Spiritual Connections: The Journey of Discipleship and Christian Values

Spiritual Connections: The Journey of Discipleship and Christian Values

by Brian P. Hall



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ISBN-13: 9780963020215
Publisher: Values Technology
Publication date: 03/28/1992
Pages: 170

About the Author

Dr. Brian P. Hall is Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Counseling at Santa Clara University and an ordained Episcopal priest. He is also chairman of Values Technology, an organization committed to training religious and corporate leaders in values theory and its application in order to bring about changes that result in a more caring, interdependent society worldwide.

Table of Contents

Foreword     ix
The Spiritual Connection: Discipleship and God's Word     1
Discipleship as Relationship to Christ     2
Jesus and Our Life as Disciples     4
Learning About God through God's Word     6
Spiritual Connection: God and God's Word     7
Creation and God's Word     8
The Genesis Effect and God's Word     10
Conclusion: The Power of the Word     15
Values, Signs and God's Word     19
An Experience of the Word     21
Discernment: Values as Signs of God's Action     24
Values or Virtues?     26
Christian or Gospel Values     28
Conclusion: The Genesis Effect Revisited     31
Faith, Hope and Love: Gospel Values as Gifts     37
Values as Gifts of the Spirit     38
Faith, Hope and Love     39
Faith, Hope, Love: The Foundation of All Christian Values     43
Discipleship and the Struggle to Grow Spiritually Hope: The Force to Preserve and to Create     50
Faith: From Security to the Pursuit of Truth     52
Love: From [Self]Interest to the Need for Intimacy     55
Conclusion     60
Paths on the Faith Journey: Discerning God's Call     61
Mapping the Disciple's Faith Journey     63
Reading the Faith Map     65
Goal Values: Where We Want to Go and Who We Want to Be     66
Means Values: The Ways We Achieve Our Goals     67
Spiritual Development and the Four Phases     68
The Transition Stage     72
The Four Phases: A Summary     76
The Disciple's Path of Spiritual Development: Foundation to Future     17
A Personal Conversion Experience     81
The Foundation, Focus, and Future of Our Faith     83
The Discernment of Spirits: Values as Questions     87
Conclusions     90
The Disciple's Struggle with Good and Evil     91
The Spiritual Paths     93
The Church as Institution-Hope     94
Communal Accountability-Faith     95
Institution and Human Dignity-Love     96
Evil and Love: Forces in Conflict     98
The Forces of Evil     99
The Negation of Gospel Values     102
The Forces of Love     104
Conclusion     111
The Disciple's Discipline     113
Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth     114
Personal Spiritual Resources      115
Knowledge of Faith     115
Knowledge of Self     117
Time Management     119
The Body     123
Deep Relaxation     125
Meditation     126
Communal Resources     128
The Intimacy System     129
Work Delegation and Support     131
Peer Support System     132
Conclusion     133
Afterword     135
Endnotes     137
Bibliography     141
Value Definitions     147

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