Spiritual Odyssey of a Seeker

Spiritual Odyssey of a Seeker

by Madhusudan Paranjape


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The author has compiled this book based on his spiritual experiences for over six decades. Great masters and sages have been giving him direct experiences
(primarily in his waking hours) for the last sixty years.
Sticking to his habit, he has been recording these experiences word for word as and when they happened.
The subject of these experiences has mostly been spirituality. Every word of the experiences, as recorded,
is true. His friends and his family members were trying to convince him to get them published but he was not too keen because he felt these were personal experiences,
only valuable to him in his spiritual practice. However,
after receiving direct instructions from Saint Shri Saibaba,
he decided to get them published in a book form.
The current book has been written in English so that it reaches a wider audience in India and abroad.
The author has already written a book in Marathi -
Sagunatun Nirgunakade - specifically as instructed by one of his Gurus Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj. The author is a Non-Dualist; some of the experiences were given to him to clarify many moot (to him) points in this difficult subject of Oneness. With a view to making his approach clear to the readers, he has written a lengthy
The author strongly feels that as per the predetermined design of the Masters he was given experiences in Duality to take him further towards
Non-Duality. Duality is inevitable but it is only Relative
Reality. Through the experiences he was taught to cognize the Reality-Non-Dual Consciousness.

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