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The Spiritual Dimension of Leadership: 8 Key Principles to Leading More Effectively / Edition 1

The Spiritual Dimension of Leadership: 8 Key Principles to Leading More Effectively / Edition 1

by Paul D. Houston, Stephen L. SokolowPaul D. Houston
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This book illuminates many of the core values, beliefs, and principles that can guide, sustain, and inspire leaders during difficult times.

Editorial Reviews

Principal Magazine

"Houston and Sokolow have identified 42 principles that have guided their own work. Included are some we all would immediately see as essential—intention, attention, trust, and openness—as well as those that don't come so readily to mind—such as unique gifts and talents, unique life lessons, a holistic perspective, and gratitude. "

Parker J. Palmer

"A fine piece that will be of great support to a great many people. "

Peter Senge

"For most of human history, leadership was inseparable from wisdom. Today it’s mostly about power and cleverness. Paul Houston and Steve Sokolow’s practical and down to earth guide will help many find their way back."

Richard W. Riley

"When I served as Governor of South Carolina, improving education was my top priority. As U.S. Secretary of Education, I was honored to lead President Clinton’s crusade for excellence in education. Wise leadership, especially in education, is one of the keys to America’s future success. In this book, Paul Houston and Steve Sokolow sow seeds of wisdom that offer hope and sound guiding principles for America’s education leaders."

Peter Yarrow

"When asked by some aspiring young song-writer or folk-singer how he or she might pursue success, I always tell them that first they must believe in something, authentically, and only then can their music inspire and touch the hearts of listeners. This book makes a parallel assertion, inspiring us even as it speaks to the nature of inspiration as a necessary component of communication, empathy, and empowerment of others; all of these are fundamental to the practice and art of true leadership. "

Reg Weaver

"In order for teachers to empower their students, teachers must first be empowered themselves. At a time when teachers are feeling frustrated and disenchanted, this inspiring and insightful book offers a series of spiritual principles of leadership that can help empower both teachers and students alike. "

Gerald N. Tirozzi

"Houston and Sokolow have done an extraordinary job of looking beyond the traditional view of leadership to incorporate a spiritual dimension. They show how enlightened visionary leaders can use their own innermost spiritual principles to bring about the best in themselves to create a working environment that builds on collaboration and sharing. It breaks down the communication barriers that separated us - and builds on the essential concept of connectedness between and among people. "

Terrence E. Deal

"In our attempts to improve education, we are snuffing out the very thing that would make it better - human spirit. This book fills a troubling void in the leadership literature by highlighting the vital spiritual side of a leader's role. Schools don't need any more testing; they need a big dose of zest, buoyancy, and meaning. Reviving the spirit is the critical challenge. This book shows us how. "

Kathleen Alfiero

"I know this book of wisdom will make a difference to the important people who care for our children in schools . . . "

Frances Hill

"I felt as though I was having a conversation with God when I read your book . . . as though I'd been blessed with the opportunity to touch the essence, the wonder, the silence of God's presence . . . it felt like a tear . . . Is there a greater or more pure joy? "

Scott Thompson

"This book is loaded with insight into a crucial dimension of leadership. "

Vincent L. Ferrandino

"Finally a book that examines leadership from a human perspective! Houston and Sokolow cut through all the leadership jargon and focus on how leaders can remain true to their core beliefs and still lead successful organizations. This should be required reading for all leaders and prospective leaders. "

Anne L. Bryant

"The Spiritual Dimension of Leadership reminds us that the job of leadership is complex . . . but the actions we take can be very simple and yet have a big impact. There are valuable insights here for leaders at every level. "

Chuck Bonner

"This book is GREAT! The authors have taken a very slippery topic (spirituality & leadership) and made the connection from the spiritual roots to the practical fruits. It's seamless! "

Richard Farson

"Being both a non-believer and a person wary of books whose titles suggest that there are eight principles of leadership, I approached this volume with some trepidation. What I found was a description of leadership that actually transcends the outdated idea that it can be reduced to a few principles or acquired by learning some skills. Instead the book honors its complexity, casts it mainly in terms of creating sound relationships and offers what I would call a posture toward leadership, which I regard as far more valuable. "

Margaret J. Wheatley

"I can't imagine a more timely and important book for educators. Where do we find the courage to continue? Where do we find peace when surrounded by aggression and corruption? What sustains us so that we can remain strong in serving the interests of children? The answers to these questions are in this book. The authors, with great wisdom and generosity of spirit, offer the perspectives and practices that enliven and vitalize our spirits. They have given us more than a lifeline - they have given us solid ground to stand on in the midst of turbulence. "

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