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Taylor & Francis
Sport in a Changing World

Sport in a Changing World

by Howard L. Nixon


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ISBN-13: 9781594514425
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/28/2008
Pages: 424
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Howard L. Nixon is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Towson University near Baltimore. Having studied and taught sport for thirty-five years, he is the author of several books and book chapters and many articles in sport sociology.

Table of Contents

Special Features     ix
Acknowledgments     x
Sport, the Body, and Forces of Change: An Introduction to Sport Sociology     1
Sociology     2
Sociological Imagination     3
Critical Thinking and Objectivity in Sociology     5
Sport Sociology     6
The Concept of Sport     8
The Contemporary Social Organization of Sport     10
Sport, the Body, and Contested Terrain     13
Contemporary Forces of Change in Society and Sport     14
Plan for the Book     23
Note     28
Social Theories and Research Methods in Sport Sociology     29
Major Theoretical Perspectives in Sport Sociology     29
Social Network Analysis     44
Social Research Methods     45
Looking Ahead     56
Notes     56
Stratification and Social Class in Sport     57
Social Stratification and Mobility     58
Social Theory and Inequality in Sport     61
Social Inequalities, Access, and Opportunity: Sport and the American Dream     68
Global Sports, Sports Hierarchies, and the Golden Triangle     74
Media Constructions of Inequalities in Sport     76
Conclusion: Sport, Stratification, and Contested Terrain     83
Notes     85
Dimensions of Social Inequality in Sport     86
Gender and Sport     86
Sexual Orientation and Sport     97
Race, Ethnicity, and Sport     103
Disabilities, Disability Sport, and the Mainstream     115
Conclusion: Sport and Inequality in a Changing World     121
Notes     122
Globalization, Global Sports Culture, and the Golden Triangle     123
Social Theory, Culture, and Sport     123
Globalization Theories and Sport     127
Television and the Mediated Construction of Global Sport     131
The Golden Triangle and the Global Diffusion of Sports Culture     134
Global Sports Culture, the Capitalist Imperative, and Consumerism     136
Global Sports Culture and U.S. Exceptionalism: U.S. Sports versus the World     139
Conclusion: Sport in a Changing Cultural World     147
From the Global Cultural Economy to U.S. Sports Cultures and Subcultures     149
Television and the Construction of Global Sports Heroes and Celebrities     150
The Globalization of Michael Jordan ... and Other Sports Stars     158
The Culture of Individualism and the American Dream      170
From the Dominant American Sports Creed to the Sport Ethic and Other Cultural Values     173
Sport as a Sacred Escape     174
Alternative Sports Subcultures     176
Conclusion: Shaping Culture and Making Change in Global and U.S. Sports Cultures     179
Socialization in Youth Sports and High School Athletics     183
Theoretical Ideas about Socialization and Its Social Implications     184
Contexts of Socialization: Types of Youth Sports     186
Learning about Status and the Self in Youth Sports     191
Gender and Social Class     191
Gender and Race     192
Class, Race, and Ethnicity in High School Athletics     193
Sexual Orientation     195
Disability     196
Character and What Adults Expect     197
Citizenship and Nationalism     201
The High School Student-Athlete in the United States     203
The Golden Triangle and Making Youth Sports Big-Time     205
Parental Influence in Youth Sports     210
Dropout and Access Issues in Youth Sports     211
Conclusion: Socialization and Youth Sports in a Changing World     213
Note     214
Sport, Social Deviance, and Social Problems      215
Studying Social Deviance and Social Problems in Sport Sociology     216
Social Deviance and Contemporary Social Problems of Sport     222
Violence in Sport     222
Crime, Sexual Violence, and the Criminal Justice System     228
Doping     236
Other Problems in Sport: Gambling, Fixing, and Hazing     243
Conclusion: Controlling Sports-Related Social Deviance and Problems in a Changing World     249
Sport and Higher Education     252
Historical Background     252
Assessing the Justifications for College Athletics     254
Organization and Stratification of College Athletics in the United States     257
From the AIAW to NCAA Women's Sports     263
Beyond the AIAW: Gender Equity and the Financial Arms Race in College Athletics     265
The Business of College Athletics     269
Athletics and Education: The Student-Athlete     276
Public Perceptions of U.S. College Athletics     285
Conclusion: Cycles of Reform and Change in College Sports     286
The Professional Sports Industry and Sports Careers     292
The Golden Triangle and the Global Power Network in Professional Sports     293
Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Professional Sports Leagues      298
The Numbers: Franchise Values, Money, and Professional Sports     301
Sports Monopolies, Fans, and the Evolution of Sports Stadiums     308
Global Expansion in the Global Sports Marketplace     311
Professional Sports Careers     317
Risk, Pain, and Injuries in the Lives of Professional Athletes     324
Conclusion: Professional Athletes, Professional Sports, and Change in the Global Cultural Economy     330
Notes     332
Sport, Politics, and the Future     334
Concepts of Power and the Politics of Sport     334
Theoretical Perspectives and the Politics of Sport     336
Politics and Sport: Government Power and the Political Uses of Sport     339
National Governments and the Governance of Sport     340
Sport, International Relations, and Wars without (and with) Weapons     345
Politics of the Olympics: Ideals and Realities     349
The Olympics as a Stage for Politics     350
Sustaining the Olympic Myth for Inspiration and Profit     358
Sport as Contested Terrain: Politics of Access in Sport     359
Sport as Contested Terrain: Challenging Sport and the Golden Triangle     360
Sport, Green Politics, and the Future     365
Conclusion: Contemporary Forces of Change and the Future of Sport     370
Notes     374
References     375
Index     402
About the Author     413

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