Sports, Nationalism and Globalization: European and North American Perspectives

Sports, Nationalism and Globalization: European and North American Perspectives

by Alan Bairner

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ISBN-13: 9780791490853
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 09/18/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Alan Bairner is Professor in Sports Studies in the School of Applied Medical Sciences and Sports Studies at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown, Northern Ireland. He is the coauthor of Sport, Sectarianism and Society in a Divided Ireland and coeditor of Sport in Divided Societies.

Table of Contents

1National Identity, Globalization, and Sport1
Sport, Nationalism, and Nationality1
Nation, Nationalism, and Nationality2
National Identity and Globalization6
Globalization and Sport11
Nationalism: Resistance to Globalization and Sport16
Sporting Nationalism17
2British Nationalism or Ulster Nationalism? Sport and the Protestants of Northern Ireland21
Politics and Society in Northern Ireland21
Globalization in Northern Ireland25
Britain and the Origins of Sport in Modern Ireland26
Sport in Modern Ireland28
Sport and Ulster Unionism30
Ulster Unionism, National Identity, and Constitutional Change?41
3"We Are the England Haters!" Sport and National Identity in Scotland45
Scotland, Sport, and Nationhood45
Scotland the Nation!48
Scottish National Identity50
Scotland: The Sporting Nation52
Soccer and the Scots54
Shinty: The National Game?61
Golf: Scotland's Gift to the World?62
Rugby and the Flower of Scotland63
Sport and Scottish National Identity64
Globalization and Scottish Sport67
4National Identity and International Recognition: Sport and the Development of Irish Nationalism69
Irish, Nation, and Nationality69
Sport, Empire, and Ireland71
Sporting Nationalism and the Gaelic Athletic Association72
Sporting Nationalism in the Two Irelands79
Gaelic Games Go Global?85
Irish Nationalism and "Foreign" Games86
Sport, Nationality, and the New Ireland89
5Isolation or Expansion? Nationalism and Sport in the United States91
Sport and American Identity91
Sport in Early America93
American Sport and Native America106
Sport, American Society, and Globalization107
American Sporting Nationalism110
6Maple Leaf Americans: Sport and Questions of Canadian National Identity115
Canada and the Politics of National Identity115
Imperialism, Sport, and the Canadians116
Americanization, Sport, and the Canadians118
Sport and the Contest for Canadian National Identity118
Lacrosse: The National Sport?120
American Sport and Canadian Identity121
Canadian Football and Americanization122
Canada Is Hockey?123
Hockey, Globalization, and Canadian National Identity132
7Sporting Nationalism for Beginners: Sport and Nationalism in Sweden139
Sweden and Nationality139
Sweden: A Sporting Nation141
Sport and Swedish Identity142
Skiing and the Swedes144
Sport and the Swedish Nation145
Sport and the Swedish Model151
Sport in a Changing Sweden155
Swedish Sport, Globalization, and Identity158
8Sporting Nationalism and National Identities: A Theoretical Discussion163
Sport and National Identity163
Fandom and Identity in the Global Era165
National Sports167
On Sporting Nationalism and National Identity167
Sport and Contested National Identity169
Reflections on Sport and Nationalism in Europe and North America170
Civic and Ethnic Sporting Nationalisms174
Sport, Nationality, and Resistance to Globalization175

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