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Spiritual Leaders Top Picks


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ISBN-13: 9780996138956
Publisher: Visionary Insight Press
Publication date: 03/14/2017
Pages: 334
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

Charles Ferrell - An Opening

Halina Kurowsk - Into the Woods

Carole Cassell - Weighted Down

Tonia Browne - Planes and Trains

Mickey MacKaben - Express Yourself, My Artistic Journey

Rick Nichols - Returning Home

Patricia J. Crane - The Courage to Risk

Janet Brentzel - Revolution

Katina Gillespie - Asking and Accepting Assistance

Sunny Dawn Johnston - Don't Let Your Weight Determine Your Value

Diane S. Christie - The Jetty

Dawn Michele Jackson - The Tree of Magic, Wisdom, and Love

Michelle Mullady - Unite With Serenity

Kim Richardson - A Journey to Loving Yourself

Tonya Thomas Dokman - Facing the Unknow to Finding the Love Within

Sandra J Filer - Thomas the Teaching Tom Cat

Brenda Fedorchuk - Stillness For the Sensitive Soul

Cheryl Guttenberg - My 6 Steps Back to Serenity

Barbara Simpson - Inner Rainbow

Charmaine Vautour - Silver Linings

Vicky Mitchell - A Battle For Accountablity

Misty Proffitt-Thompson - Turning Judgements Into Light

Wendy Kitts - My Something Better

Angela Anderson - What? I Can Just Be Myself?

Donna Tobey - Ask And You Shall Receive

Antionette Coleman-Kelly - Remember YOU Are A Limited Edition

Debbie Ledford - The Sacred Journey of Healing

Carolan Dickinson - The Magic of Healing with Archangels

Jackie Rodgers - A Mindful Journey

Meera Iyengar - Act of Faith

Jenny Hogg Ashwell - SHINE! Your Light Matters in the World

Scott Ferreira - Discerning From Your Sacred Heart

Kelly Viacario - MY BLESSING

Kelly Ann Vass - Magic

Tina Palmer - My Past Does Not Define Me

Lindsley Silagi - Personal essential Practices (PEP)

Julie Gale - Gifts From the Afterlife

Jennifer Ross - Freedom

Tara Marie Jack - I Fit In

Catherine Madeira - Memory From Another Time and Place

Sharon Gambrill - Lessons Learnt!

Trish Bowie - Moving Beyond the Unknown

Jennifer Wadsworth - How To Have It All: 4 Step to Manifest Anything!

Merrill K. Stanton - Miracles Are All Around Us

April L. Dodd, M.A. - Spritual Leaders

Valentina Galante - The Art of Noise

Lowell Owen Gillespie - FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE

Aubrey Rhoden - The Letter

Mimi Tran - Be the Best of You

Kalpana Parekh - Light The Way

Amy Pazahanick - The Courageous Heart

Nicole Stevenson- Dear Abby

Jeri Tourand - Life is Beautiful Because I AM

Sumya Anani - A Chakra Circus

Beryl Huang - The Art of the Broken Heart

Dajon Ferrell - Clarity in the Creative Chaos

Angela Serna - Finding Peace in a World of Chaos

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