Spiritual Science of Numbers: How Names & Numbers Affect Your Life

Spiritual Science of Numbers: How Names & Numbers Affect Your Life

by Jideoni Charles

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This book focuses on the single numbers, i.e. 1-9, as they affect the earthly man. Every living soul must fall within the spiritual confines of these single numbers which determine the individuality and the observable parts of man.
A person’s birth day, if a compound, must be rounded down to its single number which will ‘per force’ dominate his path of destiny. For example, a person born on the 29th of any month will be said to be a number 2 person i.e. 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2. In this book, therefore, such a native will simply go to Chapter 3 of this book and look up the readings of his personality cast.
A person’s birth number, which is the primary theme of this book, will continue to influence his destiny throughout his life-time; and as such, it behooves the reader to carefully note his birth number, and discover for himself how the number has dominantly been featuring (with its fadic influences) in all the important events of his life.

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