The Spiritual Guidebook: Mastering Psychic Development and Techniques

The Spiritual Guidebook: Mastering Psychic Development and Techniques

by Anna Comerford

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The Spiritual Guidebook is a comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering healing and psychic techniques. Tap into your intuition, your heart and soul and be amazed at how your skills unfold and develop in surprising ways.The Spiritual Guidebook includes information about opening the 3rd eye, chakras, tarot, mediumship, crystals, reiki, healing, meditation, self-hypnosis, channelling, automatic writing, auras, scrying, psychometry, energy, essential oils, yoga, Guides, shamanism, numerology, health, quantum physics, sacred geometry, self-hypnosis, mind power, spirit releasement and setting goals! This is the book to expand your psychic knowledge and intuitive healing abilities in ways you never imagined...

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ISBN-13: 9781925429787
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing
Publication date: 08/23/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 532,066
File size: 8 MB

About the Author

Anna Comerford is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual teacher who is devoted to spirituality and universal wisdom. Anna is passionate about linking science and spirituality in ways that are simple and easy to comprehend.Anna holds Bachelor degrees in Education and Health Science. She works as a Hypnotherapist, Naturopath, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Crystal Healer, Yoga Teacher, Neuropsychotherapist, Coach and Intuitive Astrologer.Anna Comerford runs the School of Higher Learning. Anna teaches courses on Reiki, Healing, Crystals, Health, Abundance, Soul Loving, Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic development, Mediumship and Channelling. Many of Anna’s courses have been certified with IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapies). Anna enjoys guiding others to get more meaning, purpose and joy from their life. Anna Comerford is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual teacher who is devoted to spirituality and universal wisdom. Anna is passionate about linking science and spirituality in ways that are simple and easy to comprehend.Anna holds Bachelor degrees in Education and Health Science. She works as a Hypnotherapist, Naturopath, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Crystal Healer, Yoga Teacher, Neuropsychotherapist, Coach and Intuitive Astrologer.Anna Comerford runs the School of Higher Learning. Anna teaches courses on Reiki, Healing, Crystals, Health, Abundance, Soul Loving, Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic development, Mediumship and Channelling. Many of Anna’s courses have been certified with IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapies). Anna enjoys guiding others to get more meaning, purpose and joy from their life.

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Energy & Mind Power

* * *

You are made of energy that is constantly vibrating. This energy is changeable and transformative. It is amazing how our body, mind and soul has the ability to heal and change. Watching people change, heal and transform has been one of the most humbling and exciting experiences of my life.

The Mind

Most of us have a fast 'monkey mind' that chatters all day in our heads. The trick is to teach this monkey how to slow down and relax. Doing yoga, breathing deeply and meditating can help our mind slow down and be more still. This stillness and centredness helps all areas of our lives as it allows us to tap into our inner self more.

My monkey brain used to be on full alert, but over time I trained my mind to be more grounded by changing routines around food, sleep, exercise and the way I thought. Students, in my courses, really notice the difference with how they think and feel, after doing breathing, meditation and visualisation exercises.

In Figure 1.1 you will notice how slowing down our lovely brain waves, to alpha and theta waves, allows for more intuitive and healing abilities to activate in you.

You've probably heard of the terms conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind includes our short-term memory as well as our ability to plan and think critically. The subconscious mind includes our long-term memories and emotions. The subconscious mind also contains our habits, patterns and creativity. The superconscious mind is universal wisdom and power.

How powerful is your subconscious mind?

Can you believe that the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than our conscious mind! My clients are very surprised when I tell them how powerful our subconscious is. Our thoughts and feelings are an important way to tap into the subconscious mind as it works well with images and emotions/feelings. Visualisations and meditations are effective as they imprint information into our subconscious, which helps to break patterns and beliefs that we don't need.

The superconscious mind goes beyond our consciousness, into a realm of all-knowing, all-being where wisdom and insight exist. When we go into deeper states of being, we can tap into this vast warehouse of data to find out what makes us tick.

Why do we need to breathe deeply?

I invite you, while you are reading this book, to be aware of your breathing. Are you breathing from your abdomen or lungs? Good breathing is when the abdomen rises first, then your lungs rise afterwards.

Try breathing ten deep slow belly breaths. Notice how you drop into a slower alpha/theta brain wave state. Many clients come to a session in a beta brain wave state. After deep breathing they enter into a deeper alpha/theta state that allows for more healing, intuition and relaxation to occur.

Question: How many thoughts do we have per minute?

Answer: Most people have 48.6 thoughts every minute! That's nearly one thought per second! This equals about 70,000 thoughts per day which is a lot of words and energy in our heads on a daily basis.

How are you using this energy?

Are you like a parrot repeating the same negative or depressing thoughts each day or, are you kind to yourself and put up a filter which deciphers what thoughts and images are allowed into your mind? What percentage of your thoughts are negative, or positive? Do you speak to yourself with love or admonish and berate yourself? If you find yourself falling more into the negative thoughts, consider how that is making you feel. Would a young child benefit from being put down and chastised all the time? Of course not!

Don't get me wrong, compassionate constructive criticism is healthy, the key is to determine the purpose and tone of the thoughts, are they constructive or destructive? Internal emotional thoughts can be your haven but only if you are gentle on yourself when you make mistakes, laugh it off and try again. We are on this earth plane to practise, redo and be triumphant.

Exercise: Word Power

Think to yourself right now, "I am alive". When you think these words, in your mind, where are they coming from? You have a voice that you hear inside your head when you speak to yourself, for example say in your mind "I need some water". You may find those words come from the middle of your head area. You may experience something different so take note of that.

Keep saying sentences silently to yourself and hear the vibrations of those words in your body. Close your eyes and say internally "I am awful" repeat internally several times. What do you feel? What do you notice happens in your body? Now repeat "I am joy" internally several times. How do you feel? What happens in your body? Once you are tuned into your own inner voice then you can tune into the subtle vibrations of Spirit messages and you can notice the difference in Spirit language to your own inner voice.

Psychic Abilities

I believe that we are all have psychic and intuitive abilities. Even though we were born with two physical eyes, we are also gifted with a third eye. This third eye lives, energetically, between our eyebrows and is linked to our pineal gland. By doing certain exercises, your third eye will become more open and expanded so you will be able to 'see' more images and visions.

We have so much power within us to activate and heal ourselves. Knowledge can help us find this inner power. It's time to get it on!

Joe's Visions

One day Joe arrived at my clinic. Joe said he was more auditory than visual as he had a good ear for music. Joe said he couldn't see spirits or have visions. He wanted to open up his third eye so I asked Joe to imagine a green apple. Then I asked him to tell me whether this green apple was in his mind's eye or floating around somewhere just in front of his face. I then asked him to imagine that he was looking at a big movie screen.

He imagined he was sitting in a movie theatre looking at a large screen (magic screen) in front of him. I now suggested that Joe imagine that his car was up on this screen. I asked him to hop in his car and watch himself driving it away. Joe saw that image quite well. The next task was for Joe to imagine himself opening the front door of his house and walking through it. Joe agreed he could imagine that as well. He was surprised that he could visualise so easily! Visualising and seeing in our minds eye is a skill we all have we just have to practise so the third eye is strengthened, but if it's hard for you to access start by visualising things you are familiar with which will open up your visualisation skills.

Magic Screen

The Magic Screen represents the view your third eye has. Remember the more you use your Magic Screen the more your third eye ability will grow and expand and the more clairvoyant you can become!

Talk to your body

William said his left thigh was sore. I asked William "if the pain could speak what would it say?" He replied "I'm angry!" I asked William to allow an image to come to him. He closed his eyes and breathed and allowed any insights from his higher self to come through. William recalled that at age 5 he had been very angry with his brother and that no-one supported him. We discussed how this pent-up anger was affecting him now and, how he could support himself when strong emotions like anger came up for him to face, resolve and heal.

Tips to Heal Self:

1. Go to a natural environment so the earth can help to heal you. (Or imagine the room you are in is a gorgeous rainforest). Gently move your body so your chakras can activate. Walk, breathe deeply, do yoga or stretch. Your body is designed to move. Moving your body allows your organs, aura and chakras to be revitalised and cleansed. This will activate deep healing.

2. Ask for guidance and open your senses to receive Divine information. If you have an issue/concern, ask for answers about what is happening.

3. Close your eyes and tap into your inner knowingness.

4. Ask your body and soul to share with you how it's feeling. For example, if you have a sore hip ask your hip what emotions it feels. You may get an answer back as a colour, image or feeling.

5. Put golden white light healing around self.

6. Continue to drink water and herbal teas. Put high vibration and healing foods into your body such as nuts, fruit and vegetables as these will help to activate the healing response in your body and your cells will love you filling your body with these powerful foods.

The Activation exercise below is great to do regularly. One of my clients said she didn't need her morning coffee after doing this exercise as it boosted her energy so much!

Exercise: Anna's 4 Step Activation Sequence:

This exercise is very grounding and prepares the mind, body and soul for heightened intuition and more joy into your being. The Activation exercise is great to do regularly and it helps prepare me for a day of clients.

Put on relaxing music if you wish.

1. Rainbow Cleanse: Imagine breathing rainbow colours into your body and out into the space around you. This will cleanse your energy field.

2. Beam of Light: Imagine a glowing, golden white pillar of light beaming down from the sky above you. Move this light down through your body, like a shining beam of light until it reaches down into the earth below you. Imagine this beam of light goes into the centre of the earth then, imagine it returning back up through your body again and flows out through the top of your head. Continue bringing this pillar of light down into the earth again and up again to the crown chakra. Allow this cycle to continue several times.

This powerful light beam will create a vortex of healing, grounding and rejuvenating light which will enlarge and enhance your aura and energy field. Feel the expansion around you.

3. Trance: Close your eyes and take several big belly breaths and slowly breathe in and out. Relax your shoulders and body.

a) Breathe in for 4 seconds

b) Hold your breath for 4 seconds

c) Now breathe out 4 seconds

d) Hold your breath for 4 seconds – then repeat the cycle again.

Continue this relaxing breathing cycle. Do this 5–10 times so your alpha/theta brain waves are activated. Have the intention that all your chakras are opening up in a healthy way for you. Feel deeply relaxed as you continue this slow breathing, in and out.

Note: Ten of these deep belly breath cycles will take you into a relaxing alpha/theta trance-like state.

4. Ask: Now ask for your spirit guide/higher self to assist you clearly and effectively. Call them in three times as this is known to be more powerful. It's like ringing up the spirit hotline to help you. They need three requests from us so they can connect better with your energy field and vibration.

Now that you are tuned in, open up your "clairs" (see Chapter 2) and connect to what you feel, sense, see, know, taste and smell around you.

Note: I like to imagine I'm in a rainforest or am surrounded by large crystals of energy, as this helps me to tune into my clairs better. Other times I imagine each chakra has a crystal in it protecting it and giving it healing energy. Do what is best for you.


Psychic Senses & Seven Levels

Seven Psychic Clairs

'Clair' is a French word meaning 'clear' and we refer to the way in which we access spiritual messages through a number of different senses as the clairs. You may of heard of the term Clairvoyance, but there are several other ways messages can be received from the spirit realm.

The seven main psychic clairs are:

1. Clairsentience (clear feeling and sensing, may be called clairempathy)

2. Clairvoyance (clear seeing or vision)

3. Clairaudience (clear hearing)

4. Clairtangency (clear touching, may be known as psychometry)

5. Claircognizance (clear knowing)

6. Clairgustance (clear tasting)

7. Clairalience (clear smelling, sometimes called clairscent)


Clairsentience is often the first and easiest to develop as it's linked to gut feelings and hunches. This psychic feeling and sensing is linked to emotions and feelings. You may be able to sense if someone is sad or is not telling the truth. Our nervous system is electrical so it has a psychic antenna that picks up different waves and vibrations of energy.


Clairvoyant people may have prophetic visions or dreams of the future. This is called a premonition.

You may experience clairvoyance by having dreams, visions, mental images or movies that appear in your mind or third eye area. Other signs of clairvoyance include seeing colours (auras) around people, plants and animals; having a good sense of direction and easily visualising solutions to problems. Clairvoyant people are good with visual-spatial problems and may like rearranging furniture!


This is the ability to hear messages through our auditory systems. People who play instruments, sing or write songs are usually auditory so they may be good at clairaudience. The messages themselves don't have to be actual sounds, that is just how the clairaudient perceives them. Sometimes a clairaudient person may pick up on thoughts of people around them (called mental telepathy). If a spirit is communicating with you, it may feel like it comes from outside your head and may be in a slightly different octave to the vibration of your own thoughts. Sometimes I hear specific words being said, while other times it's more like an energetic or telepathic type vibration that I 'hear'.


I was getting ready for a client recently when I called in my guide. I heard "sore feet" which puzzled me. I had just been gardening but my feet were OK. I finished getting ready and sat in front of my client Jade. I asked Jade how her day had been.

"My feet are aching, I've been on my feet all day in high heels!" The universe is wise and all knowing. Tap into that superconscious energy. It's so full of love for us.


Clairtangency is also called psychometry. This is another form of clairsentience. Psychometry is when you gain information from touching an object, person or animal. You may also get intuitive vibes from a hug, a handshake, brushing up against someone or sitting in someone's chair. You may also get psychic impressions when you are holding someone's jewellery, article of clothing or a letter.


Claircognizance is a strong sense of knowing. It's when you get wisdom and information, in the form of ideas and concepts, that suddenly come to you. This knowingness seems to come from somewhere other than your own thoughts, although it can seem closely linked. Claircognizance is when you just seem to know something. It might feel odd but it's usually accurate. I once did a psychic reading for a client named Liz. I connected with Liz's mum who had passed away many years prior. Throughout the reading I had this unusual knowingness that Liz felt responsible for her mother's death. I shared this claircognisant information with Liz who burst into tears and told me she did indeed feel guilty around the circumstances of her mother's death. By having that extra knowledge in the reading I was able to help Liz process her guilt and let go of the trauma around the incident and to know that her mother had crossed over in peace.

Clairgustance and Clairalience

These two psychic abilities are not common. Clairgustance is when you taste something yet there's nothing in your mouth. Clairalience is smelling something when that smell is not around you! Some people may smell a perfume scent when they are doing mediumship. This perfume may be linked to a woman in spirit who is coming through to pass on a specific message. Some people taste meat in their mouth if the person they are reading for needs to eat meat or may be low in iron.

Onion Message

I was cooking in the kitchen and had put all the ingredients into the pan. The word "onion" floated down into my mind. I knew the word "onion" didn't come from my mind. I had forgotten to put onions in my recipe and my Guide gently popped the word "onion" into my mind! The word onion was so quiet and subtle that I could have thought it was from my own mind. This story is simple but it's an example of how the universe supports us. Be aware of those subtle messages that float into your mind and consciousness.

Seven Levels

It is believed that there are seven levels of existence.


Excerpted from "The Spiritual Guidebook"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Anna Comerford.
Excerpted by permission of Rockpool Publishing Pty Ltd.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Part 1 – Psychic Development,
Chapter 1: Energy & Mind Power,
Chapter 2: Psychic Senses & Seven Levels,
Chapter 3: Chakras & How to Read Them,
Chapter 4: Meditation, Visualisation & Self-Hypnosis,
Chapter 5: Spirits, Guides & Higher Beings,
Chapter 6: Mediumship, Symbols & Dreams,
Chapter 7: Automatic Writing and Channelling,
Chapter 8: Auras & How to Read Them,
Chapter 9: Scrying, Psychometry & Tea Leaf Reading,
Chapter 10: Tarot & Oracle Cards,
Chapter 11: Numerology Insights,
Chapter 12: Shamanic Healing & Power Animals,
Chapter 13: Past Lives, Akashic Records & Spirit Releasement,
Part 2 – Healing Techniques,
Chapter 14: Hands-on Healing & Reiki,
Chapter 15: Crystal Healing & Sacred Geometry,
Chapter 16: Your Wellbeing & Achieving your Goals,
Chapter 17: Ethics, Clients & How We Tick,
Part 3 – Our Divine Universe,
Chapter 18: Psychic Science & Quantum Physics,
Chapter 19: The Cosmos,

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