Spring Shadows

Spring Shadows

by Jennifer Gracen



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ISBN-13: 9781620155110
Publisher: Libertary Co.
Publication date: 10/01/2014
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.52(d)

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Jennifer Gracen hails from Long Island, New York, where she lives with her two sons. After spending her youth writing in private and singing in public, she now only sings in her car and is immersed in her passion for writing. She loves to write contemporary romance for readers who look for authentic characters and satisfying endings. When she isn’t with her kids, doing freelance copy editing, or chatting on Twitter and Facebook, Jennifer writes. Jennifer is the author of Autumn Getaway , Winter Hopes, and Spring Shadows, already published by Booktrope Editions. Summer Champagne, the final book of the Seasons of Love Series, will be published January 2015. Jennifer is a member of the Romance Writers of America and is active in the Long Island Romance Writers. Please visit her at: www.jennifergracen.com

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Spring Shadows 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Spring Shadows, Seasons of Love:Book Three, Jennifer Gracen Genre: Romance, Women's Fiction Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Loved the start of this trio, and enjoyed the second book,but I didn’t feel the drama was quite as much as I wanted. Well, that mistake I thought Sam made, the one I just knew would catch up with him finally does... Anyway to begin Lydia and Sam have accepted they’re in a relationship, and they’re moving forward, slowly of course because of Andy. Then Matt learns about Sam and Is Not Pleased. Poor Lydia, she’s pushed into a corner with Matt threatening for custody of Andy. Realistically he’d never get it but of course to a devoted mum the threat alone is devastating. Throw in the problems with long distance romance and they have to work hard to overcome their setbacks. They do though and are moving forward slowly, and things look good for them. Then disaster strikes, Sam's big brother, the obnoxious Alec, throws in a spanner in once again at a family dinner and sets things upside down. Poor Lydia is humiliated, Sam is furious and Alec – well sometimes I wonder how that man survived to be an adult he walks so close to the line. Its not the first time he’s done this to Sam, he did it with Sam’s dead wife Chelsea and Sam reminds him of just how wrong he was then. Alec though isn’t one to let things go – he’s convinced Sam is being taken advantage of by Lydia and will get his heart broken. As if that wasn’t enough on the following day that big mistake, the one that so disappointed me about Sam, crops up and Lydia is devastated. I would be too when she learns what happened. I can see what Sam did, and how he sees it. He knew once he thought about it he was wrong, and to his credit he could have lied but didn’t...but still, like Lydia,I would have been heartbroken given the circumstances surrounding it. She retreats big time and it looks like everything could be off...she’s not speaking to Sam, except to ask him to give her time to think. He’s so upset, he regrets of course what he did but no-one is perfect, we’ve all made mistakes, and the past can’t be changed. Then there’s more heartbreak, though thankfully it does make them both focus on what is really important, and what they need to do. Its been a great read and I’ve really enjoyed it. There is a further book out after this, but in a way I’m not sure I want to read more. This ends so well, and the magic for me of a romance is how the characters make it through, how they actually get together, not so much what happens after. I like to see that as an epilogue but I’m not sure I need a whole book. Still, that's just me of course and I’m sure others love to read more from them. I mentioned before how realistically the author writes about Andy's speech problems, and that she must have some personal knowledge, and at the end of this book she tells us she does, and that's what makes this so real for me. Too often disabilities are brought in but not researched, glossed over and to those that have similar problems its really irritating,so its been great to read of one that's properly described. Stars: Five, a great read. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dear Jennifer Gracen, I want you to know how wonderfully refreshing your book was! I have your 1st two books, but shamefully haven't read more than 1/2 of the 1st book before I decided to read book 3, Spring Shadows. May I tell you and you and your readers how wonderful it was to read a REAL contemporary romance book. This book didn't shove sex down my throat. It let my imagination flow and therefore letting me connect with your novel on a whole new level! (As my imagination is excellent.) Sam and Lydia are perfect together, and I can not wait to see what comes in book 4. Matt is also the name of my Ex and they have a lot of things in common. I appreciate that Lydia isn't perfect and that we find out Sam is less than perfect, but we see that communication is key in a relationship. This is not my typical review, but I want to thank you personally for writing such a wonderful novel. I will now dig into books 1 and 2! Thank you! R.B.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
Having read the other two books in this series I had no doubt that when Spring Shadows became available I would pick it up immediately.  Fortunately I was able to get my hands on it before it actually was released and I cannot be more thrilled with how the story between Lydia and Sam continued.   This is definitely my favorite so far.   This book is steamier, edgier, and sweeter than the first two in this series.   Sam is still amazing, showing his love and devotion to Lydia at every turn.  He has a lot more patience than most guys would when dealing with a new relationship, but understands that Lydia is everything that he has ever wanted.    But in this book he speaks his mind more often and stands his ground instead of giving in to Lydia’s whims.    Lydia is determined to make her relationship with Sam work, but is still standing in her own way.   She has doubts, understandably, that she has to work through.    She has a son that comes first in her life, as he should.    Once she starts to realize that she has to let go of some things in her life, she finds that her life straightens out and she realizes what is important to her.   With Spring Shadows the reader has to be ready for a wild ride of emotions and fun.   There is heartache, lose, love, and fights.   I cannot wait for their story to continue in the next book. 
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Wow! I love this series! In this third installment of the Series of Love books the budding relationship between Sam and Lydia is truly put to the test. The emotions that are displayed in all the books but specifically this one are raw and powerful. The characters are amazing and the fact that each of these book is another leg in the couples journey truly makes them feel real and lets us get to know them. I finished this book with equal parts of tears and joy. This is one (the entire series) that should be on everyone's must read list. I highly recommend it!