Sports Betting to Win

Sports Betting to Win

by Steve Ward


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ISBN-13: 9780857190390
Publisher: Harriman House Publishing
Publication date: 03/28/2011
Pages: 196
Sales rank: 577,339
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Steve Ward specialises in performance coaching and training, developing people and teams in risk-taking, high-pressure and results-driven environments, helping them to achieve and sustain high performance and to maximise their potential.
He has over 15 years of teaching, training and coaching experience and has worked with elite athletes and teams in over 30 sports, financial traders and institutions across the globe, sports traders, poker players, business leaders and managers and sales teams. Steve co-managed a large team of over 40 professional traders in London, was a consultant to the BBC TV programme Million Dollar Traders and is a regular trainer at the London Stock Exchange. He is also the author of High Performance Trading: 35 Practical Strategies and Techniques to Enhance Your Trading Psychology and Performance (Harriman House, 2009).
Steve has a special interest in the demands of performing in conditions of financial risk and uncertainty and has extensive knowledge and experience of helping people in the financial and sports markets to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to perform with discipline and to maximise their profitability. Utilising techniques and strategies from sports and performance psychology, behavioural finance, stress management, and cognitive, behavioural and solution-focused coaching, Steve provides practical, powerful, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use methods for improving performance.

Table of Contents

About the Author
Preface - Bring Discipline and Professionalism to Your Betting
- Why Do People Lose at Betting, and What Can Be Done About it?
- Why is it that so few people are able to win at sports betting over time?
- Are there any commonalities in the 10% that do win?
- Can someone improve their betting performance to become a long-term winner?
- Becoming more successful and profitable
- Core contributors to this book
1. Think Differently
Thinking differently
Mindset - the foundation of success
Key components of the winning betting mindset
Training your brain, changing your mind
2. Bet for Profits, not Excitement
What is your motivation for betting on sport?
What is your betting type?
Uncovering your core betting motivations
Creating inner drive for long-term success
3. Prepare to Win
Know the game
Betting success factors - stacking the odds in your favour
Developing a betting plan
Creating your betting strategy
Specialise to get an edge
Warming up - PREParation
4. Keep Score
The benefits of record keeping and evaluation
Keeping a written record of your bets
Evaluating your betting
5. Make Rational Decisions
Why rational decision-making matters
How do you make a decision?
What stops us from being rational and what can we do about it?
Mental shortcuts - biases
Summary: 10 ways to help you to make more rational decisions
6. Don't Chase Losses
Why do people chase losses?
Are you making matters worse?
How to stop chasing losses
7. Control the Frequency and Size of Your Bets
Controlling the frequency of your betting
The costs of over betting
Control the size of your bets: size matters
8. Manage Your Emotions
How emotions affect your betting results
Understanding how emotions are created
Creating performance-enhancing emotions
Dealing with performance-limiting emotions positively
9. Manage the Ups and the Downs
Sports betting is a rollercoaster
Losing streaks and the downside of sports betting
The winning run and when times are great
10. Focus on Continual Improvement
The path to betting success
Development, learning and performance improvement
Keep raising the bar, and learn and earn more
Extra Time - Going Pro: Sports Betting Full Time
Important considerations
Making the move
Living the life - full-time betting practicalities
Appendix - The OODA Model

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Sports Betting to Win 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Shake-n-Bake More than 1 year ago
As outlined in this book, discipline is the key to profitable sports betting. If you're a serious sports fan, you already have all the knowledge you need to succeed betting on whatever sport you're into. Even though much of what's in this book is common sense, it can take you to the next level, as it did for me. In the first month I put these principles into strict use, I increased my betting bankroll 500%. If you love to bet, but lose a lot, this book will help you, guaranteed.