Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Spiritual Warfare Prayers

by Mark I. Bubeck

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ISBN-13: 9780802484222
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 05/01/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 18
Sales rank: 515,863
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About the Author

MARK BUBECK is the founder and president emeritus of ICBC, Inc., now Deeper Walk International. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute and received his D.Min. degree from Talbot Theological Seminary and a diploma in Theology from Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary.

A pastor for more than 40 years, Dr. Bubeck is author of The Adversary, Overcoming the Adversary, The Rise of Fallen Angels, and Raising Lambs Among Wolves, now updated and re-published as The Adversary at Home.

He lives in Sun City, Arizona.

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Spiritual Warfare Prayers

By Mark I. Bubeck

Moody Publishers

Copyright © 1997 Mark I. Bubeck
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-8024-8422-2



Prayer is a powerful resource for followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ's atonement for our sins empowers us with His righteousness in order to face the spiritual battles in this evil world.

The following spiritual warfare prayers are really what I term "doctrinal prayers." They draw power from the absolutes of truth available to believers through the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Such prayer enables us to apply the victories won by Jesus Christ directly against the efforts of Satan and his host.

Though Satan seeks to defeat us in living a vibrant Christian life, our weapons are mighty: They have "divine power to demolish strongholds" (2 Corinthians 10:4).

The pattern prayers that appear throughout this booklet have proven helpful in defeating satanic influences in believers' lives. I commend these prayers to you as a model. They represent a vital way to use doctrinal truth as you pray on behalf of your friends, your children, your church, your country, and yourself.



Dear heavenly Father, I praise You that I am united with the Lord Jesus Christ in all of His life and work. By faith I desire to enter into the victory of the incarnation of my Lord today. I invite Him to live His victory in me. Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, that You experienced all temptations that I experience and yet never sinned.

I enter by faith into the mighty work of the crucifixion of my Lord. Thank You, dear Father, that through Jesus' blood there is moment-by-moment cleansing from sin, permitting me to fellowship with You. Thank You that the work of the Cross brings Satan's work to nothing.

I enter by faith into the full power and authority of my Lord's resurrection. I desire to walk in the newness of life that is mine through my Lord's resurrection. Lead me into a deeper understanding of the power of the Resurrection.

By faith I enter into my union with the Lord Jesus Christ in His ascension. I rejoice that my Lord displayed openly His victory over all powers as He ascended into glory through the very realm of the prince of the power of the air.

I enter into my victory aggressively and claim my place as more than a conqueror through Him who loves me. I offer up this prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus with thanksgiving. Amen.



Loving heavenly Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I bring before You _______. I thank You, heavenly Father, that You have sovereign control over (first name). I thank You for the qualities of _________ and ______ that I see that You have placed in this man/woman.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and as a priest of God, I plead the sufficiency of the blood of Christ to meet the full penalty his sins deserve. I claim back the ground of his life that he has given to Satan by believing the enemy's deception. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I resist all of Satan's activity to hold _______ in blindness and darkness.

Exercising my authority through my union with the Lord Jesus Christ, I pull down the strongholds which the kingdom of darkness has formed against _______. I smash all those plans formed against _______'s mind, will, emotions, and his/her body. I invite the Holy Spirit of God to bring the fullness of His power to convict, to bring to repentance, and to lead _________ into faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as his/her Savior. I ask you, heavenly Father, to draw _______ to Yourself.

Believing that Your Holy Spirit is leading me, I claim (full name) for You in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus' great name I joyfully lay this prayer before You. Amen.



Dear God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I worship You in the wonder of Your triune oneness. Thank You, blessed Holy Spirit, for Your great work of baptizing me into this body of Christ, the church. Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for continuing Your mighty work of readying Your church, to present her to Yourself as a radiant bride, without stain of any kind.

My Father, I rejoice that Your salvation has united me inseparably not only with Yourself but also with every other believer. Yet I long and pray for the bringing together of Your born-again ones. We have been terribly wounded by those things that have divided us.

Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for planning for unity rather than uniformity. The diversity of Your body is part of its beauty and appeal to the lost. It adds to Your glory. Help us to love one another in our diversity.

Blessed heavenly Father, I recognize that Satan and his kingdom are relentless in their efforts to keep believers divisive toward one another. As the accuser of the believers, he continually plants suspicions in believers' hearts. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, I pull down that work of darkness and bind our enemy that he might not succeed. I ask the Holy Spirit to supplant all divisive works active in believers.

In Jesus' precious name I pray. Amen.



Loving heavenly Father, I thank You for Your perfect plan for our marriage. I know that a marriage functioning in Your will is fulfilling and beautiful. I bring our marriage before You that You might make it all You desire it to be.

Please forgive me for my sins of failure in our marriage. [One may specify and enlarge confession.] In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I tear down all of Satan's strongholds designed to destroy our marriage. In His name, I break all negative relationships between us that have been established by Satan and his wicked spirits. I will accept only the relationships established by You and the blessed Holy Spirit. I invite the Holy Spirit to enable me to relate to ________ [your spouse's name] in a manner that will meet his/her needs.

I submit our conversations to You, that they may please You. I submit our physical relationship to You, that it may enjoy Your blessing. I submit our love to You, that You may cause it to grow and mature.

Open my eyes to see all areas where I am deceived. Open _______ 's eyes to see any of Satan's deceptions upon him/her. Make our union to be the Christ-centered relationship You have designed in Your perfect will. I ask this in Jesus' name with thanksgiving. Amen.



In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I claim the protection of the belt of truth, described in Ephesians 6:14. I pray its protection over my personal life, my home and family, and the ministry God has appointed for my life. I use the belt of truth directly against Satan and his kingdom of darkness. I embrace Him who is the truth, the Lord Jesus Christ, as my strength and protection from all of Satan's deceptions.

I desire that the truth of God's Word shall constantly gain a deeper place in my life. I pray that the truth of the Word of God may be my heart's delight to study and memorize.

Forgive me for my sins of not speaking the truth. Show me any way in which I am being deceived.

I ask the Holy Spirit to warn me before I deceive anyone and to protect me always from believing Satan's lies. Thank You, Lord, for making my local church a pillar and foundation for Your truth in my life. Help me to relate to my church and give protection to others as well as receive it myself.

I see, Lord Jesus Christ, that my ability to be strong and to do Your will requires the stabilizing power of the belt of truth. Thank You for providing this part of the armor. Amen.



Loving heavenly Father, I come again to worship You in the wonder of who You are.

I confess my sins to You, dear heavenly Father. Wash me clean in my Savior's precious blood from all that offends You. I recognize within my person a fleshly nature that can be rebellious in Your sight. I affirm that in my union with Christ in His death I am dead to the rule of the fleshly nature.

I desire the new nature You have placed within me to be in charge through the power of my Savior's resurrection. Thank You for having made this new creation in righteousness and true holiness, so I can love You deeply and serve You fully.

May Your Holy Spirit enable me to manifest before You and others the fruit of His full control.

I confess that, as a believer, I show my poor, blind, and naked condition. Thank You that my Lord Jesus Christ has invited me to come and buy from Him gold refined in His disciplining fires. I want that gold for myself and for Your church. Anoint our eyes with the eye salve that enables us to see things as our Lord Jesus Christ sees them.

I base every request on the merit of our Lord Jesus Christ's finished work. Amen.



Heavenly Father, I come before You to plead Your mercy over my own sins, the sins of other believers, and the sins of our nation.

May You judge not this nation with wrath and fury as upon Sodom, but judge it with a mighty outpouring of conviction of sin. May sinners groan under the burden of their guilt until the people cry out as did those at Pentecost, "What shall we do?"

I praise Your holy name that there is sufficient measure of grace through the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ to answer this cry. I wait for the Holy Spirit to prepare and bring us all to revival.

I ask this all with praise in the merit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

* * *

Loving heavenly Father, I see about me brokenness and need. I see great needs in my own heart, in my family, among my fellow believers, and in my community and culture. Teach me to care, and to pray about those needs as Your servant Nehemiah learned to pray.

Unveil Your presence among us. Draw near to us that we might experience the brokenness and the awareness of our sinful need. I affirm that revival comes as people become aware of the near presence of our holy God.

It's in the name and finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ that I pray. Amen.



Heavenly Father, I put on the armor of God with gratitude and praise. You have provided all I need to stand in victory against Satan and his kingdom.

I confidently take the belt of truth. Thank You that Satan cannot stand against the bold use of truth.

Thank You for the breastplate of righteousness. I embrace that righteousness which is mine by faith in Jesus Christ. I know that Satan must retreat before the righteousness of God.

You have provided the solid rock of peace. I claim the peace with God that is mine through justification. I desire the peace of God that touches my emotions and feelings through prayer and sanctification (Philippians 4:6).

Eagerly, Lord, I lift up the shield of faith against all the blazing missiles that Satan fires at me. I know that You are my shield.

I recognize that my mind is a particular target of Satan's deceiving ways. I cover my mind with the powerful helmet of salvation.

With joy I lift the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. I choose to live in its truth and power. Enable me to use Your Word to defend myself from Satan, and also to wield the sword well, to push Satan back, to defeat him.

Thank You, dear Lord, for prayer. Help me to keep this armor well oiled with prayer. All these petitions I offer You through the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.



The fleshly desires are part of our lives as believers, but they need not control us. Through prayer, we can apply three biblical steps to freedom from fleshly desires. First, honest admission and confession of temptation (Colossians 3:5–10):

Lord Jesus Christ, my old fleshly nature is tempting me to __________ (name the temptation, e.g., lust, anger, gossip), and I know that if it's left to itself, it is wicked enough to cause me to sin against You.

Second, the realization that we have died with Christ (Romans 6:11; Galatians 5:24). We should "count [ourselves] dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus." Acknowledge this truth to Christ in prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, I affirm that through the work of Your cross I am dead with You to the rule and control of my flesh and its desire toward ___________ (name of fleshly temptation being experienced at that moment, e.g., anger, lust).

Third, living in the control of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:16–25). This requires that we turn to the Holy Spirit:

Blessed Holy Spirit, I ask You now to replace this fleshly desire that is tempting me toward ________ (state the fleshly appeal; e.g., jealousy, lust) with the fruit of Your control. Put within my mind, will, and emotions Your love, joy, peace, patience, and all the virtues that my Lord Jesus Christ enables me to live out for His glory. Amen.



Blessed heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I desire to walk in the Spirit today. I recognize that only as He manifests the life of Jesus Christ in me will I be able to escape the works of my flesh. I pray that the Holy Spirit may produce His fruit within my whole being and shed abroad in my heart great love for the heavenly Father, for the Lord Jesus Christ, and for others about me.

Forgive me, dear Holy Spirit, for the many times I have grieved You by my sinning. Grant to me always the awareness of my sins that I might quickly confess them to God. Grant me also the desire to obey God's precious Word. Grant me discernment to avoid being deceived by false spirits.

I desire that the Holy Spirit fill all my being with His presence and control me by faith. Fill me, heavenly Father, with His power that You might be glorified through the invincible strength You provide me to do Your will. I trust my victory over the flesh today completely into the hands of the Holy Spirit as I let Him take control of me.

All of this I ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for Your glory. Amen.



I worship and honor my heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I ask You, Lord Jesus, to assign Your holy angels to protect me from any strategies of darkness designed to oppose this prayer for freedom.

In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of His blood, I affirm my authority over all wicked spirits assigned to control me and hinder my life and witness for Christ. I now command all lingering wicked spirits to cease their work and be bound in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also bind all replacer wicked spirits assigned to rebuild evicted strongholds. They may not do that! I command all those spirits assigned against me to remain whole spirits. I forbid any dividing, restructuring, or multiplying of wicked spirits working against me.

All powers of darkness having assignment against me must hear and obey Him who is their Creator and Conqueror. I affirm that God has seated me with Christ Jesus in the heavenly realms far above all principalities and supernatural powers of darkness.

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask You to tell all of these powers of darkness assigned to rule over me where they must go. Confine them where they can never trouble me again. I yield fully to all of the purposes You have in this battle I have been facing. In Your great name I pray. Amen.



Those who have prayed to remove "demonic" harassment may also choose to pray the following:

Spirit of the living God, I ask You to evict from my conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind all control of any wicked powers. Break all of their power and manipulation of my thought processes. Sweep them away and make my mind clear of any wicked spirit dominion. Renew and sanctify my mind, Holy Spirit.

I now ask the Holy Spirit to look all through my emotions on the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious levels. Evict any controlling powers of darkness. Gracious Holy Spirit, take control of my emotions. Fill them with the Spirit's fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, meekness, faithfulness, and self-control.

I now ask the Holy Spirit to look all through my conscious, unconscious, and subconscious will for any control of wicked powers. Evict them now to where the Lord Jesus Christ is commanding them to go. Sweep my volition totally clean from evil control and manipulation.

I offer my body in all of its parts and functions as an expression of my spiritual worship to my heavenly Father. Holy Spirit, look through all my body for any controlling activity of wicked spirits. I surrender all my physical appetites to Christ's lordship and my sexuality for the glory of God.

In the name and worthiness of my Lord Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.


Excerpted from Spiritual Warfare Prayers by Mark I. Bubeck. Copyright © 1997 Mark I. Bubeck. Excerpted by permission of Moody Publishers.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

1. For Spiritual Victory

2. For Salvation of Friend

3. For Christian Unity

4. To Wear the Armor of God

5. To Know and Speak the Truth

6. Of Repentance

7. For Revival For Marriage

8. Against Temptation

9. To Live by the Spirit

10. To Remove Demonic Harassment

11. To Remove Demonic Influence

12. For the Country and World

13. Six Prayers for Children

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Spiritual Warfare Prayers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has anice variety of prayers for many different situations. Prayers are very piwerful. I really enjoyed book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This collection of prayers really helps improve your prayer life. I have shared them with many people and they have found them to be just as beneficial.