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Splash!: All about Baths

Splash!: All about Baths

by Susan K. Buxbaum, Rita Golden Gelman, Maryann Cocca-Leffler (Illustrator)

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A penguin heads for the bathtub, anticipating the warm, wet, bubbly and wrinkle-inducing experience. The bathroom is occupied: a duck, cat, pig and elephant are there, commenting on the mysteries of water, which takes on many shapes. The point of this engaging and humorous volume is to explain questions inspired by bathing. Why do some things float and others sink? How does soap work? What are bubbles? What is vapor? There are scientific explanations and suggestions for bathtub experiments tucked into the pages, such as how to make fog appear in a bottle or water appear on a cold mirror. Readers may be so busy watching the animals bathe one another that they will have to save some of the questions and answers for the next read-through. Buxbaum and Gelman keep the text simple, while Cocca-Leffler brings along bubbles galore and a tubful of cheer. Ages 3-8. (November)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 2 A visually appealing, but simultaneously confusing and frustrating book that lacks coherent definition of purpose and meaningful synchronization of text and illustrations. On one hand, it is a humorous picture book following the antics of Penguin and his whimsical companions as they scrub and splash in the bath. The cartoon-like pencil and watercolor wash drawings of expressive anthropomorphized animals would certainly appeal to infants and toddlers. However, the text quickly departs from the introductory bantering tone: ``Baths are great! They're warm and wet. And bubbly and wrinkly. They even get you clean.'' The authors then pose informational questions, such as ``Why does the water go up when you get in?'' or ``Why do some soaps float?,'' which they answer in fairly lengthy, sophisticated prose. At this point, the illustrations fail to clarify the elementary scientific concepts introduced in the text, instead continuing the loose narrative of the animals' bathtime. While the questions about water, soap, vapor, and bubbles might be asked by children, the vocabulary and information provided are not given enough explanation for the intended audience through the illustrations. Pamela Miller Ness, The Fenn School, Concord, Mass.

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Little, Brown and Company
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4 - 8 Years

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