Spiritual Reality

Spiritual Reality

by Lydia Anne Mitchell, Ph.D.


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ISBN-13: 9781982206031
Publisher: BalboaPress
Publication date: 06/22/2018
Pages: 162
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About the Author

With her unique background and spiritual guidance, Lydia is focused on helping others to combine the spiritual and physical realities of life.
Lydia's scientific studies into the microscopic physical world give her a unique understanding of the subtle energies unseen by the human eye. After obtaining her doctorate in chemistry at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Lydia worked in research in the education and corporate worlds. She carried out experiments based on electromagnetic principles to determine the structure of compounds on a molecular level.
Giving consulting and training courses in Feng Shui shifted her focus to the spiritual arena. She consults for business and residential Feng Shui clients in the United States, Spain, Ireland, and South America. Lydia currently lives with her husband in the Patagonia region of Chile.
She can be contacted through her website at https://www.LydiaAnneMitchell.com and her Feng Shui Web site at https://www.LydiaMitchell.com.

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The following is what I consider the most basic of universal laws on earth. I am not going to sugarcoat it. I will state it and then go on to explain what I mean.

Everything exists by agreement, including our relationships with inanimate objects. This is a basic law. It is often unpleasant to consider because it appears to throw a huge responsibility onto you. In a world where you may already feel you have many responsibilities, it can be overwhelming. However, when examined more closely or in terms of the whole, it really is not that bad.

From a monistic approach (defined in the preface), the concept of connection with all is a given. In other words, you are connected to everything, including the universal source. You made these agreements initially, before taking this form here, and you continue to make them while here on this earth. The overall picture is one of growth and also support from the matrix that is spirit.

You are responsible for your actions but are also supported on all levels by spirit. In the hustle and bustle of life, you may not often see this side of your agreement. This lack of connection with the support you are due as part of the agreement leaves you at a disadvantage. You are not using all the chips you have available to you in the challenges you have chosen for yourself.

In this chapter, I am going to go over some of the more obvious agreements you make with society first, and then I'll move on to the less commonly understood agreements.

Your Agreement with Family, Friends, and Coworkers

With your loved ones, friends, and coworkers, you may be used to the concept of agreement — or disagreement, as the case may be. You may even be used to the idea of agreeing to disagree. For example, when you have a friend who has a different political viewpoint, and you both know neither of you will change your opinion, you might decide to avoid the topic in order to preserve harmony in the relationship. It is a dance that helps you balance in a world of different opinions and varied ideas. With the agreement settled, you basically know where you stand and so tend to feel safer. You have a path you can follow, knowing the parameters around you. You also have an agreement to turn up to work at a specific time, to respect your coworkers, and to generally respect those around you in the society. Hence, these agreements are the foundation of a successful life and society.

Naturally, you occasionally encounter deception or feeling cheated due to lack of agreement. This causes major upsets for people.

Breaking agreements — as when workers do not turn up for work when scheduled, or an employer does not pay on time, or a friend says he will come over and does not let you know his plans have changed — is also upsetting to people. This breaking of an agreement will upset some people more than others depending on their personalities and conditioning, as well as the degree to which the agreement was broken.

Then there are nebulous agreements in which one person thinks the agreement is one thing and the other person thinks it is something else. A spouse may assume that because her partner has picked up the children the last four Wednesdays, this pattern will continue, and she bases her activities around this assumption — only to find that this is not the case. Here again, problems arise. Lack of a clear understanding will, at some point, lead to either revisiting the issues of the agreement or upset and a degree of separation between the parties.

Depending on the issues involved, it can have long-range effects in the life of one or both parties. These long-range effects will then be felt by those around the people involved. In this manner, a ripple can expand from a single nebulous agreement. When the pattern is repeated, it becomes problematic because trust is lost between the parties.

In the case of a dishonest agreement or deception by one or more of the parties involved, the effects are even more dramatic. More ill will and even legal repercussions can result. The ripple effect then goes out to all those connected with the event, and those connected with them are in turn affected by the story in some way. People in the second ripples and those further out will have stories about the situation with their own interpretation, which will be passed on and interpreted in turn. Thus, the agreement or lack thereof spreads. The fact we do not consciously know of all these repercussions does not change them. In fact, the only thing that can change them is a spiritual perspective. Forgiveness is the only solution. The Hawaiian forgiveness ceremony Ho'o pono pono is incredibly powerful and works through a spiritual as well as emotional level. I first learned this from my Feng Shui master, Louis Audet, who learned it from the Hawaiian Kahuna Mornah Simeona. She taught a modernized or western version of healing based on the ancient Hawaiian tradition of the Ho'o pono pono. There is another well-known simpler version now taught by her associate Dr. Hew Len, who worked and trained with her for a number of years which I refer to in chapter 2.

The words Ho'o pono pono translates as the process of setting things right. The Hawaiian Kahunas are the equivalent of shamans in other traditions. The word Kahuna means literally one who has words and chants to heal. The common meaning for the title Kahuna is the keeper of the secret.

For all forms of Ho'o pono pono, there are two main concepts involved.

1) It is based on the belief that all things and people are connected, and that the world around you is a reflection of your own thoughts.

2) The process of forgiveness changes your interactions and karma with those around you.

In the Mornah Simeona Hawaiian process of the ancients, you are forgiving the other person whom you are focusing on, and their friends and family from the beginning of time, for all things that they have done to you. They also forgive you, your family, and your friends from the beginning of time for all the things you have done to them, their friends, and their family. This Hawaiian forgiveness ceremony can take as little time as five minutes when done with intention. The important thing about this is that it is done from your higher self to the other person's higher self. When doing this, your intention is to resolve any issues between you.

There are other versions and viewpoints of this now, as well as books. With good reason, it has become quite popular. I will talk about this in more detail later in chapter 2.

On a personal level, agreement is very important to a sense of stability and well-being, both individually and in society.

Agreements with Society

Social agreements are the foundation on which society is built. All of society is involved. We elect governments, both local and national. School committees help educate our young. The schools have rules to train the young. Parents teach their children rules with which they hope the children will agree.

When you follow rules, they are agreements. They are agreements that have been formalized.

Media-related Agreements

Besides these obvious agreements within the fabric of society, there is a less obvious form of agreement: that between the people who listen to the news and the media who present it. The media seems to influence the beliefs and thoughts of those who listen to it. On the other hand, the news media often indicates that it is presenting what people want to hear.

This would suggest there is an agreement between the media and people listening to it. Keep in mind that to disagree with the news, but at the same time to watch it, is still an agreement with the news media. The watchers are putting faith in the news media to find information they do not have the time, ability, or interest to gather. Whether the viewers agree with the findings or not is another issue – an issue of often great entertainment value between family and friends.

The agreement between the watchers and the providers of the news gives some indication of the focus of the society. When the news repeatedly has stories based on fear and destructive events, this indicates that the society as a whole is fearful, and the individuals feel the need to protect themselves from the rest of society. These individuals are less likely to support society as a whole.

Another scenario is when the news media reports the fear and destruction but also reports on people making a difference in these events and on issues that the society wants to resolve. This indicates a society and people in it that are not as fearful and have the emotional space to work on solving society issues. This willingness is reflected in the news media.

Agreements with Physical Matter

Now we get to the interesting agreements, the agreements with more obvious consequences. The results of breaking agreements with physical matter will be visible, clear, and immediate, not nebulous or slow to come to fruition. Breaking agreements with physical matter has immediate physical results, as I will detail below.

Jumping off a Cliff, Chairs

There are agreements that can be broken without dire physical consequences, and then there are agreements that cannot be broken without obvious consequences!

There is the kind of interaction with the physical world that you, as a normal human being, cannot change at this spiritual level. Society in general has an agreement that physical matter is a solid energy that you interact with in a solid way. You do not interact with physical objects such as wall, desk, footpath, or stove as a combination of atoms with large empty spaces in between them. Society has the belief, and hence reality, that objects and the world around us is a solid physical expression of matter.

You are trained from a very young age that you should be careful of the hot stove, stay away from the cars on the road, and not go near cliffs. In other words, hopefully your parents taught you survival skills. These cautionary notes are very important in a world with consequences. You put your hand accidently on a hot stove, and it will burn. You jump from a cliff, and unless you are a holy master or from another planet, you will die. There are limits to your physical agreements that are dependent on your abilities to handle them and the general belief system of the society. If you were a highly developed spiritual being such as Jesus or Buda you could change these agreements. However, for normal mortal beings, I do not recommend trying it!

These are all agreements you as a human have been trained to make with the solid matter in your world. You would not think to disagree with the pavement if you trip, or with the table you accidently bump into. It is a given that it will hurt you; it is not negotiable. You normally do not argue with these physical realities. The only thing you can do is avoid these situations and take care of your body. At our present level of development, the agreement between solid objects is that they are solid and are potentially dangerous to us.

Then there is the second type of agreement between objects that we have been trained to believe we cannot change — but at times we can. They are less defined and also less dangerous to challenge. In fact, they are often beneficial to us. These are the ones on which I want to concentrate.

What the first group above, of defined agreement with solid matter, taught you is that things are solid in your world and are inanimate. It is unlikely your parents would have approved of a conversation between you and a chair, or their car.

Generally, society considers there to be two basic categories of matter, animate and inanimate. The animate is considered to come in all shapes and sizes and includes animals, man, microorganisms, plants, and insects. These are considered to be alive. People can talk to their horses and dogs without other people thinking they are crazy. The agreement in society is that it is okay to communicate with pets. Nowadays, it is occasionally more acceptable to talk to your plants. This is a little trickier as far as the societal agreement goes. Talking to microorganisms would be considered unagreeable by most people.

The inanimate category includes rocks, water, minerals, shells, metal, plastic, glass, wood, and rubber. These inorganic things are not considered to be alive. Some are fabricated from other components. But the main point I want to make is that they are not considered to have a life force or consciousness because they are not considered to have the spark of life.

The purely physical world view includes the belief that because they are not officially alive, you cannot have an agreement with them. This means that officially, you cannot talk to them. Or you can, but if you hear an answer, you are considered to be in trouble.

Agreement between Physical and Spiritual

We live in a physical world as we see it. It is a belief that we have been trained to have by the society and surroundings to which we are exposed. Hence our experience is limited to this physical reality. However, within this physical framework, there is another level of reality that is subtler and less documented, accepted, or even thought about.

There are many religious groups and wonderful forms of worship around the world, however people often separate their worship from the rest of their lives by going to church (or other religious institutions) only one day a week, or not taking time during the workday or meals to perform a ritual or thanksgiving. The society in general tends to act in the world as either spiritual or physical on a daily basis. In so many belief systems, the physical and spiritual sides of life are seen as remaining separate. There are exceptions to this view, and that is what I would like to address.

The combination of physical and spiritual on a consistent daily basis is acceptable by the majority of the population in movies or martial arts. In martial arts such as chi gong, students are taught to unite their spiritual beings with their physical bodies. In so doing, they perform impressive physical feats such as breaking bricks or boards with their bare hands.

This clear separation between physical and spiritual in your daily lives has robbed you of some of your natural abilities as well as a level of advancement as beings.

I believe that the spirit and the physical do mix and are in fact intertwined. A lot of the healings that are miraculous are derived from the intervention of spirit. In the book Miracles from Heaven by Christy Wilson Beam, seven miraculous healings are described that doctors could not explain. There are many Christian references to miraculous healing through prayer. However, before there is any intervention, there needs to be a request as well as an agreement with the soul, subconscious, and body. In other words, the person must be truly committed at all levels for the healing to occur.

For me, a simple but dramatic example of how the body can be controlled by spirit through belief was on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. An island man (I do not remember from which island) was performing for people who passed by. The performance consisted of him standing on a chair and jumping on broken glass with bare feet. I could hear glass breaking. He was only wearing shorts. He then proceeded to lie down on the broken glass and ask members of the audience to stand on his chest. I was partly hiding behind my friend as I expected to see cuts and blood. He did not have a scratch on him. Afterward, when people went away, the scientist in me had to ask how he did it and examine the glass (and him) in more detail. When I asked him how he could accomplish this miraculous feat, he said it came from the belief system of the island where he grew up. He said the people there believed that this could be accomplished by anyone. I asked him if he ever got cut. He said he was only cut once, the first time he did the performance, and he showed me a small scar on the edge of his heel. He elaborated on this with the story of how he got started in his job. He explained that on his island, he had a friend who performed this daily but could not do it one night, and so the friend asked him to perform instead. It was accepted where he came from that no harm would come if you did the performance.

After that first performance and one small cut, he had no ill effects. He was a cheery guy who had no issues with his view of the physical world. I could see freshly broken glass from his recent jump and performance. He had indents in his back but no cuts

The point of the story is that he truly believed, and always had, that he could overcome the physical reality of broken glass meeting human flesh. The result was that he could. In other words, there is more at play than the physical body as we have been trained to know it.


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Table of Contents

Preface, ix,
Introduction, xv,
1 Everything Is an Agreement, 1,
2 A Learning Experience, 26,
3 Releasing Imagined Boundaries, 36,
4 About Manifesting, 45,
5 Love Makes the World Go Around, 54,
6 Living Moment by Moment, 65,
7 You Have Everything You Need, 77,
8 Living Well in Your Body, 85,
9 Trusting in Life, 96,
10 Joy in Serving, 107,
11 A Life That Shines, 117,
12 Transform into the Light, 129,
Summary, 133,
About the Author, 135,
Endnotes, 139,

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