Splendid Places on the Atlantic Coast of the U. S. A.: A photographic documentary

Splendid Places on the Atlantic Coast of the U. S. A.: A photographic documentary

by Michael M. Dediu


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The Atlantic litoral (from the Latin litus, litoralis, meaning shore) extends over many countries and continents, but we focus in this book on several splendid places on America's east coast, from Rockport, Massachusetts, in the north, to New York City, New York, in the south, passing, in Massachusetts, by Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Deer Island, Boston and Cape Cod, and, in Rhode Island, by Newport and Bristol.

We'll see where is the home of America's Oldest Fourth of July Celebration (from 1777), what town was established in 1629, incorporated in 1645, but changed its name in 1989, where the Pilgrims landed, which city is America's Oldest Seaport, and what the inventor, with over 400 patents, John Hays Hammond, Jr. (1888-1965), built in 1929. Numerous other important photos and facts can be found in this book.

The over 200 photos, taken in 2015 and 2016, with their across-the-board and clear explanations, indubitably show that these places are splendid and significant. There is also an Addendum for future generations, with many serious information and concerns.
These places are so distinguishing, that any reader, no matter from what part of the world, will surely find, in this book of general interest, numerous captivating and beloved images and facts.

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