Spiritual Gifts, Plain and Simple: Discovering Which One You Possess and How to Maximize It

Spiritual Gifts, Plain and Simple: Discovering Which One You Possess and How to Maximize It

by James D. Wise



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ISBN-13: 9781933204642
Publisher: VMI Publishing
Publication date: 05/20/2008
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

James D. Wise has twenty-three years in the financial industry and is an ordained elder and deacon in Presbyterian Church.

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“Spiritual gifts: Plain and Simple is a new, fresh, transformational look at God-given gifts and how to use them. Jim Wise presents an intensely biblical, refreshingly practical work, written by one who exhibits a warm heart and a fervent spirit. This contribution will be extremely helpful in building churches full of healthy people. My full endorsement without reservation.” Dr. David R. Babbitt, Academic Dean, Philadelphia Biblical University, New Jersey Campus

“Jim has done a masterful job of simplifying the “thorny” issue of spiritual gifts. This book will be incredibly helpful to anyone desiring to live an impactful life for Christ.” Russell D. Crosson, President and CEO, Ronald Blue & Co.

“Jim Wise offers refreshing, insightful, and sensible teaching to the body of Christ on this crucial topic. With uncompromising biblical scholarship and impeccable clarity, he presents a theology of spiritual gifts that every reader will benefit from. If you've struggled to make sense of the variety of spiritual gifts in general and your gift in particular, I commend this volume to you.” Rod Hairston, Chaplain, Baltimore Ravens

“The topic of spiritual gifts has caused much confusion, controversy and consternation within the body of Christ. Jim Wise brings sound biblical exposition, comparing and contrasting the different categories of spiritual gifts. The importance of identifying and using our main motivational gift to build up the body of Christ is emphasized. The book has changed my thinking about my own giftedness. Well written and a “gift” to those seeking to understand spiritual gifts.” Dr. Patrick Brophy, DDS

“Jim Wise is a man with a strong drive to face confusing issues, search the Scriptures for genuine understanding, and apply Biblical truths in his teaching. His life’s passion is seeing men and women become Disciples of Jesus Christ who serve their Master with intentionality. Spiritual Gifts, Plain and Simple is the author’s call for Christ’s followers to search the Scriptures, learn how God has given them gifts and apply that gift in service for Christ’s Church.” Don Rittler, President, Keystone Scent Company

“A book written in laymen’s language that spells out a perspective on spiritual gifts that is both simple and practical. By focusing on the gifts of a triune God, the book clears through a lot of the confusion often associated with understanding how God has equipped individuals for service in Christ’s Church. Having known Jim for many years, his thoughtful nature, passion for truth and love of God are evident throughout its pages.” Todd Hare, Pastor, Cornerstone Church

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