Springs of Participation: Creating and Evolving Methods for Participatory Development

Springs of Participation: Creating and Evolving Methods for Participatory Development


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Learning from others in the form of fusion and adaptation of existing tools and approaches is very much part of evolving new participatory methods. This book discusses a wide and rich range of participatory methods, focussing on Reflect and the Internal Learning System (ILS). In the second part of the book, the authors reflect on what enables and constrains creativity, adaptation, and innovation, using examples of many different methodologies to illustrate their discussions.

These reflections come from two broad perspectives: from innovators who have all worked principally as independent development consultants and advisors, and from researchers. These two common positions in the world of development and aid give rise to different challenges in creating and using participatory methodologies.

Contributors: David Archer, Carlos Barahona, Robert Chambers, Dee Jupp, Darah Levy, Linda Mayoux, Sundaram Nagusundari, Maria Nandago, D. Narendranath, Kate Newman, Helzi Noponen, Joe Remenyi, Alice Welbourn.

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ISBN-13: 9781853396472
Publisher: Practical Action Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2008
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About the Author

Karen Brock is a social scientist, editor, and development consultant, and was formerly a researcher in the Participation Group at IDS, University of Sussex, UK. She specializes in issues of natural resources management, social science research methodologies, policy processes, and agropastoral livelihoods in Africa.

Jethro Pettit is a Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, UK. He has worked with international NGOs, including World Neighbors and Oxfam America.

Table of Contents

About the Authors; Glossary of Participatory Methods and Tools Discussed in this Book; List of Acronyms; List of Figures, Tables and Boxes; Introduction—Karen Brock and Jethro Pettit; 1) Seeds of Success are Seeds for Potential Failure—Learning from the Evolution of Reflect—David Archer; 2) Training and Facilitation—The Propellers of Participatory Methodologies—Maria Nandago; 3) Can an International NGO Practise what it Preaches in Participation? The Case of ActionAid International—Kate Newman; 4) It’s Not Just About the Pictures! It’s Also About Principles, Process and Power: Tensions in the Development of the Internal Learning System—Helzi Noponen; 5) Steering the Boat of Life with Internal Learning System: The Oar of Learning—D. Narendranath; 6) Evolution of the Internal Learning System: A Case Study of the New Entity for Social Action—Sundaram Nagasundari; 7) Road to the Foot of the Mountain, But Reaching for the Sun: PALS Adventures and Challenges—Linda Mayoux; 8) Keeping the Art of Participation Bubbling: Some Reflections on What Stimulates Creativity in Using Participatory Methods—Dee Jupp; 9) HIV and AIDS: The Global Tsunami: The Role of Stepping Stones as One Participatory Approach to Diminish its Onslaught—Alice Welbourn; 10) Using Numerical Data from Participatory Research to Support the Millennium Development Goals: The Case for Locally Owned Information Systems—Sarah Levy; 11) Participatory Village Poverty Reduction Planning and Index-Based Poverty Mapping in China—Joe Remenyi; 12) Navigating the Tradeoffs in the Use of Participatory Approaches for Research—Carlos Barahona; 13) Creating, Evolving and Supporting Participatory Methodologies: Lessons for Funders and Innovators—Robert Chambers’ Endnotes; References; Index.

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