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After this Los Angeles band released their debut Parade of Losers on the Warner Bros. imprint Giant Records, things began disintegrating almost immediately. Generous airplay of the punk-pop single "Stupid" built the anticipation for the previously unknown group's first full-length offering, but business complications and poor record sales got P.O.L. dropped from Giant just a few months after Parade of Losers hit the streets. Undaunted, singer/bassist and bandleader Tommy Henriksen (alias Da Skunk alias Tommy Hendrix) continued on, releasing Sprocket with the only remaining original P.O.L. member, guitarist Lance Turner (alias Loopiss.) A drummer named Ruby is credited in the liner notes, despite the obvious use of a drum machine throughout this very tight-budgeted sophomore release on the band's own label, Junkrock Records. While the drum programming is tasteful, with 14 tracks of identical snare hits, Sprocket's sound can be a little tiresome. Inserting Ruby's real drumming would probably have injected some sorely needed dynamics to this otherwise admirable indie effort. Turner and Henriksen make the best of a fiscally bad situation by wrapping their not-quite-adequate drum machinery with memorable material and stellar performances. Lyrically superior to their debut, but sonically inferior, music insiders aware of this band's potential will probably consider Sprocket a wash, but fans of P.O.L.'s much higher-profile debut would be smart to go digging around their local record store for this, the band's final recording.

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Release Date: 08/13/1996
UPC: 0601995710228
catalogNumber: 57102


  1. Head Trip  -  P.O.L.
  2. My Dead Friend  -  P.O.L.
  3. God Bless America  -  P.O.L.
  4. When Will It End  -  P.O.L.
  5. Tatooed Girl  -  P.O.L.
  6. Dizzy  -  P.O.L.
  7. I'll Die  -  P.O.L.
  8. Teenage Hate Machine  -  P.O.L.
  9. God Died in New York  -  P.O.L.
  10. Sixteen and Confused  -  P.O.L.
  11. Working Poor  -  P.O.L.
  12. Home Wrekka Sex God  -  P.O.L.
  13. Ghetto Superman  -  P.O.L.
  14. No One Can Tame  -  P.O.L.

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