Spring Cleaning: Household Poisons

Spring Cleaning: Household Poisons



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Spring Cleaning: Household Poisons by Jacquie Milligan, Debra A R. Scovel

The Whootie Safety Series
The WHOOTIE series of story/coloring, safety-themed books, first appeared on the scene in the late 1980s. The charming stories feature valuable safety information and instructions taught by the knowledgeable Whootie, a very wise owl. They address the health- and life-threatening aspects of medicines as poisons, poisonous plants, household poisons, fire safety, and water safety.
The series was very well received in homes, schools, and libraries.
Now, in 2014, Whootie has returned to continue teaching, while bringing pleasure to children and their parents around the world.

About Whootie
WHOOTIE is my name, and I live on a farm with Jenny, Snowball Kitten, Pepper Puppy, Bucky Goat, Candy Calf, Patches Pony, and Jenny's parents. I enjoy playing with my friends, sometimes joined by neighbor Timmy. But my main purpose is to protect and rescue this adventurous bunch from dangerous situations... and because I love them so much, I teach them about the health- and life-threatening results that could occur from their hazardous adventures. Then, I instruct them on what to avoid, and stress safety rules, pointing out the dangers of medicines, poisonous plants and substances around the house, as well as water and fire safety. It makes me proud and I puff out my chest and ruffle my feathers when my little friends tell me, "Whootie, you are the wisest owl ever! You know everything! We are so lucky you are our friend!"
Won't you join us and be my friend, too? That would make me proud and happy!

Whootie Gives A Hoot (Medicines as Poisons)
Potluck Picnic (Poisonous Plants)
Spring Cleaning (Household Poisons)
Marshmallow Autumn (Fire Safety)
Lazy Day Adventure (Water Safety)

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780513018297
Publisher: Denison, T. S. & Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/01/1988
Series: Child Safety Ser.
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

About the Author
Jacquie Milligan was living in Texas in 1983, working in Houston for the Vice President of Marketing & Sales at a Hospital Management Company, writing pamphlets and creating fliers. When she was asked to write a story on poison prevention for children, Whootie and his friends were born. She moved to Whidbey Island, Washington, USA in 1984, with her dogs, cats and horses. While working at the Everett plant of The Boeing Company, she wrote the rest of the Whootie series, which was then published in 1987. Now, in 2014, Whootie is back and keeping her busy.
Previously, Jacquie worked for many years in the movie and television industry in Hollywood, California, USA, at various studios, including Walt Disney, and Warner Brothers, working with writers and as a production assistant/coordinator, and also writing stories and scripts. One of the shows she worked on at Disney's was the Mickey Mouse club. At CBS Studio Center, she wrote an episode for the Hawaii Five-0 television series.
Known for her love of children, animals, writing and painting, Jacquie still lives on Whidbey Island, with her cat, Cali. Also a lover of music, she is one of the most devoted fans of Il Volo.

About the Illustrator
Debra Zulawski's passion for education and art was satisfied when "Whootie" brought the two together. In 1985 she was given the opportunity to illustrate the children's safety series while working at The Boeing Company plant in Everett, Washington, in the graphics department. Now, in 2014, she once again is bringing Whootie and his friends to life with her delightful illustrations.
With a Bachelors in Elementary Education, Debra has traveled the country, training educators in the implementation of a social skills program for children. Holding a Masters in East Asian Medicine, she is a Healing Arts Practitioner and East Asian Medical Practitioner. She was the founder of a non-profit organization whose mission was to provide clothing, educational supplies and nutrition for children in the Peruvian Amazon.
Presently, Debra resides in Everett, and is coordinating medical educational programs for physicians in the Seattle area.

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