Spirituality, Health, And Healing: An Integrative Approach / Edition 2

Spirituality, Health, And Healing: An Integrative Approach / Edition 2

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Jones & Bartlett Learning


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Spirituality, Health, And Healing: An Integrative Approach / Edition 2

Spirituality, Health, and Healing: An Integrative Approach offers health care professionals and individual caregivers the guidelines and tools necessary to provide compassionate, spiritual care to their clients and patients. By describing the profound role of spirituality on the body, mind, and spirit, this resource is an essential asset to practitioners eager to enhance their understanding of this important topic.

The Second Editon has been completely updated and revised to include new content and current research. New information on integral spirituality, consciousness, the New Thought movement, and Western worldviews has been added along with updated information on healing rituals, sacred healing places on earth, and spiritual care at the end of life. There is also added information on altars, energy, symbols and environmental messages, an added section on designing with the natural world, and a new section on health care design and trends in health care design.

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ISBN-13: 9780763779429
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 11/03/2009
Edition description: 2E
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 239,019
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii

About the Authors xv

Part I The Spiritual Dimension 1

Chapter 1 Characteristics of Spirituality 3

Introduction 3

The Spiritual Dimension 4

Theories of Spirituality 5

Defining Spirituality 9

Essential Elements of Spirituality 12

Spirituality and Healing 17

Integral Spirituality 21

Consciousness 22

The New Thought Movement 24

Western Worldviews 26

A Spirituality of Wholeness 27

Summary 29

Key Concepts 29

Questions for Reflection 29

References 30

Chapter 2 Spirituality, the Healthcare Professional, and the Spiritual Care Provider 35

Introduction 35

Spiritual Healthcare Providers 38

The Spirituality of Healthcare Providers 52

Barriers to Providing Spiritual Care 53

Moral and Ethical Issues in Spiritual Care 56

Summary 60

Key Concepts 60

Questions for Reflection 61

References 61

Chapter 3 Spiritual Rituals 67

Introduction 67

Creating Rituals 69

Prayer 69

Meditation, Visualization, and Guided Imagery 73

Gratitude 77

Spending Time in Nature 78

Art 79

Dance and Ritual 80

Storytelling 81

Rituals as a Healing Force 83

Summary 84

Key Concepts 84

Questions for Reflection 85

References 85

Chapter 4 Spirituality, Religion, and Health 89

Introduction 89

Religion and Religiosity 90

The Connection Between Spirituality, Religion, and Health 91

The Benefits of Religion on Specific Health Conditions 96

Religious Beliefs, Religious Practices, and Health 97

Integrating Religious Practices and Beliefs into Health Care 104

Summary 105

Key Concepts 106

Questions for Reflection 106

References 107

Chapter 5 Spirituality, Culture, and Health 111

Introduction 111

Culture Defined 112

How are Spirituality, Culture, and Health Related? 113

Compassion and Culturally Competent Care 115

Looking Within: A Spiritual and Cultural Self-Assessment 115

Health Belief Systems 117

Healthcare Systems 118

Cultural Groups in the United States 119

Language and Culturally Competent Care 135

Summary 138

Key Concepts 139

Questions for Reflection 140

References 140

Part II Providing Spiritual Care 143

Chapter 6 Spiritual Assessment and Spiritual Care 145

Introduction 145

Spiritual Care 146

Assessing Spiritual Status 148

Preparing for the Spiritual Assessment: Strategies for Success 152

Conducting the Spiritual Assessment 156

Models for Spiritual Assessment 157

Spiritual Diagnoses: Alterations in Spiritual Integrity 164

Planning Spiritual Care 166

Implementing Spiritual Care 168

Evaluating Spiritual Care 169

Summary 170

Key Concepts 170

Questions for Reflection 171

References 171

Chapter 7 Therapeutic Interventions for Healing 175

Introduction 175

Music Therapy 176

Art Therapy 182

Dance and Movement Therapy 185

Humor Therapy 187

Animal-Assisted Therapy 191

Summary 198

Key Concepts 198

Questions for Reflection 199

References 199

Chapter 8 Sacred Spaces, Healing Places 203

Introduction 204

Sacred, Healing Spaces: What are they and Why are they Important? 205

Health Care's Shift in Focus 208

Designing for Humanness: The Healer's Presence and Healing Environments 211

The Power of Design: Creating a Spiritually Healing Environment 213

Sacred Space: Designing with the Natural World 231

Summary 236

Key Concepts 236

Questions for Reflection 237

References 237

Part III The Spiritual Dimension in End-of-Life Care 241

Chapter 9 Spiritual Care of the Dying 243

Introduction 243

Spiritual, Psychological, and Social Dimensions at the End of life 244

Cultural Considerations at the End of Life 247

Spiritual Caregiving Strategies 250

Hospice and Palliative Care 255

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dying at Home 259

Summary 259

Key Concepts 261

Questions for Reflection 262

References 262

Chapter 10 Spirituality and the Grieving Process 265

Introduction 265

The Grieving Process 266

Types of Grief Responses 268

Normal Grief Responses 269

Cultural Differences in Response to Grief 272

Coping with Grief 275

Grief Counseling and Elements of Healing 276

Summary 278

Key Concepts 278

Questions for Reflection 279

References 279

Part IV Spirituality and Special Populations 281

Chapter 11 Spirituality, Religion, and Children 283

Introduction 283

The Development of Spirituality and Religion in Children 284

Phases of Psychosocial and Spiritual Development 286

Spiritual Assessments of Children 296

Spiritual Distress in Children 298

Providing spiritual Care to Children 299

Spiritual Care of the Child with a Chronic Illness 303

Spiritual Care of the Dying Child 306

Summary 309

Key Concepts 309

Questions for Reflection 310

References 310

Chapter 12 Spiritual Dimensions of Aging 313

Introduction 313

The Unique Spiritual Challenges of Aging 315

A Changing Paradigm 316

Aging and the Human Spirit 317

Spiritual Development in the Aging Individual 319

Loss, Hope, Spirituality, and Aging 321

Love, Sexuality, Spirituality, and Aging 321

Religion, Spirituality, Aging, and Health 327

Coping Strategies for Difficult Times 329

Spiritual Interventions for the Aging Adult 332

Spiritual Elders 333

Summary 337

Key Concepts 338

Questions for Reflection 338

References 339

Index 343

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