. There are no spells or hocus pocus when you become Spiritually Aware. There is nothing paranormal about connecting with the Spirit World. Nonetheless,Spiritual Awareness is truly Magical. Using Clair Senses to link in with Spirit and receive Communication is a Magical experience. 'Seeing', 'hearing'  or 'feeling' Spirit can be enchanting.

Discover how Spiritual Awareness can change your life in many different ways. See also how it affects the way you look at the world. Transformation can be unexpected and dramatic, but remember Spiritual Awareness is a way of life.

Can Spiritual Awareness change the world? Read what Lizzie arnold has to say on the subject.   

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Publisher: Susan Evans
Publication date: 10/19/2017
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About the Author

Lizzie Arnold is a Spiritualist first and author second. She is a Developing Medium, Reiki Master and she teaches Spiritual awareness.

Lizzie is an ardent fan of Spiritual Awareness. She talks incessantly about how becoming Spiritually Aware is an invaluable part of human development. She knows what she's talking about!

For Lizzie Arnold, linking in with the Spirit World is as natural as breathing. Using the Clairsenses to Communicate with Spirit is as normal as speaking on the phone.

Learn more in her book ...

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SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, A WAY OF LIFE 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was eye opening and really opens your eyes. I've always been spiritual and have been telling myself for years to start Reiki. This book got me doing it by the first chapter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book lays out what spirituality is and is not. What the possibilities could be. The only negative- referring to her two books.