Spiritually Reincarnated

Spiritually Reincarnated

by Gilbert Saenz


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ISBN-13: 9781491818497
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/14/2013
Pages: 112
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Spiritually Reincarnated

By Gilbert Saenz


Copyright © 2013 Gilbert Saenz
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-1849-7


The Butterfly Effect

This is a story of a young man who worked as a therapist at a mental health hospital. The young man in this story enjoyed his job because he helped sick people. Some of his clients were convicted criminals that came from prison. Others were violent people that came from the streets. Yet others were middle class average people who just happened to be down on their luck.

All these clients had one thing in common. They were all human beings and they were all sick people living with a disease called mental illness. The young therapist viewed these people in a kind and understanding way. He realized that everyone has a story, everyone wants it to be heard, yet not everyone has the ability to listen to other people. The young therapist in this story had that capability. He knew how to listen and he knew how to listen well. Because of the nature of their illness, his clients were often ignored and dehumanized by our society.

What people don't understand, is that not everybody is able to tell their story and express themselves in appropriate ways. Not everyone can control their behavior and communicate with others. Some people feel justified to express themselves with violence, because they think it is the only way they can be heard. It's not the violence that defines us, it is the intent behind those actions.

During some of his sessions, this young therapist would be verbally threatened. Some of his clients would try and harm him. During one session, a client threw a sofa chair at the nurse station of the unit because he was upset. This particular client only did that because he felt he was being ignored. By acting out, he would get the attention that he so much desired. This young man only wanted somebody to pay attention to him.

The young therapist in this story understood this concept. It helped him view his clients in a different way. He was able to understand his clients simply because he listened to them. Years of college did not help this therapist develop the art of listening. Many people unintentionally while trying to help are too busy giving advice and are not listening to what is being said to them. Many people shut others down in this way and don't even realize it.

The big secret of this therapist's success, was his ability to listen and understand what was being said. The therapist would listen to every single word that the clients were saying. Not only did he listen, he also was interested in everything that was being said. He was interested in the story behind the words that were being expressed to him. The young therapist was able to provide a safe warm environment for his clients without saying a single word.

The second secret to this therapist's success, was the positive energy that he gave his clients. As humans, we are all sensitive to the energy that is put out by others. For example, if you are in a bad mood, you put out negative vibrations. This energy is than picked up by other people. The negative energy than spreads like a rapid virus infecting anyone it comes in contact with. This young therapist would always be energetic and happy around his patients.

The butterfly effect concept basically implies that a tiny variation can have a huge effect on a bigger and more complex system. In other words, in order to describe the effect of a bigger system, smaller elements within that system must be taken into account. It is the little pieces put together that make up the whole. Every single phenomenon has a starting point. Smaller things gradually accumulate, when all are added together they form a larger system.

The young therapist actually believed in this concept. He believed that just one person could make a difference. The therapist held the notion that his actions could cause a ripple effect that could shake the foundation of psychology, and help sick people get better care. The young therapist started seeing things differently and developed a new perspective on life. He was able to see from a higher perspective, through the eyes of God not through the eyes of man.

The therapist worked in a poverty stricken part of town. He didn't earn much money, so he would eat lunch at a nearby restaurant that served cheap affordable food. He especially loved the ice cream this establishment served. He began eating there on a daily basis. His worked required that he dress nicely. He saved money and bought very expensive clothes to wear to work.

One day during lunch, the young therapist caught the eye of a young boy sitting across from him. This young boy was all alone, sitting there with no food. The boy was dressed in really old clothes and appeared to be from a poor family. The little boy stared at the young therapist eating lunch. Eventually, the therapist noticed the boy and just kept eating.

The therapist did not feel threatened in anyway, he just couldn't figure out why this young boy was all alone in a bad part of town sitting at an empty table with no food. The therapist was about to eat his last burger when he looked up and saw the young boy staring at him. The young boy looked away. Thinking the young boy was hungry and couldn't afford to eat; the therapist gave him his last burger and left. The therapist felt compassion for the young boy who just happened to be in a bad situation. The boy had no control over the circumstances of his life. He was born into poverty.

Here was a boy who had nothing and through no fault of his own, couldn't afford to eat. The therapist realized this and was intrigued by the fact that maybe one simple act of kindness, could make a difference in this young kid's life. He thought that perhaps a little simple act of kindness could cause a butterfly effect and turn this boy's life in a positive direction. The young therapist didn't expect anything in return, he just wanted to show the boy that someone does care about him. The identity of the young therapist is not important, what is important is the motive behind his actions.

Imagine for one second, if all the people in this world thought like our therapist. This one simple action cannot change the world, but it's a start. What would this world be like if everyone lived based on the same concepts as the young therapist and gave to others in need? That may be a stretch, imagine if only half the people in this world thought like this, what would the world be like? Okay, then imagine what would this world be like if half of the people thought like our therapist?

I'm not saying that we can change the world, because we have no control over the actions or thoughts of others, but we do have control over our thoughts and our actions. This world could be a better place, but like the butterfly effect, it needs to start somewhere. We need to start small and work our way up from there. Have you ever wondered to yourself how you could make this world a better place? Maybe it needs to start with you.

Success is not defined by what we do for ourselves; it is defined by what we do for others. Sometimes it's the small things that make a big difference in the life of someone else. Sometimes all you need to do is open your ears and just listen. Look around, if somebody needs help, then help if you can. As human beings, we have failed each other. It's not just about us; it's about so much more.

It's about preserving mankind and helping each other. It doesn't matter what God we believe in, or how we worship Him. All of these religious wars don't make any sense. We are all fighting over the same God. Some people just choose to worship differently. How about looking at what we all have in common as men of faith, rather than what God we worship?

Rather than bringing us together, religion seems to be tearing us apart. No matter what God we worship, he certainly doesn't want us fighting over Him. We have taken this concept of God and managed to mess it up. Everyone wants to be right at the expense of others. What we have to remember is, that we all inhabit the earth, and we all must coexist whether we like it or not.

Will our planet ever be at peace? My answer is no. Can one person really make a difference? Maybe not, but it's a start. Maybe by changing your thoughts and actions for the better, you can become like a butterfly flapping its wings. Many more butterflies start flapping their wings and the wind starts picking up. Maybe you can be that butterfly that creates that cool breeze on a hot summer day.


Spiritually Reincarnated

Life is a mystery not meaning to be solved, because when you figure it out, maybe it's not worth living. Life is a learning process that never ends. It is full of surprises and new discoveries. What bounds us together, also tears us apart. For example, the belief in God unites us, but how we go about worshipping him divides us. Differences lead to misunderstanding which leads to prejudice that ends in hate. The path to success and self-fulfillment is a long one. The journey is far greater than the destination. In order to be loved, we must love. In order to be forgiving, we must forgive. In order to be successful, we must fail. The key to success is right under our nose, we must not be blinded by fear in order to see it. All of us have potential, and that is all we need in order to achieve self-fulfillment. Learning to tap into that potential is the key to success. Every material success is an illusion. The real success is the happiness that we find within ourselves. We must spread our wings before we learn how to fly. I have been searching for God all my life, but do I really know what I am searching for? The answer is no, I do not, but I will know when I find it.


A Shadow in the Dark

A shadow in the dark, a figure in the mist, sometimes I feel like I just don't exist. A smaller sum of a larger whole, at times my life is just out of control. I have been misunderstood for far too long and nobody will miss me when I am gone. Like an insect stuck inside a spider's web, at times I feel like I'm already dead. If I were to scream out, but there is nobody around, it's like I never even made a sound. Where is God? Nowhere to be found, will he be there for me when I lay in the ground? There are so many things that I want to share but I'm a shadow in the dark but why should you care? I'm constantly searching for a far better place sometimes I feel stuck in a dark empty space. Filled with hurt and sprinkled with pride my innocence is gone it already died. There is just so much that I want to say, I carry so much pain every single day. I'm a shadow in the dark just wasting away, yet there are still things that I need to say. So lonely inside desolate and afraid, there is a cloud hovering over where I once laid. I can hear the ocean as the tide washes up my pain the sky is dark as it starts to rain. I'm a raindrop in the storm blowing down in the wind, blocking out the light and pain from within. Sometimes I feel like I'm time passing through, you can't judge me for what I went through. Everyone's pain is different deep down inside, I feel like a passenger just taking a ride. Love thy friend and enemies too cause in the end we will all be through. I'm a shadow in the dark don't judge me my friend and I won't judge you in the end.



As I walk through the shadow of my death, I will keep fighting Satan until my last breath. My physical body is finally gone, but after life your soul lives on. The pain in my life is so hard to comprehend, everyone I love goes away in the end. Like a raindrop being blown in a storm for a while, my thoughts and body are futile. That big bright light burning inside of me, will light up the sky for eternity. The love of God is so bright and warm, like an angel in heaven flying through a storm. I ask God will I find peace. The answer is yes once I am deceased. My eyes are shut closed, the life leaves my chest. I have paid for my sins, now I can rest.


Serenity Lake Preamble

The human body and mind has limited potential. The human spirit has limitless potential capable of miraculous things beyond our comprehension. Only by tapping into our spiritual consciousness can we take advantage of these natural resources, experience true freedom from ourselves, and release our emotional baggage. Every one of us has a limited dark side. We also have a limitless good side that goes beyond those boundaries. This is my dark side that has never been seen before. After years of struggling with it, I finally have it under control. When I was younger, there was this place that I used to visit alone when times got tough. I call it Serenity Lake and it has left an imprint in my memory. Lots of struggles within me have occurred there and this poem is a glimpse of my suffering. This is the most personal poem that I have ever written. I call it Serenity Lake.


Serenity Lake

There was this lake I used to know, when times were tough I used to go. As I looked in the lake my reflection would glow, I was falling apart and didn't want it to show. I remember that time I wanted to fly, seventeen years old and wanting to die. I remember those times alone in the dark, covered in tears and pain in my heart. I remember that time tainted with pride my only way out was suicide. I remember those times I should have died, strong on the surface but weak inside. Painful memories as they start to decay submerged in my mind they won't go away. Serenity Lake, a painful place located down south on an old Air Force base. Pretty on the outside so calm and serene, but listen closely you could hear me scream. Serenity Lake two worlds I cannot control, where demons lurk to snatch your soul. Life is nothing to me but a big test waiting to see if I manifest. Alone in my journey yet tortured by time, a miraculous life so dark but divine. Hold me in your arms and don't ever let me go, be there for me when I am out of control.


My Final Farewell

I'm so sorry to everyone for what I'm about to do I just want my life to be finally through. Tainted by a mirror that is hanging deep in the fog, I just want to go and finally meet God. If he truly does exist, the only thing He is to me is just a figure in the mist. Yet I insist to latch on to that last wish, that when I'm gone I probably won't be missed. I just can't look at my reflection in a mirror as I shed a tear and my heart full of fear. The only problem is that I cannot cry the only thing left for me is to die. I don't have much to leave behind; I'm going down lost somewhere in my mind. I fall down to my knees and beg you for forgiveness, I'm so sorry that you had to be a witness. I am losing it all please understand that I'm going to fall and in the end I will only disappoint you all. Time to go now as I take my last breath, I will grasp for air until there's none left. The pain and agony is tearing apart my soul, I finally realize that I never had control. I cannot stop apologizing for tomorrow, you just don't understand all my pain, suffering and sorrow. I will always miss watching the sun rising, my pain so deep that it's paralyzing. Until I don't hear a sound anymore except for my cold body hitting the floor. I'm so sick and tired of living in this hell that is why I bid you my final farewell. Go ahead and judge me if you dare, they say life is not fair, stop acting like you care. I am truly sorry but you just don't understand this is way too much pain for one man. I love you all but please don't cry just let me stand here and say goodbye, I'm free at last and now I can fly.


Preamble What is Love?

There are so many different definitions of love, but which ones are correct? I believe that they all are accurate in some sense because there are many different types of love. I came to the conclusion that love is way too complicated to be described by one simple definition. Our brain is only wired to comprehend and understand a limited amount of information. As human beings, we tend to rearrange information into familiar categories in our minds in order for us to understand them. The more information we learn, only leads to more questions as we come to realize just how little we actually know. To me love is a special emotional, mental, and spiritual bond that connects two souls. This is a broad definition, but do we really know the true meaning of love, or is it just an illusion? I call this one what is Love?


What is Love?

What is love? I haven't a clue, but I feel it every time I look at you. Love without trust is nothing but lust, burned by the fire and turned into dust. I love God and you as a friend, the type of love that will never end. Love is a connection of souls on a different plane and searching for it can make you insane. Love is an emotion, feeling, and bond that will still be around even when we are gone. Does it come from the heart? Does it come from the soul? Or is it something much deeper we cannot control? Been searching for so long and treated like dirt, every time I think I found it, I only get hurt. Through the aches, pain, and time I spend, so hard to find? Some keep on searching till the end of time. Love may be in front of our eyes, blinded by passion, lust, and lies. I will give you everything including my pride, the day you left my life, is the day I died. The love of my God always lives on, even at times when I think it's gone. Something you should know, I swear it's true; my heart cannot help falling in love with you


Excerpted from Spiritually Reincarnated by Gilbert Saenz. Copyright © 2013 Gilbert Saenz. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, vii,

The Butterfly Effect, 1,

Spiritually Reincarnated, 6,

A Shadow in the Dark, 7,

Resurrection, 9,

Serenity Lake Preamble, 10,

Serenity Lake, 11,

My Final Farewell, 12,

Preamble What is Love?, 14,

What is Love?, 15,

My Birthday Wish, 16,

The One That Got Away, 17,

I Should Have Known Better, 18,

The Dark Side, 19,

My Struggle Preamble, 20,

My Struggle, 21,

Falling Apart Inside, 22,

Growing Along Spiritual Lines, 24,

Spiritually Reincarnated Two, 25,

My Tribute to Saint Michael, 27,

Dear God, Who Are You?, 28,

The Calm before the Storm, 30,

Preamble My Birthday, 31,

My Birthday, 33,

If I Was Never Born, 34,

What If?, 36,

The Truth, 37,

In Your Arms, 39,

A Girl like You, 40,

Life after Death, 41,

Preamble A Spiritual War, 42,

A Spiritual War, 43,

Part Three Spiritually Reincarnated: What is faith?, 44,

From The Outside Looking In, 47,

Preamble At Peace, 48,

At Peace, 49,

The Battle of Life, 50,

What is Death?, 52,

Along Spiritual Lines, 54,

Opposites Attract, 56,

Science vs. Faith, 58,

A Religious Battle, 60,

Religion VS Psychology, Why Not Both?, 65,

Spiritual Cognition, 73,

The Effects of Exorcism on Society, 83,

Work Cited, 91,

Ending, 93,

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Spiritually Reincarnated 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was powerful and intense at times. The author takes poetry to a whole new level and I was interested from the very end.The author has some powerful poems filled with emotions and pain that I actually felt while reading this book. The message is I got is hope and inspiration from this book, I really enjoyed it I like the fact that this book has more to offer than just poetry. This book is also goes into the world of exorcisms and the psychological view of it, I would recommend this book to everyone I know, it was intense.